208. (1) richness (Noun) : the state         rough (Adjective) : not smooth;         accident (Noun) : an unpleasant
     of being rich.                          violent; not even                       event that happens unexpectedly
     affluence (Noun) : prosperity;          lush (Adjective) : growing thick-       and causes damage
     richness                                ly and strongly in a way that is   218. (4) correct (Verb) : to make
     difficulty (Noun) : a problem;          attractive                              something right
     the quality of being hard to do or 213. (3) refrain (Verb) : to stop your-      rectify (Verb) : to put right
     to understand                           self from doing something               something ; correct
     influence (Noun) : the effect that      abstain (Verb) : to decide not to       proceed (Verb) : to continue do-
     somebody or something has on            do or have something                    ing something that has already
     the way a person thinks or be-          insist (Verb) : to demand that          been started; go on
     haves                                   something happens or somebody           satisfy (Verb) : to make some-
     awkwardness (Noun) : the qual-          agrees to do something                  body pleased by doing or giving
     ity of an embarrassing situation        persist (Verb) : to continue to         him what he wants
209. (2) bifurcated (Verb) : divided         do something despite difficulties       insert (Verb) : to put something
     into two parts                          resist (Verb) : to refuse to ac-        into something else or between
     dissected (Verb) : cut open/ cut        cept something and try to stop it       two things
     apart                                   from happening; oppose             219. (3) ecstatic (Adjective) : very
     evaluated (Verb) : place a value   214. (4) fake (Adjective) : not genu-        happy, excited and enthusiastic;
     on                                      ine; counterfeit                        delighted
     abused (Verb) : treat badly ; use                                               jubilant (Adjective) : feeling or
                                             counterfeit (Adjective) : made
     foul/ abusive language                                                          showing great happiness
                                             to look exactly the same
210. (1) unanimity (Noun) : complete                                                 brilliant (Adjective) : extreme-
                                             constant (Adjective) : happen-
     agreement about something                                                       ly clever or impressive
                                             ing all the time; that does not
     among a group of people                                                         proud (Adjecti ve) : feeling
                                             change; fixed
                                                                                     pleased and satisfied about
     consensus (Noun) : an opinion           unkno wn (Adjective) : not              something you own or have
     that all members of a group agree       known                                   done
     to                                      biased (Adjective) : making un-         gloomy (Adjective) : depress-
     equanimity (Noun) : a calm              fair judgements                         ing
     state of mind which means that     215. (4) beginner (Noun) : a person     220. (2) dejected (Adjective) : un-
     you do not become angry or up-          who is starting to learn something      happy and disappointed; de-
     set in difficult situations
                                             novice (Noun) : a person who is         spondent
     magnanimity (Noun) : extremely          new and has little experience in        despondent (Adjective) : sad;
     generous and liberal quality
                                             a skill, job or situation               without much hope; dejected.
     proximity (Noun) : the state of
                                             expert (Noun) : a person with           deserted (Adjective) : a place
     being near somebody or some-                                                    with no people in it; abandoned
                                             special knowledge, skill or train-
     thing in distance or time
                                             ing                                     rejected (verb) : to refuse to
211. (2) unintentional (Adjective) :                                                 accept or consider something ;
                                             specialist (Noun) : a person who
     not intentional; not done delib-                                                to decide not to use
                                             is an expert in a particular area
     erately but happening by acci-                                                  repentant (Adjective) : feeling
                                             of work or study
     dent                                                                            or showing that you are sorry
                                             generalist (Noun) : a person who
     inadvertent (Adjective) : with-                                                 for something wrong that you
                                             has knowledge of several differ-
     out intention; unintentional                                                    have done
                                             ent subjects or activities
     thoughtless (Adjective) : not car-                                         221. (1) freedom (Noun) : the right
                                        216. (4) wound (Noun) : an injury to
     ing about the possible effects of                                               to do or say what you want
                                             the part of the body
     your words or actions on other                                                  without anyone stopping you
     people                                  blister (Noun) : a swelling on
                                             the surface of the skin that is         liberty (Noun) : freedom to live
     insane (Adjective) : seriously                                                  as you choose
     mentally ill and unable to live in      filled with liquid; wound
                                                                                     equality (Noun) : the fact of be-
     normal society                          chatter (Noun) : continuous
                                                                                     ing equal in rights, status, ad-
     unintelligent (Adjective) : not         rapid talk about things that are
                                                                                     vantages, etc.
     intelligent                             not important
                                                                                     charity (Noun) : the aim of giv-
212. (3) infertile (Adjective) : not         travel (Noun) : the act of trav-        ing money, food, help, etc. to
     able to produce good crops              elling, i.e. going from one place       people who are in need
                                             to another
     barren (Adjective) : not good                                                   democracy (Noun) : a system of
     enough for plants to grow on it;        attack (Noun) : an act of using         government in which all the peo-
     infertile                               violence to try to hurt or kill         ple of a country can vote to elect
                                             somebody                                their representatives
     insane (Adjective) : seriously
     mentally ill and unable to live in 217. (4) trauma (Noun) : a mental       222. (2) marvellous (Adjective) : ex-
     normal sociecty                         condition caused by severe              tremely good; wonderful; fantas-
                                             shock; emotional shock                  tic; splendid