deliberately (Adverb) : done in          foreigner (Noun) : a person who     204. (2) complain (Verb) : to say that
     a way that was planned; not by           comes from a different country           you are annoyed unhappy or not
     chance; intentionally, on pur-           athlete (Noun) : a person who            satisfied about somebody or
     pose                                     competes in sports                       something
     spontaneously (Adverb) : un-        200. (2) climax (Noun) : the most ex-         grumble (Verb) : to complain
     planned but done suddenly                citing or important or point in          about somebody or something in
     inadvertently (Adverb) : unin-           time or a play, music, etc.              a bad-tempered way
     tentionally; by accident; with-          culmination (Noun) : the high-           scold (Verb) : to speak angrily
     out intending to                         est point or end of something            to somebody, because he has
     naturally (Adverb) : in a way            conclusion (Noun) : completion;          done something wrong
     that you would expect                    the end of something                     sheer (Verb) : to change direc-
196. (1) respect (Noun) : a feeling of        abyss (Noun) : a very deep wide          tion suddenly in order to avoid
     admiration for somebody or               space that seems to have no bot-         somebody or some thing
     something because of his/its             tom                                      fight (Verb) : to take part in a
     good qualities or achievements           cultivation (Noun) : the prepa-          war/ contest; to struggle physi-
     regard (Noun) : thought and care         ration and use of land for grow-         cally with somebody
     for somebody or something; re-           ing plants or crops                 205. (1) unrefined (Adjective) : not
     spect; esteem                       201. (4) splendid (Adjective) : excel-        polite or educated
     liking (Noun) : a feeling of plea-       lent; very good; great; very im-         crude (Adjective) : simple and
     sure and enjoyment                       pressive; very beautiful
                                                                                       not very inaccurate but giving a
     love (Noun) : a strong feeling of        magnificent (Adjective) : ex-            general idea of something; vul-
     deep affection for somebody or           tremely attractive and impre-            gar; unrefined
     something                                ssive; deserving praise; splendid        cruel (Adjective) : having a de-
     suspicion (Noun) : a feeling that        magnanimous (Adjective) :                sire to cause pain and suffering
     somebody has done something              kind, generous and forgiving
     wrong or illegal, even though you                                                 rude (adjective) : impolite; hav-
                                              modest (Adjective) : not very            ing or showing a lack of respect
     have no proof                            large, expensive, important, etc.        for other people and their feel-
197. (2) exchange (Verb) : to give            not talking much about your own          ings
     something to somebody and at             abilites or possessions
     the same time receive the same                                                    savage (Adjective) : aggressive
                                              generous (Adjective) : giving or
     type of thing from him                                                            and violent; causing great harm;
                                              willing to give freely                   brutal
     swap (Verb) : to give something     202. (3) enthusiastic (Adjective) :
     to somebody and receive some-                                                206. (4) set aside (Verb) : to give or
                                              feeling or showing a lot of excite-
     thing in exchange                                                                 assign a share of money or time
                                              ment and interest about some-
     snap (Verb) : to break; to move;                                                  to a particular person or cause
                                              body or something
     speak something in an angry                                                       supersede (Verb) : to take the
                                              spirited (Adjective) : full of en-
     voice                                                                             place of something or somebody;
                                              ergy, determination or courage;
     break (Verb) : to be damaged                                                      to move into the position of
     and separated into two or more                                                    something or somebody
                                              heated (Adjective) : full of an-
     parts                                    ger and excitement; room or              suspend (Verb) : to officially stop
     exclude (Verb) : to not include          building made warmer using heat          something for a time; to prevent
     something deliberately in what           drunk (Adjective) : having               something from being active,
     you are doing or considering             drunk so much that it is impos-          used etc. for a time
198. (1) wise (Adjective) : able to           sible to think or speak clearly          repeal (Verb) : to cancel some-
     make sensible decisions and give         possessed (Adjective) : con-             thing officially or legally
     good advice.                             trolled by an evil spirit                enforce (Verb) : to make sure
     prudent (Adjective) : sensible      203. (3) murky (Adjective) : not              that people obey a particular rule
     and careful when you make                clear; dark or dirty with mud or         or law
     judgements and decisions; dis-           another substance; cloudy           207. (2) dangerous (Adjective) : like-
     cretionary; wise                         gloomy (Adjective) : nearly              ly to injure or harm somebody
     cunning (Adjective) : crafty;            dark or badly lit in a way that          or to damage or destroy some-
     wily; clever and skilful                 makes you feel sad; depressing;          thing
     frank (Adjective) : honest and           glum;                                    perilous (Adjective) : very dan-
     direct in what you say                   misty (Adjective) : with a lot of        gerous; hazardous
     severe (Adjective) : extremely           mist; not clear or bright; blurred       monstrous (Adjective) : outra-
     bad or serious; stern; stiff; harsh      obscure (Adjective) : not well-          geous; gigantic; horrifying
199. (3) genius (Noun) : a person who         known; unknown; difficult to             cautious (Adjective) : being
     has unusually great intelligence,        understand                               careful about what you say or do,
     skill or artistic ability                shadowy (Adjective) : dark and           to avoid danger or mistakes
     generous (Noun) : a person who           full of shadows; difficult to see        dubious (Adjective) : doubtful;
     is willing to give freely                because there in not much light          suspicious