imaginative (Adjective) : having        snobbish (Adjective) : thinking    191. (3) exhibit (Verb) : display; to
     or showing new and exciting             that having a high social class is      show something in public for
     ideas ; inventive                       very important                          enjoyment or for information
     accusative (Adjective) : con-      187. (3) complaining (Adjective) :           flaunt (Verb) : to show some-
     taining or expressing accusation        expressing pain or dissatisfac-         thing (you are proud of) to other
     aggressive (Adjective) : angry,         tion or resentment                      people in order to impress them;
     and behaving in a threatening           querulous (Adjective) : com-            flutter
     way                                     plaining : showing that you are         cut (Verb) : to make an open-
183. (3) unfavourable (Adjective) :          annoyed; peevish                        ing; to remove something
     not good and likely to cause prob-      critical (Adjective) : expressing       deceive (Verb) : cheat
     lems or make something more             disapproval of somebody or              blame (Verb) : to think or say
     difficult                               something and saying what you           that somebody or something is
     inclement (Adjective) : not             think is bad about him; crucial;        responsible for something bad
     pleasant; cold, wet, etc.; un-          serious                            192. (2) conquer (Verb) : to take con-
     favourable                              curious (Adjective) : having a          trol of a country or city and its
     selfish (Adjective) : caring only       strong desire to know something         people by force
     about yourself rather than other        inquisitive                             subjugate (Verb) : to defeat
     people                                  1ambiguous (Adjective) : hav-           somebody or something; to gain
     active (Adjective) : always busy        ing different meanings                  control over somebody or
     doing things, especially physical  188. (3) bold (Adjective) : brave and        something
     activities                              confident                               capitulate (Verb) : to agree to
     inactive (Adjective) : not doing        audacious (Adjective) : willing         do something that you have
     anything; not active                    to take risks or to do something        been refusing to do for a long
184. (1) cordial (Adjective) : pleas-        shocking; bold                          time; give in; yield
     ant and friendly                        brilliant (Adjective) : extreme-        strike (Verb) : to hit somebody
     genial (Adjective) : friendly and       ly clever or impressive                 or something hard o r with
     cheerful; affable; cordial              powerful (Adjective) : being able       force
     unselfish (Adjective) : giving          to control and influence people         confuse (Verb) : to make some-
     more time or importance to oth-         and events; influential                 body unable to think clearly or
     er people’s needs, wishes etc.          frightening (Adjective) : mak-          understand something ; mix up
     than to your own                        ing you feel afraid                193. (1) conduct (Noun) : a person’s
     careful (Adjective) : giving at-   189. (1) hazardous (Adjective) : in-         behaviour in a particular place
     tention or thought to what you          voloving risk or danger to some-        or in a particular situation
     are doing so that you may avoid         body’s health or safety                 behaviour (Noun) : the way that
     hurting yourself, damaging              perilous (Adjective) : very dan-        somebody behaves, towards oth-
     something or doing something            gerous; hazardous                       er people
     wrong                                   rigorous (Adjective) : done care-       blessing (Noun) : God’s help and
     specific (Adjective) : detailed         fully and with a lot of attention       protection, or a prayer asking
     and exact; particular                   to detail; thorough; strict             for this
185. (1) accumulate (Verb) : to grad-        resilient (Adjective) : able to         character (Noun) : all the qual-
     ually get more and more of some-        feel better quickly after some-         ities and features that make a
     thing over a period of time;            thing unpleasant has happened           person; nature
     amass                                   requisite (Adjective) : neces-          response (Noun) : a spoken or
     accrue (Verb) : to increase over                                                written answer
                                             sary for a particular purpose
     a period of time                                                           194. (4) inflexible (Adjective) : rig-
                                        190. (2) day-dream (Noun) : pleasant
     accommodate (Verb) : oblige; to                                                 id; unable to change or make
                                             thoughts that make you forget the
     provide somebody with a room                                                    suitable for a particular situa-
     or place to sleep, live or sit                                                  tion
                                             reverie (Noun) : a state of think-
     grow (Verb) : to increase in size,                                              stringent (Adjective) : very
                                             ing about pleasant things; day–
     number or strength or quality                                                   strict and that must be obeyed
     suffice (Verb) : to be enough for       determination (Noun) : the qual-        flexible (Adjective) : able to
     somebody or something                                                           change to suit new conditions
                                             ity that makes you continue try-
186. (2) sad (Adjective) : unhappy           ing to do something even when           or situations
     poignant (Adjective) : having a         it is difficult.                        staunch (Adjective) : faithful,
     strong effect on your feelings es-      reality (Noun) : the true situa-        strong and loyal in your opin-
     pecially in a way that makes you        tion and the problems that actu-        ions and attitude
     feel sad; moving                        ally exist in life                      tough (Adjective) : difficult;
     showy (Adjective) : brightly co-        realization (Noun) : the process        strict; firm; strong
     loured, large or exaggerated            of becoming aware of some-         195. (3) intentionally (Adverb) : done
     silly (Adjective) : foolish                                                     deliberately; intended
                                             thing; awareness