serious (Adjective) : bad or dan-         confusion (Noun) : a state of not      hesitant (Adjective) : slow to
     gerous; not silly                         being certain or sure about some-      speak or act because you feel
     benign (Adjective) : kind and             thing                                  uncertain or nervous
     gentle; not hurting anybody               deception (Noun) : deceit; to          extrovert (Noun) : a lively and
170. (3) enough (Adjective) : suffi-           make somebody believe that             confident person who enjoys
     cient                                     something is not true.                 being with other people
     sufficient (Adjective) : enough           weapon (Noun) : an object or           rash (Adjective) : doing some-
     full (Adjective) : having no emp-         knowledge of words and actions         thing that may not be sensible;
     ty space; maximum                         etc. that is used for fighting or      impulsive; reckless
     complete (Adjective) : total; fin-        attacking .                       179. (3) lavish (Adjective) : impres-
     ished                                175. (2) dominance (Noun) : the state       sive and costing a lot of money;
     less (Adjective) : a smaller              of being more important, pow-          luxurious; extravagant
     amount of                                 erful or noticeable than other         prodigal (Adjective) : extrava-
171. (3) clarity (Noun) : the quality of       things                                 gant; too willing to spend money
     being expressed and understood            preponderance (Noun) : being           or waste time, energy or materi-
     clearly                                   larger in number or more impor-        als
     lucidity (Noun) : the quality of          tant                                   exclusive (Adjective) : only to
     being clearly expressed and un-           pre-eminence (Noun) : being            be used by one particular per-
     derstood                                  more important; more success-          son or group
     fluidity (Noun) : the quality of          ful or of higher standard than         productive (Adjective) : making
     being smooth and elegant                  others                                 goods or growing crops in large
     politeness (Noun) : the quality           domineering (Adjective) : try-         quantities
     of being good–mannered and re-            ing to control other people with-      carefree (Adjective) : having no
     specting the feelings of others           out considering their opinions or      worries or responsibilities
     fluency (Noun) : the quality of           feelings                          180. (2) precise (Adjective) : clear
     being able to speak or write a            preoccupation (Adjective) : a          and accurate; exact
     language                                  state of thinking about something      perspicuous (Adjective) : easi-
172. (3) charge (Verb) : to accuse        176. (3) unproductive (Adjective) :         ly understandable; transpanently
     somebody of crime so that there           not producing very much or good        clear
     may be a trial in court                   results                                relevant (Adjective) : closely
     indict (Verb) : to officially charge      barren (Adjective) : not good          connected with the subject you
     somebody with a crime                     enough for plants to grow on it;       are discussing or the situation
     implicate (Verb) : to show that           infertile; unproductive                you are thinking about
     somebody is involved in some-             good (Adjective) : of high quali-      brief (Adjective) : short; lasting
     thing bad or criminal                     ty ; suitable                          only for a short time
     elude (Verb) : to manage to               wholesome (Adjective) : good           clear (Adjective) : easy to un-
     avoid or escape from somebody             for your health                        derstand and not causing any
     or something in a clever way
                                               profitable (Adjective) : that          confusion ; obvious; evident;
     manifest (Verb) : to show some-
                                               makes or is likely to make prof-       apparent
     thing clearly
                                               it; rewarding                     181. (1) talkative (Adjective) : talk-
173. (4) judge (Verb) : to form an
                                          177. (1) notoriety (Noun) : fame for        ing a lot
     opinion about somebody or
                                               being bad                              loquacious (Adjective) : talking
     something, based on the infor-
     mation you have                           infamy (Noun) : the state of be-       a lot; talkative
     appraise (Verb) : to make a for-          ing well–known for something           slow (Adjective) : not fast; not
     mal judgement about the value             bad or evil                            moving, acting or doing quickly;
     of a person’s work                        glory (Noun) : fame, praise or         taking a long time
     accuse (Verb) : to say that some-         honour that is given to somebody       content (Adjective) : happy and
     body has done something wrong             because he has achieved some-          satisfied with what you have
     or is guilty of something                 thing important                        unclear (Adjective) : not clear
     praise (Verb) : to express your           integrity (Noun) : the quality of      or definite; difficult to under-
     approval or admiration for some-          being honest and having strong         stand
     body or something ; compliment            moral principles; unity           182. (3) spiteful (Adjective) : behav-
     appreciate (Verb) : to recognize          familiarity (Noun) : the state of      ing in an unkind way in order to
     the good qualites of somebody or          knowing somebody or something          hurt or upset somebody; mali-
     something                                 well                                   cious
174. (3) fl ood (Noun) : a large          178. (2) fearless (Adjective) : not         vindictive (Adjective) : trying to
     amount of water covering an area          afraid                                 harm or upset somebody or
     that is usually dry.                      intrepid (Adjecti ve) : very           showing that you want to, be-
     deluge (Noun) : a sudden very             brave; not afraid of danger or         cause you think he has harmed
     heavy fall of rain; flood                 difficulties; fearless                 you; spiteful