or something so that you may            beguile (Verb) : to trick some-           artful (Adjective) : clever at get-
     be blamed if something goes             body into doing something, by             ting what you want, something
     wrong                                   being nice to him                         by not speaking the truth; crafty
     onus (Noun) : the responsibili-         besiege (Verb) : to surround a            artistic (Adjective) : showing a
     ty for something                        building, city etc. with soldiers         natural skill in art
     sadness (Noun) : the feeling of         until the people inside are forced        intelligent (Adjective) : good at
     being sad                               to let you in                             learning, understanding and
     happiness (Noun) : state of be-    148. (3) preventive (Adjective) : to           thinking in a logical way
     ing happy                               try to stop something that caus-          attractive (Adjective) : pleasant
     criticism (Noun) : the act of ex-       es problems                               to look ; beautiful
     pressing disapproval of some-           prophylactic (Adjective) : done      153. (3) nearness (Noun) : closeness
     body or something and opinions          or used in order to prevent a dis-        propinquity (Noun) : the state
     about his faults or bad qualities       ease                                      of being near; proximity
144. (3) ridicule (Noun) : unkind re-        antagonistic (Adjective) : a per-         propensity (Noun) : a tendency
     marks that make fun of some-            son who strongly opposes; op-             to a particular kind of behaviour
     body or something or make him           ponent                                    prosperity (Noun) : the state of
     look silly ; mockery                    toxic (Adjective) : poisonous             being successful in making mon-
     derision (Noun) : a strong feel-        purgative (Adjective) : used for          ey ; affluence
     ing that somebody or something          emptying your bowels                      foresight (Noun) : the ability to
     is ridiculous and not worth con-   149. (2) satisfy (Verb) : to make              predict what is likely to happen
     sidering seriously                      somebody feel pleased by doing            and to use it to prepare for the
     humiliation (Noun) : feeling            or giving him what he wants               future
     ashamed or stupid                       coddle (Verb) : to treat some-       154. (3) indiscriminate (Adjective) :
     embarrassment (Noun) : a feel-          body with too much care and               acting without careful judgement
     ing of shyness                          attention                                 promiscuous (Adjective) : tak-
     condemnation (Noun) : an ex-            huddle (Verb) : to gather closely         en from a wide range of sourc-
     pression of very strong disap-          together, because of cold or fear         es, without a careful thought
     proval                                  protect (Verb) : to make sure             conspicuous (Adjective) : easy
145. (1) commonplace (Noun) : done           that somebody or something is             to see or notice; likely to attract
     very often; not unusual; existing       not harmed, injured or damaged            attention
     in many places                          cheat (Verb, Noun) : deceive;             virtuous (Adjective) : behaving
     trite (Adjective) : dull and bor-       betray; trick                             in a very good and moral way
     ing because it has been ex-        150. (3) weak (Adjective) : not phys-          spontaneous (Adjective) : not
     pressed so many times before;           ically strong                             planned but done suddenly
     banal ; not original;                   flimsy (Adjective) : badly made      155. (4) irritable (Adjective) : be-
     clever (Adjective) : intelligent        and not strong enough for the             coming very angry; bad–tem-
     brief (Adjective) : short               purpose for which it is used; fee-        pered
     impudent (Adjective) : rude             ble                                       irascible (Adjective) : becoming
146. (2) downfall (Noun) : the loss of       funny (Adjective) : making you            angry very easily; irritable
     a person’s money, power, social         laugh; amusing                            temperamental (Adjective) :
     postion, etc.                           irrational (Adjective) : not              having a tendency to become
     debacle (Noun) : an event or a          based on or not using clear logi-         angry, excited or upset easily
     situation that is a complete fail-      cal thought; unreasonable                 envious(Adjective) : wanting to
     ure and causes embarrassment            partisan (Adjective) : one–sid-           be in the same position as some-
     decline (Noun) : a continuous           ed; showing too much support              body else
     decrease in the number                  for one person, group or idea,            angry (Adjective) : having strong
     discomfiture (Noun) : anxious           without considering it carefully          feeling about something that you
     embarrassment                      151.(4) silly (Adjective) : foolish;           dislike
     degeneration (Noun) : the pro-          stupid                               156. (1) unlawful (Adjective) : illegal;
     cess of becoming worse or less          fatuous (Adjective) : stupid              not allowed by law
     acceptable in quality or condition      fastidious (Adjective) : being            illicit (Adjective) : not allowed
147. (1) banish (Verb) : to o rder           careful that every detail is cor-         by law; illegal
     somebody to leave a place – a           rect; meticulous                          disgraceful (Adjective) : very
     country, as a punishment ; exile        fantastic (Adjective) : extreme-          bad or unacceptable
     ostracise (Verb) : to refuse to         ly good; excellent; great; brilliant      improper (Adjective) : inappro-
     let somebody be a member of a           funny (Adjective) : making you            priate ; dishonest or morally
     social group; shun                      laugh; amusing                            wrong
     belittle (Verb) : to make some-    152. (2) cunning (Adjective) : crafty;         infamous (Adjective) : well –
     body or the things that somebody        able to get what you want in a            known for being bad or evil; no-
     does seem unimportant                   clever way                                torious