gether in a church to worship           can see clearly from a distance           prodigal (Adjective) : extrava-
     God.                                    and that will help you to know            gant; too willing to spend money
     concentration (Noun) : the abil-        where you are                             or time
     ity to direct all your effort and       corner (Noun) : a part of some-           huge (Adjective) : enormous;
     attention on one thing, without         thing where two or more sides,            vast
     thinking of other things                lines or edges join                       prodigious (Adjective) : very
     discussion (Noun) : a conversa-    135. (2) defeat (Noun) : to win against        great; impressive; praiseworthy
     tion about somebody or some-            somebody in a war, competition,           enormous (Adjective) : huge;
     thing                                   sports, etc.                              inmense
     judgement (Noun) : the decision         rout (Noun) : a situation in         139. (3) tax (Noun) : money paid to
     of a court or judge                     which somebody is defeated eas-           the government so that public
131. (3) faultless (Adjective) : hav-        ily and completely in a war or a          services may be started.
     ing no mistakes; perfect                competition                               impost (Noun) : money collect-
     irreproachable (Adjective) : free       death (Noun) : the fact of some-          ed under a tariff
     from fault and impossible to crit-      body dying or being killed                fertilizer (Noun) : a substance
     icize; blameless                        loss (Noun) : the state of no long-       added to soil to make the soil
     remarkable (Adjective) : unusu-         er having something                       more healthy
     al or surprising in way that caus-      crash (Noun) : an accident in             dispatch (Noun) : sending some-
     es people to take notice ; aston-       which a vehicle hits something,           body something somewhere
     ishing                                  causing damage and often injur-           postage (Noun) : the cost of
     extraordinary (Adjective) : sur-        ing or killing the passengers             sending a letter, parcel, etc. by
     prising or strange; incredible     136. (3) leave (Verb) : to go away             post
     immense (Adjective) : extreme-          from a person or place; to not to    140. (3) rough (Adjective) : having a
     ly large or great; enormous             do something                              surface that is not even or regu-
132. (3) bliss (Noun) : extreme hap-         forego (Verb) : to decide not to          lar
     piness                                  have or do something that you             coarse (Adjective) : rough
     felicity (Noun) : great happiness       would like to have or do                  academic (Adjective) : connect-
     prosperity (Noun) : the state of        renounce (Verb) : to announce             ed with education
     being sucessful, especially in          officially that you are not going to      grain (Adjective) : the seeds of
     making money                            keep a title or position ; give up        food plants such as wheat, rice,
     honesty (Noun) : the quality of         disown (Verb) : to decide that            etc.
     being honest or truthful                you no longer want to be con-             training (Adjective) : the pro-
     sorrow (Noun) : the feeling of          nected with or reponsible for             cess of having the skills that you
     great sadness; grief                    somebody or something                     need to do a job.
133. (4) scoundrel (Noun) : a man            accumulate (Verb) : to gradual-      141. (4) abundant (Adjective) : plen-
     who treats other people badly,          ly get more and more of some-             tiful; more than enough
     by being dishonest or immoral;          thing over a period of time;              luxuriant (Adjective) : growing
     rogue                                   amass                                     thickly and strongly in a way
     knave (Noun) : a dishonest man     137. (3) receiver (Noun) : a person            that is attractive ; abundant
     or boy                                  who is chosen by a court to be            luxury-loving (Adjective) : lov-
                                             incharge of a company that is             ing to be extravagant or enjoy
     emperor (Noun) : the ruler of an
                                             bankrupt.                                 the luxuries
                                             recipient (Noun) : a person who           lovely (Adjective) : beautiful
     enchanter (Noun) : a person who
                                             receives something                        rich (Adjective) : having a lot of
     has magic powers that he uses
     to control people                       creator (Noun) : a person who             money or property
                                             has made or invented a particu-      142. (3) quarrelsome (Adjective) :
     soldier (Noun) : a member who
                                             lar thing                                 liking to argue with other peo-
     is not an officer
                                             donor (Noun) : a person or an             ple
134. (3) boundary (Noun) : a real or
                                             organisation which makes a gift           cantankerous (Adjective) : bad-
     imagined line that marks the lim-
                                             of money, clothes, food etc. to a         tempered and always complain-
     its or edges of something and
                                             charity, etc. or gives a part of          ing
     separates it from other things or
                                             his or her body, blood to be used         cancerous (Adjective) : related
                                             by doctors in medical treatment           to cancer (growth of cells)
     frontier (Noun) : a line that sep-
                                             instigator (Noun) : a person who          ferocious (Adjective) : very ag-
     arates two countries, etc.
                                             causes something to happen,               gressive or violent; strange
     edge (Noun) : the outside limit
                                             especially something bad                  fissiparous (Adjective) : repro-
     of an object, a surface or an area
                                        138. (4) wasteful (Adjective) : using          ducing by fission (the division of
     something, such as a large build-
                                             more of something than is nec-            cells into new cells)
     ing that you can see clearly
                                             essary; not saving or keeping        143. (3) responsibility (Noun) : to
     landmark (Noun) : something,
                                             something that could be                   take responsibility of somebody
     such as a large building, that you