disapproval (Noun) : a feeling       121. (2) illegal (Adjective) : not al-    126. (3) flee (Verb) : to leave a place
     that you do not like an idea be-          lowed by law                              very quickly because you are
     cause you feel it is bad or un-           illicit (Adjective) : not allowed         afraid of possible danger
     suitable                                  by the law; illegal; not approved         decamp (Verb) : to leave a place
     contempt (Noun) : the feeling             by the normal rules of the soci-          suddenly, often secretly
     that something or somebody has            ety                                       move (Verb) : to go ahead
     no value and deserves no re-              immoral (Adjective) : not con-            encamp (Verb) : to set a camp
     spect at all                              sidered to be good or honest              to live, as if in a tent
117. (3) acronym (Noun) : a word               ineligible (Adjective) : not hav-         hide (Verb) : conceal; to put or
     formed by the initial letters of          ing the necessary qualifications to       keep somebody or something in
     words                                     do something                              a place where he or it cannot be
     a word with two or more mean-             illegible (Adjective) : difficult or      seen or found
     ings — homonym                            impossible to read                   127. (1) benefactor (Noun) : a person
     a word of new coinage — neolo-       122. (1) talent (Noun) : natural abili-        who gives money or other help
     gism                                      ty to do something well                   to a person or an organisation
     (3) a word of picturesque effect          flair (Noun) : natural ability to         such as a school or charity
     — vivid/graphic                           do something well                         philanthropist (Noun) : a rich
118. (4) careful (Adjective) : giving          tendency (Noun) : behaving or             person who helps the poor and
     attention and thought in order to         act in a particular way; trend            those in need, especially by giv-
     avoid mistakes or doing some-             bias (Noun) : a strong feeling in         ing money
     thing wrong or hurting somebody           favour of or against somebody or          beneficiary (Noun) : a person
     meticulous (Adjective) : paying           something                                 who gains as result of something
     careful attention to every detail;        need (Noun) : a situation when            matron (Noun) : a woman who
     thorough; fastidious                                                                works as a senior nurse in–
                                               something in necessary or must
     interfere (Verb) : to get involved                                                  charge in a hospital
                                               be done
     in a situation which is not liked                                                   sponsor (Noun) : God parent; a
                                          123. (1) preservation (Noun) : the act
     by other people.                                                                    person or company that pays for
                                               of keeping something in its origi-
     courage (Noun) : bravery                                                            a radio, television programme, a
                                               nal state
                                                                                         concert, a sporting event, etc.
     agreement (Noun) : a promise              conservation (Noun) : the pro-            usually in return for advertising
     or contract made with somebody            tection of the natural environ-
                                                                                    128. (2) strange (Adjective) : unusu-
119. (2) revoke (Verb) : to officially         ment
                                                                                         al or surprising
     cancel something so that it may           respiration (Noun) : the act of           exotic (Adjective) : from or in
     no longer be valid                        breathing                                 another country, seeming excit-
     rescind (Verb) : to officially state      correction (Noun) : a change              ing and unusual because it is
     that a law, contract, decision etc.       that makes something more ac-             connected with foreign countries
     is no longer valid; revoke                curate than it was before                 alien (Adjective) : strange and
     change (Verb) : to become dif-            confusion (Noun) : the state of           frightening ; hostile
     ferent                                    not being certain or sure                 rare (Adjective) : not done, seen,
     repeat (Verb) : to say or write      124. (4) bottomless (Adjective) : very         happening etc. very often
     something again or more than              deep; seeming to have no bot-             grand (Adjective) : impressive
     once                                      tom or limit                              and large or important
     reconsider (Verb) : to think              abysmal (Adjective) : extreme-       129. (1) cripple (Verb) : to damage
     about something again in order            ly bad or of a very low standard;         somebody’s body so that he may
     to change your decision or opin-          terrible                                  no longer be able to move or walk
     ion                                       sickening (Adjective) : making            normally; disable
120. (4) dislike (Noun) : a feeling of         you feel disgusted or shocked             incapacitate (Verb) : to make
     not liking somebody or something          gloomy (Adjective) : nearly               somebody or something unable
     antipathy (Noun) : a strong feel-         dark; depressing                          to live or work normally
     ing of dislike; hostility                 sad (Adjective) : unhappy                 strengthen (Verb) : to become
     dishonesty (Noun) : not being        125. (4) prominent (Adjective) : im-           stronger
     honest                                    portant; well–known                       imprison (Verb) : to put some-
     disturbance (Noun) : actions that         salient (Adjective) : most im-            body in a prison or jail
     make you stop what you are do-            portant; noticeable                       invent (Verb) : to produce or
     ing, or that upset the normal             valiant (Adjective) : very brave;         design something that has not
     state that something is in                courageous                                existed before
     demonstration (Noun) : a pub-             variant (Noun) : the amount by       130. (2) meeting (Noun) : an occasion
     lic meeting or march, protesting          which something changes or is             when people came together to
     against or supporting somebody            different from something else             discuss or decide something
     or something ; showing how                prudent (Adjective) : sensible            congregation (Noun) : a group
     something works                           and careful                               of people who are gathered to-