calculations (Noun) : the pro-    107. (3) adamant (Adjective) : firm           dangerous (Adjective) : likely to
     cess of using numbers to find          or determined not to change              harm or injure somebody
     out an amount                          your mind                           112. (3) dumbfounded (Adjective) :
102. (2) truth (Noun) : the facts in        stubborn (Adjective) : deter-            unable to speak because of sur-
     reality and not guess work             mined not to change your mind;           prise
     veracity (Noun) : truth; truth-        obstinate                                flabbergasted (Adjective) : ex-
     fulness                                timid (Adjective) : not brave;           tremely surprised; astonished
     freedom (Noun) : the right to do       shy and nervous                          scared (Adjective) : afraid of
     or say anything without anyone         arrogant (Adjective) : behaving          something
     stopping you                           in an unpleasant way                     embarrassed (Adjective) : feel-
     wisdom (Noun) : the ability to         angry (Adjective) : having strong        ing shy or ashamed or awkward
     make sensible decisions                feeling about something you dis-         humiliated (Verb) : to make some-
     loyalty (Noun) : the quality of        like                                     body feel ashamed and stupid
     being faithful                    108. (3) constant (Adjective) : hap-     113. (4) perpetual (Adjective) : con-
103. (1) continuously (Adverb) : hap-       pening all the time                      tinuous; continuing for a long
     pening without stopping or in-         invariable (Adjective) : never           period of time with interruption
     terruption                             changing; unchanging; happen-            eternal (Adjective) : without an
     incessantly (Adverb) : never           ing always                               end; continuing forever; constant
     stopping; constantly                   usual (Adjective) : normal               innumerable (Adjective) : count-
     inevitably (Adverb) : certain or       universal (Adjective) : done by          less; too many to be counted
     sure to happen                         all the people                           unmeasurable (Adjective) : that
     regularly (Adverb) : at regular        similar (Adjective) : being the          cannot be measured
     intervals or times                     same                                     prolonged (Adjective) : extend;
     indiscreetly (Adverb) : saying    109. (4) accusation (Noun) : a state-         to make something last longer
     without being careful                  ment saying that you think a        114. (1) authenti c (Adjective) :
104. (1) clapped (Verb) : acclaim by        person is guilty of doing some-          known to be real and genuine and
     clapping both hands                    thing wrong                              not copied
     heralded (Verb) : to be a sign         indictment (Noun) : a sign that          genuine (Adjective) : known to
     that something is going to hap-        a system, society, etc. is very bad      be real and authentic
     pen; acclaim.                          or wrong                                 legitimate (Adjective) : valid;
     proclaimed (Verb) : to say             revelation (Noun) : the act of           for which there is a fair reasons.
     something important in public          making people to know about              reliable (Adjective) : that can be
     protested (Verb) : to say              something ; disclosure                   trusted; dependable
     something to show that you do          acquittal (Noun) : an official           pure (Adjective) : not mixed with
     not agree                              decision in court that a person          anything else
     rewarded (Verb) : to give some-        is not guilty of crime              115. (1) indecen t (Adjecti ve) :
     body something because he has          refusal (Noun) : the act of refus-       thought to be morally offensive,
     worked hard or done something          ing                                      especially because it involves sex
     good                              110. (1) sweet (Adjective) : having a         obscene (Adjective) : connect-
105. (3) harmful (Adjective) : caus-        taste like sugar or a pleasant           ed with sex in a way that most
     ing damage                             smell.                                   people find offensive; outrageous
     detrimental (Adjective) : harm-        dulcet (Adjective) : sounding            incorrigible (Adjective) : having
     ful; damaging.                         sweet and pleasant                       bad habits which cannot be
     deplorable (Adjective) : com-          dull (Adjective) : not interest-         changed or improved; incurable
     pletely unacceptable                   ing or exciting                          ridiculous (Adjective) : very sil-
     fundamental (Adjective) : ba-          hard (Adjective) : tough; solid,         ly; unreasonable
     sic; very important                    firm or stiff                            intolerable (Adjective) : so bad
     disgraceful (Adjective) : very         sour (Adjective) : having a taste        that you cannot accept it; unrea-
     bad and unacceptable                   like a lemon                             sonable
106. (1) gigantic (Adjective) : ex-    111. (1) doubtful (Adjective) : not      116. (2) anger (Noun) : the strong
     tremely large                          sure; doubtful                           feeling you have when you think
     colossal (Adjective) : extreme-        dubious (Adjective) : not cer-           that something bad or unfair has
     ly large                               tain; doubtful                           happened
     colourful (Adjective) : full of        disputable (Adjective) : that            indignation (Noun) : a feeling of
     bright colours                         can or should be questioned or           anger and surprise caused by
     beautiful (Adjective) : good-          argued about                             something that you feel is unfair
     looking                                duplicate (Adjective) : being too        or unreasonable
     fantastic (Adjective) : extremely      identical; identically copied from       hatred (Noun) : a very strong
     good                                   an original source                       feeling of dislike