awkwardness (Noun) : in con-             gaucheness (Noun) : an impolite        decrepitude (Noun) : being old
    venience                                 manner that lacks skill or refine-     and in poor condition or heath
    clumsiness (Noun) : graceless-           ment                                   disease (Noun) : an illness
    ness; awkwardness                        ineptitude (Noun) : lack of skill      coolness (Noun) : coldness
    disability (Noun) : the state of     76. (1) stubborn (Adjective) : obsti-      crowd (Noun) : a large number
    not being able to do something           nate; determined not to change         of people gathered together at a
71. (2) concise (Adjective) : using          your opinion                           public place
    only a few words to say some-            obstinate (Adjective) : stub-      82. (3) change (Noun) : the result of
    thing                                    born; refusing to change your          something becoming different
    laconic (Adjective) : using only         opinions                               transition (Noun) : the process
    a few words to say something             pretty (Adjective) : attractive        or a period of changing from one
    loquacious (Adjective) : talking         silly (Adjective) : foolish            state or condition to another
    a lot ; talkative                        clever (Adjective) : intelligent       position (Noun) : the place
    rambling (Adjective) : very long                                                where somebody/something is
                                         77. (2) watchful (Adjective) : pay at-
    and confused (speech or writing)                                                located
                                             tention to what is happening
    verbose (Adjective) : using                                                     translation (Noun) : the process
    more words than needed                   alert (Adjective) : able to think
                                             quickly; quick to notice things        of changing from one language
72. (4) unscrupulous (Adjective) : with-                                            to another (writing or speaking)
    out moral principles ; dishonest         hostile (Adjective) : very un-
                                             friendly                               movement (Noun) : the act of
    knavish (Adjective) : dishonest;                                                moving from one place to another
    unscrupulous; without moral              brave (Adjective) : not fraid;
                                             courageous                         83. (2) indicted (Verb) : to officially
                                                                                    charge somebody with a crime
    honourable (Adjective) : follow-         quick (Adjective) : done with
                                             speed                                  accused (Verb) : to say that
    ing moral principles
                                                                                    something wrong has been done
    noble (Adjective) : having fine      78. (1) consent (Verb) : to agree to
    personal qualities such as cour-                                                indicated (Verb) : to show that
                                             something or give permission for
    age, honesty, etc.                                                              something is true
    trustworthy (Adjective) : reli-                                                 induced (Verb) : to force/per-
                                             accede (Verb) : to agree to a re-
    able; that you can rely on to be                                                suade to do something
    good, honest, sincere, etc.                                                     instigated (Verb) : to make
                                             access (Verb) : to reach, enter
73. (3) domineering (Adjective) : try-                                              something start or happen
                                             or use
    ing to control other people with-                                           84. (2) called (Verb) : call somebody
                                             assess (Verb) : to make judge-
    out considering their feelings or                                               to come towards you
                                             ment ; estimate
    opinions                                                                        beckoned (Verb) : to give a sig-
                                             proceed (Verb) : to continue do-
    assertive (Adjective) : express-                                                nal to do something
                                             ing something that has already
    ing opinions or desires strongly                                                accused (Verb) : to say that
                                             been started
    and with confidence                                                             something wrong has been done
    unassertive (Adjective) : lack of    79. (3) retired (Adjective) : stopped
                                                                                    sent (Verb) : made something go
    self–confidence                          doing your job
                                                                                    by post, email, etc.
    timorous (Adjective) : timid or          superannuated (Adjective) : too
                                                                                    acquitted (Verb) : to decide and
    fearful by nature                        old for work ; retired
                                                                                    state officially in court that some-
    unobtrusive (Adjective) : not            experienced (Adjective) : hav-         body is not guilty of a crime
    attracting unnecsessary attention        ing knowledge or skill in a par-
                                                                                85. (4) original (Adjective) : exist-
74. (1) whimsical (Adjective) : un-          ticular job
                                                                                    ing at the beginning of a particu-
    usual and not serious ; capricious       accepted (Verb) : to take will-        lar period
    capricious (Adjective) : Show-           ingly, that is offered
                                                                                    genuine (Adjective) : real ; not
    ing sudden changes in attitude           senile (adjective) : behaving in       artificial ; authentic
    or behaviour ; unpredictable             a confused or strange way              generous (Adjective) : giving or
    unmovable (Adjective) : not able     80. (2) boldness (Noun) : bravery          willing to give freely
    to move; immovable                       and confidence; not showing fear       healthy (Adjective) : having
    decisive (Adjective) : very im-          to say anything                        good health
    portant for a final result               audacity (Noun) : brave but rude       natural (Adjective) : existing in
    stable (Adjective) : firmly fixed ;      or shocking behaviour
                                                                                    nature ; not made by humans
    steady                                   strength (Noun) : being physi-
75. (3) adroitness (Noun) : skilful                                             86. (1) gloomy (Adjective) : nearly
                                             cally strong
    performance or ability to do your                                               dark or badly lit ; feeling sad ;
                                             asperity (Noun) : the fact of be-      depressing
    job without difficulty                   ing rough ; harshness
    dexterity (Noun) : skill in using                                               sombre (Adjective) : dark in
                                             fear (Noun) : being afraid of          colour ; dull ; sad and serious
    your hands or mind
                                         81. (4) feebleness (Noun) : very weak      quiet (Adjective) : making very
    incompetence (Noun) : lack of
                                             in health or body                      little noise
    skill or ability to do your task