urgency (Noun) : pressing im-           surround (Verb) : to be all         65. (4) lucid (Adjective) : easy to
    portance requiring speedy action        around                                  understand ; clear
    protocol (Noun) : a system of           capture (Verb) : to catch and           transparent (Adjective) : able to
    fixed rules and formal behaviour        make a prisoner                         see through ; clear
    used at official meetings           60. (4) inactive (Adjective) : not ac-      verbose (Adjective) : using
    necessity (Noun) : the fact that        tive                                    more words than needed
    something must happen or be             torpid (Adjective) : not active;        involved (Adjective) : taking
    done.                                   lethargic                               part in something
55. (4) float (Verb) : to move slowly       insipid (Adjective) : having no         witty (Adjective) : able to say
    on water ; drift ; glide                taste or flavour; dull                  or write clever or amusing
    flutter (Verb) : to move lightly        stupid (Adjective) : foolish; silly     things; funny
    and quickly                             sensitive (Adjective) : aware of    66. (2) cheer (Verb) : to show sup-
    soar (Verb) : to rise quickly and       and able to understand other            port or praise for somebody or to
    smoothly up into the air                people and their feelings               give him encouragement
    agitate (Verb) : to argue strong-   61. (2) preference (Noun) : a great-        enliven (Verb) : to make some-
    ly for something you want               er interest in somebody/some-           thing more intersting
    change (Verb) : to become ; to          thing than somebody/something           dampen (Verb) : to make some-
    replace something                       else; choice                            thing wet
56. (2) instruct (Verb) : order ; guide     selection (Noun) : choose from          depress (Verb) : to be sad and
    command (Verb) : to order giv-          a group; choice                         without hope or enthusiasm
    en to a person                          denial (Noun) : a statement that        subdue (Verb) : to bring some-
    lead (Verb) : to show the way           something is wrong or untrue            body under control ; defeat
    manage (Verb) : to succeed in           refusal (Noun) : an act of saying   67. (4) conceited (Adjective) : hav-
    doing something ; cope                  or showing that you will not do,        ing too much pride in yourself
    supervise (Verb) : to be in             give or accept                          haughty (Adjective) : behaving
    charge of somebody or something         display (Noun) : exhibit, to show       in an unfriendly way towards
    and make sure that everything is        something to people                     other people ; arrogant
    done correctly                      62. (1) pomp (Noun) : the impressive        humble (Adjective) : modest;
57. (2) dwarf (Noun) : a creature           clothes, decoration, music etc.         showing you do not think that
    like a small man                        and traditional customs that are        you are as important as other
    gnome (Noun) : a creature like          a part of an official ceremony          people
    a small man; dwarf                      ostentation (Noun) : an exag-           subservient (Adjective) : too
    giant (Noun) : a very large             gerated d isplay of wealth,             willing to help others
    strong person who is often cru-         knowledge or skill                      meek (Adjective) : quiet ; gentle
    el ; very large                         pretence (Noun) : the act of be-    68. (3) idiotic (Adjective) : very stu-
    native (Noun) : a person who            having in a particular way; to          pid; ridiculous
    was born in a particular coun-          make other peopl e bel ieve             demented (Adjective) : behav-
    try or area                             something that is not true.             ing in a crazy way because you
    alien (Noun) : a person who in          abundance (Noun) : a large              are very upset or worried
    not the citizen of the country in       quantity that is more than              reasonable (Adjective) : fair;
    which he lives or works                 enough                                  practical; sensible
58. (4) washing (Noun) : the act of         plenty (Noun) : a large amount          sensible (Adjective) : able to
    cleaning using water and soap       63. (3) criminal (Noun) : a person          make judgements based on rea-
    ablution (Noun) : the act of            who commits a crime                     son and experience ; practical
    washing                                 convict (Noun) : a person who           lucid (Adjective) : easy to un-
    censure (Noun) : strong criti-          has been found guilty of a crime        derstand ; clear
    cism                                    and sent to prison                  69. (1) uncouth (Adjective) : rude;
                                            adventurer (Noun) : a person            socially unacceptable
    forgiveness (Noun) : the act of
    forgiving                               who enjoys exciting new expe-           ill-bred (Adjective) : rude; bad-
    absolution (Noun) : a formal                                                    ly behaved
                                            fugitive (Noun) : a person who
    statement that a person is for-                                                 well-bred (Adjective) : showing
                                            has escaped
    given                                                                           good manners ; well-behaved
                                            impostor (Noun) : a person who
59. (3) overcome (Verb) : to succeed                                                courteous (Adjective) : polite
                                            pretends to be somebody else
    in dealing with controlling a                                                   mannerly (Adjective) : well-man-
    problem                             64. (4) travelling from place to place
                                            itinerant (Adjective) : travelling
    surmount (Verb) : overcome; to                                              70. (1) dexterity (Noun) : skill in us-
                                            from place to place to find work
    deal successfully with a diffi-                                                 ing your hands or mind
    culty                                   itinerary (Noun) : a plan of a
                                                                                    knack (Noun) : a special skill or
                                            journey, including the route and
    discount (Verb) : reduction                                                     ability
                                            the places that you visit