41. (4) escape (Verb) : get away from      limitless (Adjective) : without        ceremonial (Adjective) : relat-
    a place                                a limit ; infinite                     ing to a ceremony that includes
    elude (Verb) : escape              46. (3) wrongly (Adverb) : not cor-        formal and traditional actions
    allure (Verb) : tempt ; entice to      rectly; incorrect                      religious (Adjective) : relating
    do                                     erroneously (Adverb) : not cor-        to religion or spiritual things
    leave (Verb) : the act of despar-      rectly ; wrongly                       official (Adjective) : relating to
    ing                                    previously (Adverb) : prior to ;       the job of somebody who is in a
    deceive (Verb) : be false to ; be      happened or existed before the         position of authority
    dishonest with                         event                                  pompous (Adjective) : showing
42. (3) forewarning (Noun) : an ear-       effectively (Adverb) : in a way        that you think you are more im-
    ly warning about a future event;       that produces a successful re-         portant than other people, espe-
    premonition                            sult                                   cially by using long and formal
    premonition (Noun) : a feeling         evidently (Adverb) : clearly; that     words
    that something unpleasant is go-       can be seen or understood easily   51. (1) preoccupation (Noun) : a
    ing to happen                      47. (3) separated (Adjective) : no         state of thinking about something
    insight (Noun) : a feeling of un-      longer with the other partner          continuously ; obsession
    derstanding                            estranged (Adjective) : no long-       obsession (Noun) : the state in
    uncertainty (Noun) : being in          er with the other partner; no          which a person"s mind is com-
    doubt                                  longer friendly                        pletely filled with thought of one
                                           jealous (Adjective) : feeling an-      particular thing in a way that is
    scope (Noun) : an area in which
                                           gry or unhappy with other’s ad-        not normal
    something acts or operates
                                           vantages                               suspicion (Noun) : a feeling that
43. (4) disparaging (Adjective) : ex-
                                           angry (Adjective) : having strong      somebody has done something
    pressive of low opinion ; deroga-
                                           feeling about something that you       wrong
                                           dislike very much                      frustration (Noun) : a feeling of
    derogatory (Adjective) : show-
                                           suspicious (adjective) : feeling       being annoyed and impatient
    ing a critical attitude to some-
    body’s reputation; insulting; dis-     that somebody has done some-           dejection (Noun) : a feeling of
    paraging                               thing wrong                            unhappiness and disppoint-
                                       48. (4) surrender (Verb) : to admit        ment
    injurious (Adjective) : harmful
    to living things                       that you have been defeated and    52. (3) widen (Verb) : to become or
                                           you want to stop fighting              make something wider
    shattering (Adjective) : very
    shocking and upsetting                 capitulate (Verb) : to agree to        dilate (Verb) : to become or
                                           do something that you have been        make something larger or wider
    destructive (Adjective) : caus-
                                           refusing to do for a long time         spin (Verb) : to turn round and
    ing destruction or much damage
                                           repeat (Verb) : to say or write        round quickly
44. (4) wandering (Adjective) :
                                           something again and again              weaken (Verb) : to become or
    groups of people tending to travel
                                           execute (Verb) : to do a piece of      make something less strong or
    and change settlements frequent-
                                           work, perform a duty, put a plan       powerful
    ly; nomadic
                                           into action, etc.                      push (Verb) : to make something
    nomadic (Adjective) : groups of
                                           summarize (Verb) : to give the         move forward or away from you
    people tending to travel and
    change settlements frequently ;        main points of something           53. (4) copying (Noun) : making
    wandering                          49. (2) appease (Verb) : to make           samething that is exactly the
                                           somebody calm by praising/             same as something else
    fighting (Adjective) : a clash in
    which people try to defeat one         pleasing him                           duplication (Noun) : making an
    another                                propitiate (Verb) : to stop some-      exact copy of something
    rare (Adjective) : not done, seen,     body from being angry by trying        breed (Noun) : a particular type
    happening very often                   to please him                          of animal that has been devel-
                                           conform (Verb) : to behave and         oped by people in a controlled
    strange (Adjective) : unusual or
                                           think in the same way as most          way, eg, dog, cat
                                           other people                           reproduction (Noun) : the act or
45. (2) restless (Adjective) : unable
                                           influence (Verb) : to have an ef-      process of producing babies,
    to stay still
                                           fect on the way that somebody          young animals or plants
    restive (Adjective) : unable to
                                           behaves or thinks                      print (Noun) : producing letters,
    stay still or unwilling to be con-
                                           approach (Verb) : to speak to          pictures, etc. on paper
    trolled, especially because you
    are bored or not satisfied             somebody about something           54. (3) precedence (Noun) : the con-
                                       50. (2) formal (Adjective) : being ac-     dition of being more important
    rested (Adjective) : feeling
                                           cording to established forms and       than something else
    healthy and full of energy be-
    cause you have had a rest              requirements (eg. of formal            priority (Noun) : something that
                                           dress, speech, writing, behaviour      is considered to be more impor-
    limited (Adjective) : not very
                                           etc.)                                  tant than other things.
    great in amount ; restricted