vindicate (Verb) : show to be            successive (Adjective) : coming          garner (Verb) : to obtain or col-
    right/true/not guilty                    one after the other without a            lect something such as informa-
    open (Adjective) : not shut or           break ; consecutive rapid (Ad-           tion, support etc.; gather; acquire
    closed                                   jective) : done in a brief period        banish (Verb) : to order somebody
    ventilate (Verb) : expose to cool        of time                                  to leave a place, especially a
    or cold air so as to feel cool or        victorious (Adjective) : having          country, as a punishment.
    fresh                                    won                                  36. (4) fruitless (Adjective) : unpro-
    recommend (Verb) : push for              beneficent (Adjective) : doing or        ductive of success ; producing
    something                                producing good                           no useful results ; unproductive
27. (3) supernatural (Adjective) : not   32. (3) demolish (Verb) : destroy            infructuous (Adjective) : not
    existing in Nature                       completely                               producing good result ; fruitless
    occult (Adjective) : hidden and          ravage (Verb) : to destroy some-         meaningless (Adjective) : hav-
    difficult to see ; mysterious; con-      thing badly                              ing no meaning
    nected with magic powers ; su-           destroy (Verb) : to do away with;        unnecessary (Adjective) : not
    pernatural                               destruct; to damage so badly that        necessary
    religious (Adjective) : relating         it no/longer works or exists.            redundant (Adjective) : more than
    to religion/spiritual things             break (Verb) : to damage in such         is needed, desired or required
                                             a way that it is separated into      37. (4) loyalty (Noun) : the quality
    unnatural (Adjective) : not in
                                             two or more parts                        of being faithful
    accordance with Nature
                                             abolish (Verb) : to do away with ;       fidelity (Noun) : the quality of
    strong (Adjective) : having
                                             to get rid of                            being loyal to somebody/some-
    strength or power greater than
                                         33. (3) irrational (Adjective) : not         thing ; loyalty ; a faithful attitude
                                             based on clear logical thought           towards somebody/something
28. (3) threat (Noun) : something that
                                             superstitious (Adjective) : be-          affection (Noun) : a positive feel-
    is a source of danger ; menace
                                             lieving in superstition – the be-        ing of liking
    menace (Noun) : something that                                                    allegiance (Noun) : a person’s
    causes/may cause danger ;                lief that particular events hap-
                                             pen in a way that cannot be ex-          continued support for a political
    threat                                                                            party, religion, etc.
    request (Noun) : asking ; inquir-        plained by reason or science
                                                                                      accuracy (Noun) : the state of
    ing                                      pious (Adjective) : having or
                                             showing or expressing a great            being exact or correct
    prayer (Noun) : the act of com-                                               38. (2) rough (Adjective) : unpleas-
    municating with a deity                  feeling for a deity
                                                                                      antly harsh or grating in sound
    curse (Noun) : an evil spell             traditional (Adjective) : being
                                             part of the beliefs, customs or          gruff (Adjective) : deep and
29. (3) explain (Verb) : to tell some-                                                rough and often sounding un-
                                             way of life of a particular group
    body about something in a way                                                     friendly
                                             of people
    that makes it easy to understand                                                  hard (Adjective) : not easy
                                             sacred (Adjective) : connected
    delineate (Verb) : describe or                                                    tough (Adjective) : not given to
                                             with good ; considered to be holy
    explain in detail                                                                 gentleness
                                         34. (1) guide (Noun) : someone who
    expand (Verb) : become large in                                                   sturdy (Adjective) : having rug-
                                             shows the way by leading or ad-
    size, volume or quantity                                                          ged physical strength
    portray (Verb) : represent or                                                 39. (1) mournful (Adjecti ve) :
                                             mentor (Noun) : a wise and
    point a drawing or sculpture ver-                                                 mournful; sad; miserable
                                             trusted guide and advisor
    bally                                                                             doleful (adjective) : mournful;
                                             genius (Noun) : someone who              sad; miserable
    argue (Verb) : to speak angrily
                                             has exceptional intellectual ability
    to somebody because you dis-                                                      sober (Adjective) : serious and
    agree with him                           stylist (Noun) : someone whose           sensible
                                             job is cutting and shaping peo-          regretful (Adjective) : feeling or
30. (3) abolish (Verb) : to get rid of ;
                                             ple’s hair                               showing sadness or disappoint-
    do away with ; to officially end a
    law, a system or an institution          philosopher (Noun) : someone             ment
                                             who writes or studies about phi-         cheerless (Adjective) : lacking
    abrogate (Verb) : to officially end
                                             losophy                                  happiness
    a law ; repeal
                                         35. (2) adorn (Verb) : to make some-     40. (2) deadly (Adjective) : causing
    elope (Verb) : run away secretly
                                             body/something look more at-             death
    with one’s beloved
                                             tractive by decorating it with           fatal (Adjective) : causing or
    gate-crash (Verb) : to go to a           something
    party or social event without be-                                                 ending in death, causing disas-
                                             garnish (Verb) : to decorate a           ter
    ing invited
                                             dish of food with a small amount         terrible (Adjective) : very un-
    destroy (Verb) : do away with;           of another food
    destruct                                                                          pleasant
                                             paint (Verb) : to cover a surface        poisonous (Adjective) : not safe
31. (4) consecutive (Adjective) : fol-       or object with a liquid to give it a     to eat
    lowing continuously                      particular colour                        wrong (Adjective) : not correct