13. (2) meditation (Noun) : the              fleeting (Adjective) : lasting only       cruelty (Noun) : behaviour that
    practice of thinking deeply in si-       for a short time ; brief                  causes pain or suffering to others
    lence, especially for religious rea-     monumental (Adjective) : very             unkindness (Noun) : lack of sym-
    sons or in order to make your            important and having a great in-          pathy
    mind calm                                fluence, especially as the result         invalidity (Noun) : the state of
    contemplation (Noun) : the act           of years of work ; historic               being unable to take care of your-
    of thinking deeply about some-       18. (2) passio n (Noun) : a very              self because of illness or injury
    thing                                    strong feeling of love, hatred,       22. (2) friendly (Noun) : behaving in
    consideration (Noun) : the act           anger, enthusiasm, etc. ; rage            a nice and kind way you want to
    of thinking carfully about some-         infatuation (Noun) : very strong          help
    thing                                    feelings of love or attraction for        amicable (Adjective) : done or
    deliberation (Noun) : the pro-           somebody/something ; foolish              achieved in a polite or friendly
    cess of carefully considering or         passion                                   way and without arguing
    discussing something                                                               poisonous (Adjective) : the fact
                                             emotion (Noun) : a strong feel-
    speculation (noun) : the act of          ing such as love, fear or anger           or state of having swallowed or
    forming opinions about what has                                                    absorbed poison
                                             imagination (Noun) : the ability
    happened or what might happen                                                      satisfying (Adjective) : giving
                                             to create pictures in your mind
    without knowing all the facts                                                      pleasure because it provides
                                             compassion (Noun) : a strong
14. (3) flattery (Noun) : praise that                                                  something you need or want
                                             feeling of sympathy for people
    is not sincere
                                             who are suffering and a desire            heartening (Adjective) : cheer-
    adulation (Noun) : admiration                                                      fully encouraging ; inspiring
                                             to help them
    and praise, especially when this
                                         19. (3) nominee (Noun) : a person         23. (3) cautious (Adjective) : show-
    is greater than is necessary
                                             who has been formally suggest-            ing careful thought
    duration (Noun) : the length of
                                             ed for a job, prize etc.                  prudent (Adjective) : sensible
    time that something continues
                                             consignee (Noun) : the person             and careful when you make
    argument (Noun) : a conversa-
                                             to whom merchandise is deliv-             judgements and decisions
    tion or discussion in which two
                                             ered over                                 skilled (Adjective) : having or
    or more people disagree, often
                                             delegate (Noun) : a person who            showing special skill
                                             is chosen or elected to represent         experienced (Adjective) : having
    institution (Noun) : a large im-
                                             the views of a group of people            become knowledgeable/skilful
    portant organisation
                                             and vote and make decisions for           from observation or participation
15. (4) tremble (Verb) : to shake in
                                             them                                      criminal (Adjective) : relating to
    a way that you cannot control ;
    quiver                                   representative (Noun) : a per-            crime or its punishment
                                             son who has been chosen to            24. (4) cure-all (Noun) : something
    quiver (Verb) : to shake slightly
                                             speak or vote for somebody else           that people believe can cure any
    quarrel (Noun) : to have an angry
                                             or on behalf of a group                   problem or any disease; panacea
                                             messenger (Noun) : a person               panacea (Noun) : hypothetical
    quicken (Verb) : to become quicker
                                             who gives a message to somebody;          remedy for all ills or diseases
    waver (Verb) : to be or become
                                             who delivers messages to peo-              flatter (Verb) : praise somewhat
    weak or unsteady ; hesitate
                                             ple as a job                              dishonestly
16. (1) handsome (Adjective) : at-
                                         20. (1) wanderer (Noun) : a person            praise (Noun) : an expression of
    tractive ; good–looking
                                             who keeps travelling from place           approval and commendation or
    beautiful (Adjective) : pretty;
                                             to place with no permanent home           admiration
    handsome; attractive; lovely;
    good–looking; gorgeous; having           tramp (Noun) : a person with              inactivity (Noun) : the state of
    beauty                                   no home or job; who travels from          being inactive
    alluring (Adjective) : attractive        place to place, usually asking        25. (3) kindness (Noun) : the quality
    and exciting in a mysterious way         people in the street for food or          of being warm – hearted and con-
    appealing (Adjective) : attractive       money                                     siderate and sympathetic
    or interesting                           cheat (Noun) : to trick somebody          benevolence (Noun) : an incli-
    attractive (Adjective) : pleasant        or make him believe something             nation to do something good; gen-
    to look at ; appealing                   that is not true.                         erosity
17. (1) important (Adjective) : hav-         traveller (Noun) : a person who           ill–will (Noun) : the feeling of a
    ing a great effect on people or          is travelling or who often travels        hostile person
    things; of great value                   pilgrim (Noun) : a person who             morbidity (Noun) : the ratio of
    momentous (Adjective) : very             travels to a holy place for religious     deaths in an area to the popula-
    important or serious, especially         reasons                                   tion of that area
    because there may be important       21. (1) disrespect (Noun) : lack of re-       vision (Noun) : a vivid mental
    results ; historic                       spect                                     image ; the ability to see
    temporary (Adjective) : not per-         irreverence (Noun) : a disre-         26. (3) justify (Verb) : show to be
    manent; lasting for a short time         spectful act                              right/true/not guilty