859. (2) call in (Phr. V.) : to ask for 869. (3) irrevocable (Adj.) : that     880. (2) Proficiency (Noun) = ability
     the services of somebody ; to call      cannot be changed; final.              to do something well because of
     in a doctor/ police.                    ir ret rie vable     (Adj.)     :      training and practice.
     Here, called in is the right            irreparable; not able to be put   881. (1) Wipe out = to destroy or
     option.                                 right or got back                      remove something completely.
860. (4) imminent (Adj.) : likely to         ir rec onc ilab le    (Adj.)    : 882. (2) Conscious (of something) =
     happen very soon.                       incompatible; at variance; not         aware of something.
     eminent (Adj.) : famous; well-          possible to settle.               883. (2) Break down = to lose control
     known.                                  irreparable (Adj.) : too bad or        of your feelings and start crying.
     emanate (V.) : to produce or            too serious to repair.            884. (4) Impose = to force; to make
     show something; come from.              Here, irrevocable is the right         somebody accept something.
     Here, imminent is the right             option.                           885. (2) It is a negative sentence.
     option.                            870. (2) ti e do wn ( Phr. ,V.) : to   886. (1) Here, preposition ‘on/upon’
861. (4) all right (Adj., Adv.) : safe       restrict somebody’s freedom            should be used.
     and well; OK                            tie up (Phr.,V.) : to connect/    887. (3) The sentence shows past
     Here, all right is the right            link something to something            time. Hence, Past Simple ....
     option.                                 else                                   should be used.
862. (1) alert (V.) : to make                Here, tie down is the right       888. (1) Here, Past Perfect should be
     somebody aware of something;            option.                                used. Reporting verb is in Past
     to warn about a dangerous or       871. (4) ba ck out (P hr. ,V. ) : to        Tense.
     urgent situation.                       separate; break ; no longer       889. (2) Fetter (Verb) = to restrict
     Here, alerted is the right option.      taking part in something that          somebody’s freedom to do what
863. (4) cordial (Adj.) : pleasant and       has been agreed.                       they want; put chains around a
     friendly.                               back up (Phr.V.) : to support          prisoner’s feet; shackle.
     Here, cordial is the right option.      somebody/something                     Here, Past participle should be
                                                                                    used. The sentence is in Passive
864. (1) To express Exclamati on             Here, back out is the right
     Inversion, i.e. have I should be        option.
                                                                               890. (3) Defalcate (Verb) = to misuse
     used after never.                  872. (3) assure (V.) : to make sure ;       or misappropriate property;
     Hence, have I is the right              guarantee.                             embezzle.
     option.                                 Here, assured is the right        891. (2) Engaged in = busy doing
865. (4) Here, a particular man is           option.                                something.
     being mentioned. Hence, The
                                        873. (3) To express period of time for 892. (3) Fall through = to not be
     (Def. Art.) is the right option.
                                             should be used.                        completed or not happen.
866. (2) dev ice (N .) : a pi ece of
                                             Here, for is the right option.    893. (1) Ho wever is us ed to
     equi pm ent that ha s been
                                        874. (2) put in an appearance (Id.) :       introduce a statement that
     designed to do a particular job.
                                             to appear briefly at some place        contrasts with something.
     Here, de vi c es is the right                                             894. (4) Fall off = to decrease in
     option.                                 or at some event
                                             put on (Phr.V.) : add to               quantity or quality.
867. (2) procrastinate (V.) : to delay                                              Fall down = to drop down from
     doi ng someth ing that you              something existing
                                                                                    a higher level to a lower level.
     should do; p ut off doing               put across (Phr.V.) : to state so
                                                                               895. (3) So refers back to an action
     something.                              as to be understood clearly/
                                                                                    that has just been mentioned.
     prevaricate (V.) : be unclear           accepted readily
                                                                               896. (2) Cure (Verb) = to make a
     inorder to mislead/withohold            put up (Phr.V.) : to suggest an        person or an animal healthy
     information                             idea, etc. for other people to         again after an illness.
     interrogate (V.) : pose a series        discuss                           897. (1) Be talk of the town = to be
     of questions to                         Here, put in is the right option.      the person or sub ject that
     discriminate (V.) : distinguish;   875. (3) Because = for the reason           everyone is talking about and
     treat differently                       that                                   interested in.
     Here, procrastinate is the right   876. (2) Subject + must have + V3.     898. (3) Would is used for saying
     option.                                                                        what you want to happen (wish).
                                        877. (2) Infinitive Þ to + V1
868. (1) ad infinitum : without ever                                           899. (1) As sense suggests, gain (=
                                             Lend = loan ; to give something
     coming to an end.                                                              to obtain) should be used.
                                             to somebody.
     voraciously (Adv.) : in a way                                             900. (1) Cut down = to reduce or
     that involves eating/wanting       878. (2) Preservation = the act of          curtail volume or activity
     large amounts of food                   keeping something in its original 901. (3) Accidental = happening by
                                             state or in good condition.            chance or unintentionally.
     ad interim (Adv.) : temporarily
     Here, ad infinitum is the right    879. (2) Here, preposition ‘in’ ....        Or gan ise d      =    arr anged
     option.                                 should be used.                        systematically