aberration (N.) : a fact, an              Here, obedient is the right         848. (4) bar ely ( Adv. ) : ju st ;
     action/a way of behaving that             option.                                  certainly not more than.
     is not usual, and that may be        834. (4) res ponsib le : i nv ol v i ng       Here, was barely is the right
     unacceptable                              important duties.                        option.
     alliteration (N.) : the use of the        Here, responsible is the right      849. (1) benefit (V.) : to be useful.
     same letter or sound at the               option.                                  Here, be n ef i t is the right
     beginning of words that are          835. (2) heart to heart : in good heart;      option.
     close together, as in – sing a            happy and cheerful                  850. (2)
     song of sixpence                          Here, heart to heart is the right        (1) look after (Phr., V.) : to take
     Here, altercation is the right            option.                                  care of somebody/ something.
     option.                              836. (1) keep an eye (Id.) : to take          Here, looks after is the right
823. (1) Here, ship is a Singular              care of something                        option.
     Subject.                                  Here, keeping an eye is the         851. (1) momentary (Adj.) : lasting
     Hence, has (Singular Verb) is             right option.                            for a very short time.
     the right option.                    837. (2) int erest ed agree s with            mo mento us (A dj.) : v ery
824. (2) Here, Reporting Verb                  Preposition-in.                          important/serious
     (asked) is in Past Tense.                 Look at the sentence :                   Here, momentary is the right
     Hence, might (V2) is the right         l I am very interested in history.          option.
     option.                                                                       852. (4) back up (Phr.V.) : support
                                               Here, interested in is the right
825. (4) for certain : without doubt.                                                   back out (Phr.V.) : to withdraw
     Here, for is the right option.                                                     from       somethi ng       before
                                          838. (3) confirm (V.) : to state that
826. (3) give the cold shoulder : to           something is definitely true.            completion
     treat somebody in an unfriendly                                                    Here, up is the right option.
                                               Here, confi rms is the right
     way.                                                                          853. (2) call up (Phr.V.) : to make a
     Here, the cold shoulder is the                                                     telephone call
                                          839. (1) Everything is a Singular
     right option.                                                                      call in (Phr.V.) : summon to
                                               Su b jec t. Hence, h a s be en
827. (1) scald (V.) : to burn yourself         (Passive) is the right option.           enter
     or part of your body with very                                                     call of f (Phr.V.) : postpone
                                          840. (4)
     hot liquid.                                                                        indefinitely
                                               (1) almost (Adv.) : not quite;
     Here, scalded is the right                                                         call down (Phr.V.) : censure
     option.                                                                            severely/angrily
                                               Here, al most is the right
828. (3) replete (Adj.) : filled with                                                   Here, calls up i s the ri ght
     something with a full supply of                                                    option.
                                          841. (2) certainly (Adv.) : without
     something.                                                                    854. (2) Subject + has/ have + been
                                               doubt ; definitely.
     brood (V.) : to think a lot about                                                  + V-ing is the right structure.
                                               Here, has certainly is the right
     something that makes you                                                           Hence, deteriorating is the
     annoyed, anxious/upset                                                             right option.
     burst into (Phr. V.) : to start      842. (2) Preposition by is the right
                                               option.                             855. (3) Here, at is the right option
     producing something suddenly
                                                                                        Note : in is used in North
     and with great force                 843. (3) The sentence is Affirmative
                                                                                        American English.
     boasted of (Phr. V.) : to talk with       (Present Perfect).
                                                                                   856. (3) erupted (V.) : to start
     too    much       pride     about         Hence, hasn’t she ? is the right
                                                                                        happening, suddenly and
     something that you have/can               option.
     do                                   844. (3) extinct (Adj.) : no longer in
                                                                                        trigger (V.) : to make something
     Here, replete with is the right           existence
                                                                                        happen suddenly
     option.                                   Hence, extinct is the right
                                                                                        temper (V.) : to make something
829. (4) Here, bot h is the ri ght             option.
                                                                                        less severe.
     option                               845. (2) scarcely (Adv.) : only just ;        tamper (V.) : interfere with.
830. (1) Here, at is the right option.         almost not.
                                                                                        Here, erupted is the right
831. (1) co nsi der ate      (Ad j.)    :      Here, scarcely is the right              option.
     thoughtful; careful not to hurt           option.
                                                                                   857. (3) devoid of someth ing :
     or upset others.                     846. (2)                                      completely lacking in something
     Here, considerate is the right            (1) rival (V.) : compare with; to        Here, devoid of is the right
     option.                                   be as good, impressive etc. as           option.
832. (4) Here, present is the right            somebody/ something else.
     option.                                                                       858. (1) so ... that is correct form of
                                               Here, rival is the right option.         Correlative.
833. (1) obedient (Adj.) : willing to
                                          847. (4) Here, with one another is            Hence, that he fell is the right
     obey; submissive to authority.
                                               the right option.                        option.