Look at the sentences :            800. (3) For two events of the past,    810. (1) Structure        of     Future
  l  The author whom you criticized          the event that happens earlier          Imperfect:
     in your review has written a            should be expressed in Past             Subject + will be/shall be +V-
     reply.                                  Perfect.                                ing
  l I wonder who that letter was             Hence, had just swallowed is            Here, be travelling is the right
     from.                                   the right option.                       option.
     Here, whom is the right option.    801. (3)                                811. (3) without fail : unfailingly;
791. (1)                                     (1) on time : not late ; at the         without exception
     (1) look down on somebody :             correct time.                           Here, fail is the right option.
     to think that you are better than       Here, on is the right usage.       812. (4) give of f : to produ ce
     somebody                           802. (4)                                     something such as a smell, heat
     Look at the sentence :                  (1) assure (V.) : to guarantee; to      light etc.
  l She looks down on people who             tell somebody that something is         give away (Phr. V.) : make a
     haven’t been to college.                definitely going to happen.             gift of
     Hence, down is the right option.        Here, assured is the right              give over (Phr.V.) ; to tell
792. (2) Preposition-with should be          option.                                 somebody to sto p doing
     used with agree here.              803. (1)                                     something
     Hence, agreed with is the right         (1) insist (V.) : to demand             give up (Phr.V.) : to stop trying
     option.                                 earnestly.                              to do something
793. (2) creep (V.) : to move slowly,        insist (V.) agrees with on (Prep.)      Here, gives off is the right
     quietly and carefully.                  Hence, on is the right usage.           option.
     The sentence shows past time.      804. (3) Structure of Imperative        813. (1) Here, as long as is the right
     Hence, crept is the right option.       Sentence :                              option.
794. (1) The job was started in the          Do/does + not + V1 (Infinitive     814. (3) Here, respectabl y is the
     past and continues till present         without to)                             right usage.
     time.                                   Hence, interrupt is the right           (1) respectably (Adv.) :
     Hence, Present           Per fect       usage.                                  acceptably; no reason to be
     Continuous should be used          805. (1)                                     ashamed of ; fairly good.
     here.                                                                      815. (1) Here, in is the right usage.
                                             (1) run down (Phr. V.) : to lose
     Hence, have been is the right           power or stop wo rking; to              lived in (Phr. V.) : settled in
     option.                                 gradually stop functioning.        816. (3) Here, grumbled at is the
795. (2)                                     run short (Id.) : to become             right option.
     (1) me mor able       (A dj. )   :      scanty/insufficient in supply           (1) g rum ble (a t) (V. ) : to
     unforgettable, special, good or         run past (Phr. V.) : to run near/       compl ain about somebod y/
     unusual.                                alongside someone/something             something in a bad-tempered
     (2) mo m en t ous      (A dj. )  :      from one side to the other              way.
     historic; very important or             run up (Phr. V.) : accumulate      817. (3) Here, V2 i.e, retired is the
     serious.                                                                        right option.
                                             Here, run down is the right
     Here, memorable is the right            usage.                             818. (4) at the top of his voice :
     option.                                                                         loudly.
                                        806. (3)
796. (4)                                                                             Here, at the top of is the right
                                             (1) attract (V.) : to interest
     (1) im plemen tati on (N. ) :                                                   option.
     carryi ng out ; enactment;                                                 819. (4) Here, the art of is the right
     execution; application.                 Here, attract is the right option.
     Here, implementation is the        807. (4) For more than two things,
                                                                                820. (1) Here, Comparative Degree
     right option.                           among should be used.
                                                                                     will be used.
797. (2) may is used to express a            Hence, among is the right usage.
                                                                                     Hence, faster is the right option.
     wish.                              808. (4)
                                                                                821. (3)
     Here, May is the right option.          (1) look fo r : to hope for
                                                                                     (1) employ (V.) : to give somebody
798. (2) yet is used in Negative             something
     Sentences to talk abou t                                                        a job to do for payment.
                                             Here, looking for is the right
     something that has not                  option.                                 Hence, employed is the right
     happened.                                                                       option.
                                        809. (1)
     Hence, yet is the right option                                             822. (1) altercation (N.) : a noisy
                                             (1) take of f : to r emo ve
799. (3)                                                                             argument or disagreement.
                                             something especially a piece of
     (1) fall back on somebody : to          clothing from body.                     alteration (N.) : a change to
     go to somebody for support              Here, took off is the right             something that makes it
     Here, back on is the right option.      option.                                 different