765. (4) Here,        recommended;         775. (4)                                      (4) dogging (V.) : go after with
                                                                                         the intent to catch
     because is the right option.               (1) consensus (N.) : an opinion
                                                that all members of a group              Here, dog-eared is the right
766. (4) Here, in is the right option.                                                   option.
                                                agree with.
767. (1)                                        Here, consensus is the right        784. (2)
     (2) emulate (V.) : to try to do            option.                                  (1)     creati ve      (Adj.)    :
     something as well as somebody                                                       having the skill and ability to
                                           776. (3)
     else because you admire them.                                                       produce something new by a
                                                (1) cares (N.) : a feeling of worry      work of art.
     (1) conceited (Adj.) : having too
                                                or anxiety.
     much pride in yourself and what                                                     Here, creative i s the ri ght
     you do.                                    Here, cares is the right option.
     (3) penalize (V.) : impose a          777. (1)
                                                                                    785. (3)
     penalty on; inflict punishment             (1) catalyse (V.) : to make a
                                                                                         (1) insight (N.) : ability to see
     on                                         process happen faster.
                                                                                         and understand the truth about
     (4) patronize (V.) : to treat              (2) cackle (V.) : talk/utter in a        a situation.
     somebody in a way that seems               cackling manner
     friendly                                                                            (2) uptight (Adj.) : anxious
                                                (3) combat (V.) : battle/contend
                                                                                         and/or angry about something
     Here, emulate is the right                 against in/as if in a battle
     option.                                                                             (3) folly (N.) : a lack of good
                                                Here, cataly se is the right
768. (3) (1) pertinent (Adj.) :                 option                                   judgement
     appropriate to a particular           778. (4)                                 786. (4) genuine (Adj.) : true; not
     situation; relevant.                                                                fake ; real ; authentic.
                                                (1) proceed on leave : go on
     Here, perodicals ; pertinent is            leave                                    Here, genuine is the right
     the right option.                                                                   option.
                                                Here, proceeding is the right
769. (2)                                        option.                             787. (2)
     (1) oust (V.) : to force somebody     779. (1)                                      (1) comprehe nd (V.) : to
     out of job or position of power.           (1) nightmare : an experience            understand something fully.
     (2) disastrous (Adj.) : very bad,          that is very frightening and
     har mful or unsuccessful;                                                           (2) discern (V.) : detect with the
     devastating.                                                                        senses
                                                Here, nightmare is the right
     Here, ousted; disastrous is the                                                     (3) acknowledge (V.) : report
                                                                                         the receipt of
     right option.                         780. (1) flabbergasted (Adj.) :
                                                                                         Here, comprehend is the right
770. (2)                                        extremely surpri sed and/or
                                                shocked; astonished.                     option.
     (1) wasteful (Adj.) : using more
     of something than is necessary;            Here, flabbergasted is the right    788. (1)
     not saving.                                option.                                  (1) aston ishi ngly (Adv. ) :
     Here, wasteful; increase is the       781. (3)                                      amazingly ; surprisingly.
     right option.                              (1) cannons (N.) : a generally           Here, astonishingly is the right
771. (4) acknowledge (V.) : to accept           accepted rule, standard or
     that somethi ng is true;                   principle by which something is
     recognise; to express thanks.              judged.                             789. (1)
     Here, acknowledged; because           782. (2)                                      (1) deferential (Adj.) : the
     is the right option.                       (1) candour (N.) : the quality of        behaviour that shows that you
                                                saying what you think openly             respect somebody/ something.
772. (1)
                                                and honestly ; frankness.                (2) disputatious (Adj.) :
     (1) obscenely           (Adj.)      :
                                                (2) candid (Adj.) : saying what          inclined to dispute
     outrageously; offensively
                                                you think openly and honestly;           (3) impertinent (Adj.) : rude
     (2) whine (V.) : to complain in
                                                not hiding your thoughts                 and not showing respect for
     an annoying, crying voice.
                                                Here, candour is the right               somebody who is older/more
     Here, obscenely; whines is the
                                                option.                                  important
     right option.
                                           783. (4)                                      (4) insolent (Adj.) : extremely
773. (4) expel (V.) : to officially make        (1) dog-eared (Adj.) : used so           rude and showing a lack of
     somebody leave an organisation.            much that the corners of many            respect
     Here, expelled is the right                of the pages are turned down.            Here, deferential is the right
     option.                                    (2) dog face (N.) : A US Army            option.
774. (3) generous (Adj.) : giving or            foot soldier (World War II)         790. (1) whom (Pro.) is used instead
     willing to give freely; given freely.      (3) dog leg (N.) : a sharp bend          of who as the Object of a Verb/
     generous is the right option.              (road or golf course)                    Prep.