Look at the sentence :                 until : up to the point in time         Look at the sentence:
     This spice imparts an Eastern          or the event mentioned.                 The band have just brought out
     flavour to the dish.                   The sentence means —                    their second album.
     Here, to is the right usage.           If there is no rain this week, the      Here, out is the right usage.
698. (2) comprises : consists of            crops will fail.                   715. (2) feint (N.) : a movement that
     Here, comprises is the right           Here, unless is the right usage.        is intended to make you
     usage.                            708. (4) stand down : to leave a job         opponent think you are going to
699. (1) reversal (Noun) : opposite of      or position                             do one thing when you are really
     what it was.                           stand out (Phr. V.) : to be easily      going to do something else
     Look at the sentence :                 seen ; to be much better/more           fain (Adv.) : willingly/ with
                                            important than so mebody/               pleasure
     The government suffered a total
     reversal of fortune(s) last year.      something                               feign (Verb) : to pretend that
                                            get out (Phr. V.) : to leave/go         you have a particular feeling or
     Here, reversal is the right
                                            out of a place                          that you are ill/sick/tired etc.
                                            Here, stand down is the right           Here, feign is the right usage.
700. (2) timid (Adjective) : shy and
                                            usage.                             716. (1) Here, dairy is the right usage.
     nervous; not brave.
                                       709. (1) Structure of a Conditional     717. (2) Here, as is the right usage.
     Here, timid is the right usage.
                                                 Sentence of this type is as   718. (1) Here, for is the right usage.
701. (4) dispiri ted (Adjecti ve) :
                                                 follows :                     719. (2) Here, council is the right
     having no hope or enthusiasm.
                                            If + Past Tense + _____, _____+         usage.
     Here, dispirited is the right                                             720. (2) perplex (Verb) : puzzle,
     usage.                                      ̄             ̄
                                                                                    make worried/confused.
702. (2) indeed : used to emphasize         If +     were _____ _____
                                                                                    persisted (V.) : continued/
     a positive statement or answer.        would + V1 + ______
     Here, indeed is the right usage.              ̄           ̄                      pertained (V.) : to exist/to apply
703. (2) come to the conclusion :           would      make ______                  in a particular situation/at a
     something that you decide.             Here, would make is the right           particular time
     Here, came to the conclusion           usage.                                  Here, perplexed is the right
     is the right usage.               710. (4) to the best (Id.) : as far as       usage.
704. (3) made-up (Adj.) : invented ;        possible                           721. (3) As the structure demands,
     not true/real                          with the best (Id.) : as well as        will be is the right usage.
     make off (Phr.V.) : to hurry           anyone                             722. (3) need not : not required.
     away, especially in order to           at the best (Adv.) : under the          Here, need is the right usage.
     escape                                 best of conditions                 723. (2) repute (Noun) : reputation
     made off ® Past Tense of               Here, to the best is the right          Here, repute is the right usage.
     make off                               usage.                             724. (3) hold up : to delay or block
     make up (Phr.V.) : to form        711. (1) speed up (Phr.V.) : to make         the movement.
     something                              something move/happen faster            ho ld o ut (Phr.V.) : to last,
     Here, made up is the right             expedi te (V.) : to make a              especially in a difficult situation
     usage.                                 process happen more quickly.            hold forth (Phr.V.) : to speak
705. (2) Here, before is the right          Here, speed up is the right usage.      for a long time about something
     usage.                                                                         in a way that other people might
                                       712. (2) persevering (Adjective) :
                                            showing deter mination to               find boring
     It is a quote by Shakespeare.
                                            achieve a particular aim despite        hold on (Phr.V.) : to survive in
706. (4) comply with (Phr. V.) : to                                                 a difficult/dangerous situation
     obey a rule, an order etc.                                                     Here, held up is the right usage.
                                            rotund (Adj.) : having a fat
     cope with (Phr.V.) : to manage ;                                          725. (3) strike Þ struck (Past)
                                            round body
     to deal su ccess full y with                                                   Þ struck (Past participle)
     something difficult                    lackadaisical (Adj.) : not show-
                                            ing enough care/ enthusiasm             strike : to happen suddenly and
     conduce to (Phr.V.) : to lead/                                                 have a harmful or damaging
     contribute (to a result)               cataly ti c (Adj.) : causing
                                            positive change to happen               effect on something.
     side with (Phr.V.) : to support
                                            Here, persevering is the right          Here, struck is the right usage.
     one person/group in an
     argument against somebody              usage.                             726. (1) the ball is in yo ur/
     else                              713. ( 1) Here Possessi ve Case-             somebody’s court : It is your
     Here, comply with is the right         their"s is the right usage.             responsibility to take action next.
     usage.                                                                         Here, your court is the right usage.
                                       714. (2) bring out : to produce
707. (1) unless (Conj.) : used to talk                                         727. (1) childlike : having the qualities
                                            something;         to    pu bli sh
     about a situation that could                                                   that children usually have.
     happen in the future                                                           Here, child like is the right usage.