657.(1) go through (Phr. V.) : to         669. (3) tighten your belt : to spend    684. (1) pursue (Verb) : to do
     experience or suffer something            less money because there is less         something or try to achieve
     Here, through (Prep.) is the right        available.                               something over a period of time
     usage.                                    Here, tighten is the right usage.        Here, pursue is the right usage.
658.(1) Pour (Verb) : to express feel-    670. (1) Impression (Noun) : the effect  685. (4) Here, Subject is Singular.
     ings.                                     that an experience or a person           Hence, is is the right usage.
     Here, pour is the right usage.            has on somebody/something ;                        ̄
659.(1) It is a general fact.                  an idea, a feeling that you get                Sing. V.
     Hence, Present Simple become              about or that gives you.
                                                                                   686 (1) Here, with (Prep.) is the
     is the right usage.                       discursive (Adj.) : moving from          right usage.
660.(3) sore (Noun) : a painful red            one point to another without
                                                                                   687. (2) pip : to beat somebody in a
     place on your body ; wound.               any strict structure (writing/
                                                                                        race, competition.
     Here, sore is the right usage.                                                     Here, for is the right usage.
                                               Here, impression is the right
661.(3) pessimistic (Adjective) :                                                  688. (1) philanthropy : the practice
     expecting bad things to happen or                                                  of helping the poor and those
     something not to be successful.      671. (3) relinquish (Verb) : to stop
                                                                                        in need.
                                               having something ; give up.
     reasonable (Adj.) : fair, practical                                                altruism (N.) : the fact of caring
     and sensible                              Here, relinquished is the right          about the needs and happiness
     forward-looking (Adj.) : planning         usage.                                   of other people more than your
     for the future; willing to consider  672. (4) Here, title, bestowed is the         own
     modern ideas and methods                  right usage.                             Here, genuine, philanthropy is
     optimistic (Adj.) : expecting        673. (3) Here, irrelevant, failed is the      the right usage.
     good things to happen/ something          right usage.                        689. (4) sail : to travel on water
     to be successful; positive           674. (4) Here, talented, praised is           Here, driven is the right usage.
     Here, pessimistic is the right            the right usage.
                                                                                        But, propelled is the right word
     usage.                               675. (4) Here, adept, demonstration           used for driving a ship.
662.(2) dwell on : to think or talk a          is the right usage.
                                                                                   690. (2) affect (Verb) : to produce a
     lot about something, especially it   676. (2) Here, so, gasping is the right       change
     would be better to forget.                usage.
                                                                                        afflict (Verb) : to affect in an
     Here, on is the right usage.         677. (1) Here, To show contrast, but          unpleasant way
663.(3) The sentence shows past                should be used.
                                                                                        Here, affected is the right usage.
     time.                                     believed ; but is the right usage.  691. (4) abate : to become less
  l I had to walk. (Past Tense)           678. (1) Here, rejected ; missing is          strong; to make something less
     Here, had to is the right usage.          the right usage.                         strong.
664. (4) The sentence is as good as a     679. (1) realistic : feasible, viable,        ebbed (V.) : to become gradually
     Proverb. Hence, Simple Present            sensible and appropriate;                weaker/ less; decrease
     should be used. Moreover to               possible to achieve.                     receded (V.) : to become
     express purpose, infinitive should        Here, prepared ; realistic is the        gradually weaker/ smaller
     be used.                                  right usage.                             Here, abated is the right usage.
     Here, does, to is the right usage.   680. (4) tariff : a list of fixed prices 692. (1) Here, turned violent is the
                                               that are charged by a hotel or            right usage.
665.(1) check (Verb) : to examine
                                               restaurant for rooms, meals etc.
     something.                                                                    693. (1) keep something up your
                                               exorbitant : much too high.
     Here, check is the right usage.                                                     sleeve : to keep a plan secret
                                               Here, tariff ; exorbitant is the          until you need to use it.
666.(4) High standard : high quality.
                                               right usage.
     Here, standard is the ri ght                                                        Here, up his sleeves is the right
                                          681. (2) aghast : filled with horror           usage.
                                               and surprise; horrified.            694. (2) Here, is changing is the
667. (1) herd : a group of animals of
                                               Here, invasion ; leave is the             right usage.
      the same type that live and feed
      together.                                right usage.                        695. (2) came is the right usage.
      Here, herd is the right usage.      682. (1) on foot : walked.                     The question seems to be wrong.
668. (2) divert (Verb) : to make               Here, on foot is the right usage.         If should be without the before
      somebody/something change                                                          morning.
                                          683. (2) up and about : out of bed.
      direction                                                                    696. (3) call-up : to bring something
                                               Look at the sentence :
      reverted (V.) : to reply                                                           back to your mind ; recall.
      deflected (V.) : to change               He is up and about again after
                                                                                         Here, up is the right usage.
                                               his illness.
      direction, especially after hitting                                          697. (4) impart (to) : to pass infor-
      something                                Here, up and about is the right
                                                                                        mation, knowledge etc. to other
      Here, diverted is the right usage.       usage.
                                                                                        people; convey; lend.