628. (3) take off (Phr. V.) : to leave      ravage (V.) : to damage                  are different but together form
     the ground and begin to fly (of        something badly                          a useful combination.
     an aircraft, etc.)                     As take (V.) has been used,              complimentary : expressing
     take away (Phr. V.) : to make a        revenge is the right usage               admiration ; given free.
     feeling, pain, etc. disappear ;   637. (4) fair (Adj.) : of pl easi ng          Here, complementary is the
     take something out (to buy             appearance ; acceptable and              right usage.
     cooked food at a restaurant and        appropriate in a particular         646. (1) feud : an angry and bitter
     carry it away to eat)                  situation                                argument between two people or
     take over (Phr. V.) : to replace       fare (V.) : to be successful in a        groups of people that continues
     something/somebody                     particular situation ® fare well/        for a long period of time.
     Here, took of f is the right           badly/better, etc.                       Here, feud is the right usage.
     usage.                                 flare (V.) : to burn brightly, but  647. (2) beat : to defeat somebody in
629. (2) Here, a loaf of bread is the       usually for only a short time/           a game or competition.
     right usage.                           not steadily                             Here, beat is the right usage.
630. (2) conquered (V.) : to succeed        None but the brave (only the        648. (3) build-up (Noun) an increase
     in dealing with/ controlling           brave) deserve the fair is a             in the amount of something.
     something                              Proverb : only the best deserve          Here, build-up is the right usage.
     surrendered (V.) : to admit that       the best ; only a courageous and    649. (3) ensure : to make sure that
     you have been defeated and             gallant man deserves a beautiful         something happens or is definite.
     want to stop fighting ; to allow       woman                                    Here, ensure is the right usage.
     yourself to be caught, taken                                               650. (1) allusions : something that
                                            Here, fair is the right usage.
     prisoner, etc.                                                                  is said or written that refers to
                                       638. (3) You cannot lose what you
     Here, conquered is the right                                                    or mentions another person or
                                            never had is a Proverb : you
     usage.                                                                          subject in indirect way.
                                            should not have lost something
631. (3) Here, diagnosing is the right      if you only wished that you had          illusions (N.) : a false idea/ belief
     usage.                                                                          delusions (N.) : a false belief/
                                            it to begin with
632. (3) prepared (V.) agrees with for                                               opinion about yourself/ your
                                            Look at the sentence :
     (Prep.)                                                                         situation.
                                            Mary was never your girl-friend.
     Here, for is the right usage.                                              651. (1) quadruped : any creature with
                                            You haven’t lost what was
                                                                                     four feet.
633. (3) Here, preached is the right        never yours.
                                                                                     Here, quadruped is the right
     usage.                                 Here, never is the right usage.          usage.
634. (4) Here, assured is the right    639. (3) Here, about is the right usage. 652. (1) impudence (Noun) : rudeness,
     usage.                            640. (4) Here, Past Perfect Tense             not showing respect for other
635. (2) look up (Phr. V.) : to look        had arrived is the right usage.          people; impertinence.
     for information (dictionary/      641. (1) Here, a monster is the right         prudence (N.) : a sensible and
     reference book/computer).              usage.                                   careful attitude when you make
     look down on (Phr. V.) : to think 642. (2) almost : not quite ; nearly.         judgements and decisions
     that you are better than                                                        clemency (N.) : kindness shown
                                            Here, almost is the right usage.
     somebody/something                                                              to somebody when they are
                                       643. (2) Here, extravagant is the
     look into (Phr. V.) : to examine                                                being punished; mercy
                                            right usage.
     something                                                                       Here, impudence is the right
                                            moderate (Adj.) : staying within
     look after (Phr.V.) : to be                                                     usage.
                                            limits that are considered to be
     responsible for or to take care                                            653. (2) feeble (Adjective) : very
                                            reasonable by most people
     of somebody/something                                                           weak.
     Here, look up is the right usage. 644. (4) counsel (N.) : advice (by
                                                                                     Here, feeble is the right usage.
                                            older people/ experts)
636. (3) revenge (N.) : something                                               654. (1) retrieve (Verb) : to bring or
     that you do in order to make           councillor (N.) : a member of a
                                                                                     get something back; recover.
     somebody suffer because he has         council
                                                                                     Here, retrieve is the right usage.
     made you suffer                        council (N.) : a group of people    655. (3) make over : to change some-
     avenge (V.) : to punish/hurt           chosen to give advice, make              thing in order to make it look
     somebody in return for                 rules, do research, provide              different.
     something bad/wrong that he            money, etc.                              Here, over is the right usage.
     has done to you, your family/          counsellor (N.) : a person who      656. (3) augur (Verb) : to be a sign that
     friends (to avenge)                    has been trained to advise               something will be successful or
     vengeance (N.) : the act of            people with problems, especially         not successful in the future; bode.
     punishing/harming somebody             personal problems.                       attunes (V.) : to bring into a
     in return for what he has done         Here, counsel is the right usage.        harmonious/responsive relation-
     to you, your family/friends (to   645. (1) co mpl eme nta ry : (two             ship
     take vengeance)                        things that are complementary            Here, augurs is the right usage.