607. (4) Here, bitterness is the right   611. (2) The sentence is in Passive          Look at the sentences :
     usage.                                   Voice.                                  He has been beset by a lack of
     manifested (V.) : to appear/             Here, to be delivered is the right      self-confidence virtually his
     become noticeable                        usage.                                  entire life.
     sarcastic (Adj.) : showing/         612. (3) accomplice (N.) agrees with         The gold bracelet was beset
     expressing sarcasm                       with (Prep.) (a person)                 with jewels.
     sarcasm (N.) : a way of using            accomplice (N.) agrees with in          Here, by (Prep.) is the right
     words that are the opposite of           (Prep.) (some crime)                    usage.
     what you mean in order to be             In this case, with (Prep.) is the  620. (4) Here, over (Prep.) is the
     unpleasant to somebody/to                right usage.                            right usage.
     make fun of him                     613. (2) detach from : to become/       621. (2) To show contrast, but is the
     revealed (V.) : to make some-            make separated from something.          right usage.
     thing known to somebody                  Here, from (Prep.) is the right    622. (4) incite (V) : to encourage
608. (4) novice (N.) : a person who           usage.                                  somebody to do something
     is new and has little experience    614. (4) congratulate (V.) : agrees          violent, illegal or unpleasant.
     in a skill, job or situation             with on (Prep.) while expressing        Here, incited is the right usage.
     virtual (Adj.) : almost/very             one’s good wishes in the context   623. (2) both turn off and turn out
     nearly the thing described, so           of a happy event                        can be used here, as they mean
     that any slight difference may           congratulate (V.) : agrees with         the same. But we cannot turn out
     not be important                         for (Prep.) while expressing            when we talk about a tap/a radio.
     connoisseur (N.) : an expert on          praise       for     someone’s          turn on (Phr. V.) : to attack
     matters involving the judgement          achievement.                            somebody suddenly and
     of beauty, quality/skill in art,         Look at the sentences :                 unexpectedly ; to depend on
     food/music                                                                       something ; to start the flow of
                                              Congratul ations on your
     zealot (N.) : a person who is                                                    electricity, gas, water, etc. by
                                              promotion !
     extremely enthusiastic about                                                     moving a switch, button, etc.
                                              Congratulations for saving the
     something, especially religion/                                                  turn out (Phr. V.) : to stop the
                                              farm from foreclosure !
     politics ; fanatic                                                               flow of electricity, gas, water,
                                              Here, on is the right usage.            etc. by moving a switch, button,
     glutton (N.) : a person who eats
                                         615. (3) Here, Indef. Art – a is the         etc.
     too much
                                              right usage.                            turn down (Phr. V.) : to reduce
     prodigal (Adj.) : willing to spend
     money/waste time, energy/           616. (2) stagnated (Adj.) : to be or         te noise, heat, etc. produced by
     materials ; extravagant                  become stagnant (not moving) ;          a piece of equipment by moving
                                              to stop to run/flow                     its controls
     Here, novice is the right usage.
                                              Here, stagnated is the right            Here, the most appropriate
609. (4) put out (Phr. V.) : to stop
     some-thing from burni ng/                usage.                                  usage is turn off.
     shining                             617. (4) start (V.) : to begin doing/   624. (4) Here, factual is the right
     take off (Phr. V.) : to leave a          using something                         usage.
     place, especially in a hurry ; to        resume (V.) : to start again after      facile (Adj.) : produced without
     leave the ground and begin to            an interruption                         effort/careful thought
     fly (of an aircraft, etc.)               prefer (V.) : to like one thing/        fictitious (Adj.) : invented by
     put on (Phr. V.) : to dress              person better than another              somebody rather than true
     yourself in something ; to switch        imply (V.) : to make it seem            facetious (Adj.) : humorous ;
     on a piece of equipment                  likely that something is true/          amusing
     put off (Phr. V.) : to cancel a          exists                             625. (1) Look at the sentences :
     meeting ; to change something to         Here, start is the right usage.         Throw it to him ® give it to him
     a later time/date ; postpone; delay 618. (3) Look at the sentences :             to catch it.
     Here, put out is the right usage.        He was fearful of an attack from        Throw it at him ® hit him
610. (4) bring in (Phr. V.) : to              the terrorists.                         Here, at is the right usage.
     introduce a new law                      He was frightened of walking       626. (4) The Adj. inferior, superior,
     bring down (Phr. V.) : to reduce         home alone in the dark.                 senior, junior, prior, etc. take
     something; to make some- body            He was afraid of spiders.               the to (Prep.).
     lose power or be defeated                He was terrified of losing you.         Here, to is the right usage.
     bring off (Phr. V.) : to succeed         Here, afraid is the right usage.   627. (2) too (Adv.) : used before Adj.
     in doing something difficult                                                     and Adv. to say that something
                                         619. (1) beset (V.) : to affect
     bring about (Phr. V.) : to make                                                  is more than is good, necessary,
                                              somebod y/something in an
     something happen                                                                 possible, etc.
                                              unpleasant/harmful way ; to
     Here, in is the right usage.             stud (as with jewels) ; surround        Here, too is the right usage.