beautiful to describe in words           compression (N.) : the state of           Look at the sentence :
     Here, incredible is the right            being compressed                          Would you mind preparing a cup
     usage.                              595. (4) Competent (Adj.) : having             of tea for me ?
583. (3) Here, generates is the right         enough skill/knowledge to do              Here, opening is the right usage.
     usage.                                   something                            602. (4) Here, uncertain is the right
     emits (V.) : to give/send out            complaisant (Adj.) : polite               usage.
584. (2) handful : a small number of          Here, competent is the right              ambiguous (Adj.) : that can be
     people or things.                        usage.                                    understood in more than one
     Here, handful is the right usage.   596. (3) illusion (N.) : something             way ; not clearly stated/defined
585. (3) coterie (N.) : a small group         that seems to exist but in fact           ambivalent (Adj.) : having/
     of people who have the same              does not, or seems to be                  showing both good and bad feel-
     interests and do things together         something that it is not                  ings about somebody/something
     but do not like to include others        imitation (N.) : the act, prac-           ambidextrous (Adj.) : able to
     clique (N.) : a small exclusive          tice, or art of imitating ; mimicry       use the left hand/the right hand
     group of friends/associates              allusion (N.) : a passing/indirect        equally well
     Here, coterie is the right usage.        reference                            603. (3) For the two events of the
                                              elision (N.) : omission of a              past, the event that happens
586. (2) evokes (V.) : to bring a
                                              sound that would normally be              earlier, should be expressed in
     feeling, a memory/ an image
                                              pronounced in speaking a word             Past Perfect.
     into your mind
                                              Here, illusion is the right usage.        Hence, had the right
     invokes (V.) : to call for
     assistance/support/inspiration      597. (1) If two people part, they leave
                                              each other.                          604. (3) Here, tried is the right usage.
     provokes (V.) : to incite anger/
                                                                                   605. (4) squabbled (V.) : to argue
     resentment                            l  He has recently parted from his
                                                                                        noisily about something that is
     revokes (V.) : to invalidate/            wife (they have started to live
                                                                                        not very important
     cause to no longer be in effect          apart.).
                                                                                        apologized (V.) : to say that you
     bygone (Adj.) : past                     Here, from (Prep.) is the right
                                                                                        are sorry for doing something
     era (N.) : a period of time              usage.
                                                                                        wrong/causing a problem
     characterized by particular         598. (2) Here, out of his way is the           truculent (Adj.) : tending to
     circumstances, events, or                right usage.                              argue/be bad-tempered ;
     personages                               out of the way (Id.) : incon-             slightly aggressive
     Here, evokes is the right usage.         venience caused to oneself/take           digressed (V.) : to start to talk
587. (1) invent : to produce                  extra trouble to do something             about something that is not
     something that has not existed           beyond what is required                   connected with the main point
     before.                             599. (4) Here, losing is the right usage.      of what you are saying
     discover : to find something        600. (3) recreant (Adj.) : not brave;          conferred (V.) : to di scuss
     that was hidden.                         unfaithful/ disloyal to a belief,         something with somebody, in
     Here, invented is the right              duty/ cause                               order to exchange opinions/ get
     usage.                                   ostracized (V.) : to refuse to let        advice.
588. (2) add insult to injury : to            somebody be a member of a                 Here, squabbled is the right
     make worse.                              social group.                             usage.
     Here, she worked very slowly             abandoned (Adj.) : left and no       606. (2) beyond suspicion (Id.) :
     is the right usage.                      longer wanted, used or needed             definitely not guilty of doing
589. (1) Here, got a much better job          coward (N.) : a person who is             anything wrong
     is the right usage.                      not brave/who does not have               above suspicion (Id.) : too good,
590. (2) Here, most i s the right             the courage to do things that             honest, etc.
     usage.                                   other people do not think are             to have done something wrong,
591. (2) Here, unparalleled is the            difficult                                 illegal/dishonest
     right usage.                             litigant (N.) : a person who is           above/beyond suspicion
                                              making/defending a claim in               means the same.
592. (1) recommend : to tell somebody
                                              court                                     under suspicion (Id.) : suspected
     that something is good or useful.
                                              suppliant (N.) : a person who             of doing, illegal/dishonest
     Here, recommend is the right
                                              asks for something in a humble            Look at the sentences :
                                              way (from God/ a powerful               l Nobody who was near the scene
593. (2) lose (V.) : to suffer loss ; to
                                              person)                                   of the crime is above suspicion.
     be defeated ; to part with
                                                                                      l The whole family is currently
     Here, loose is the right usage.          Here, recreant is the right
                                              usage.                                    under suspicion of her murder.
594. (3) Here, compromise is the                                                      l In this investigation, no one in
     right usage.                        601. (2) When a Subject is not
                                                                                        the company is beyond suspicion.
                                              mentioned, Verb + ing is used.
                                                                                        Here, beyond is the right usage.