something in a few words/a                  wounded (Adj.) : injured            574. (3) bale : a large amount of a light
     small space/a single object                 Here, bruised is the right usage.        material pressed tightly together.
557. (3) go with (Phr. V.) : to agree/     559. (2) retained (V.) : to keep               Bales of hay/straw/cotton/wool.
     accept something                                                                     Here, bale is the right usage.
     go about (Phr. V.) : to continue                                                575. (4) assent (N.) : official
     to do something                             Here, detained is the right usage.
                                                                                          agreement to/ approval o f
     go through (Phr.V.) : to look at/     560. (4) although : used for
     examine something carefully                 introducing a statement that
                                                                                          ascent (N.) : an upward journey
     Here, go with is the right usage.           makes the main statement in a
                                                                                          Here, assent is the right usage.
558. (3) bruised (Adj.) : having one/            sentence seem surprising.
                                                                                     576. (2) fowl (N) : a bird that is kept
     more blue, brown or purple                  Here, although is the right usage.
                                                                                          for its meat and eggs.
     marks on your skin after falling,     561. (4) Here, loudly is the right
                                                                                          foul (Adj) : dirty and smelling
     being hit, etc.                             usage.                                   bad.
562. (1) In this case the structure is as follows :                                       Here, fowl is the right usage.
     would have + Past Participle (V3) + if + Past Perfect Tense                     577. (2) except (Prep.) : apart from
           ̄              ̄                     ̄            ̄                                accept (V.) : to agree
     I would have + done.....              + if + .... had paid .....                     expect (V.) : to think/believe
     Here, would have done is the right usage.                                            that something will happen or
                                                                                          that somebody wi ll do
563. (2) Here, Past Simple should be       567. (1) Here, just average is the             something
     used.                                       right usage.                             access (V.) : to reach, enter/use
     Here, left is the right usage.              nothing much to write home               something
564. (3) In this case difficulty (N.)            about : not especially good;             Here, except is the right usage.
     agrees with in (Prep.). When                ordinary.                           578. (1) congeal (V.) : to become
     there is dif ficulty with             568. (4) when push comes to shove :            thick/solid (blood, fat, etc.)
     something, with (Prep.) i s                 when there is no other choice;           masquerade (V.) : to pretend to
     used.                                       when everything has failed.              be something that you are not
     Look at the sentences :
                                                 Here, go back to Nigeria is the          conceal (V.) : to hide something/
   l I have difficulty with my travel
                                                 right usage.                             somebody
                                           569. (1) full of yourself : very proud;        Here, conceal is the right usage.
   l We had no difficulty in finding
                                                 thinking only of yourself.          579. (2) Here, auspicious is the right
     his address.
                                                 Here, upset is the right usage.          usage.
     Here, in is the right usage.
                                           570. (4) aim by an inch is the right           fficious (Adj.) : self-important
565. (4) put down (Phr.V.) : to stop
     something by force                          usage.                                   fortuitous (Adj.) : happening by
     put off (Phr. V.) : to cancel a       571. (1) tie the knot : to get married.        chance, especially a lucky chance
     meeting/an arrangement that                                                          that brings a good result
                                                 Here, they loved one another
     you have made with somebody                 is the right usage.                 580. (3) Here, diseased is the right
     put away (Phr. V.) : to send                                                         usage.
                                           572. (4) creaking : a sound that is
     somebody to prison, to a mental             sometimes made by a door                 contagious (Adj.) : commu-
     hospital, etc.                              when it opens or shuts                   nicable ; transmissible by direct/
     put back (Phr. V.) : to return                                                       indirect contact
                                                 crashing : a loud noise made
     something to its usual place or                                                      infectious (Adj.) : capable of
                                                 by something falling or breaking.
     to the place where it was before                                                     transmitting a disease
     it was moved                                rattling : a series of short loud
                                                                                          defiled (Adj.) : impure
                                                 sounds eg. rattling cups and
     Here, put down is the right                                                     581. (2) underneath : under or
     usage.                                      saucers in kitchen
                                                                                          below something else especially
566. (1) thro w out : to produce                 rustling : soft rustling of leaves.
                                                                                          when it is hidden or covered by
     smoke, light, heat etc.                     Here, creaki ng is the right             thing on top.
     Here, out is the right usage.               usage.
                                                                                          Here, underneath is the right
573. (1) The structure of a sentence in Passive Voice and Simple Present             582. (2) incredible          (Adj.)     :
     Tense is as follows :                                                                unbelievable
Thing receiving action + be + V3 (Past Participle) + by + thing doing action              impractical (Adj.) : not
           ̄                   ̄             ̄                    ̄                    ̄       practical/ workable
The sound effects         are       provided            by       the recording            inaudible (Adj.) : impossible to
                                                                      director            hear
     Here, are provided is the right usage.                                               ineffable (Adj.) : too great/