514. (3) Here, has run off is the right 528. (2) litter (Noun) : a number of          Look at the sentence :
     usage.                                  baby animals that one mother          l  Only later did she realise her
     run off with something (Idiom) :        gives birth to at the same time.         mistake.
     to steal something and take it          Here, litter is the right usage.         Here, realised is the right usage.
     away                               529. (2) take after (Phr. V.) : to look  543. (2) unless : used to say that
515. (2) fatally (Adv.) : causing or         or behave like an older member           something can only happen or
     ending in death                         of your family, especially your          be true in a particular situation.
     Here, fatally is the right usage.       mother or father                         Here, unless is the right usage.
516. (3) Here, endowed (Verb) is the         Here, takes after is the right      544. (2) If a since Clause implies
     right usage.                            usage.                                   time, it must contain a Verb in
     be endowed with something          530. (1) Here, against (Prep.) is the         Past Tense.
     (Phr. V.) : to naturally have a         right usage.                             Here, met is the right usage.
     particular feature, quality, etc.       guard against (Phr. V.) : to take   545. (4) Typical agrees with Prepo-
517. (4) leave behind (Phr. V.) : to         care to avoi d something or              sition-of.
     have family remaining after your        someone                                  Look at the sentence :
     death                              531. (1) Here, shines is the right         l This meal is typical of local
     Here, behind is the right usage.        usage.                                   cookery.
518. (3) Here, stands as is the right   532. (1) irreparable (Adj.) : too bad         Here, of is the right usage.
     usage.                                  or too serious to repair or put     546. (3) at (Prep.) is used for desig-
519. (3) Here, as well as of a is the        right                                    nating specific times.
     right usage.                            Here, irreparable is the right           as in —
520. (4) prejudices (Noun) : unreason-       usage.                                   The train is due at 12 : 15 P.M.
     able dislike of or preferences for 533. (3) Here, had shifted is the right       Here, at is the right usage.
     a person, group, custom, etc.           usage.
                                                                                 547. (1) laugh at (Phr.V.) : to make
     Here, prejudices is the right      534. (1) Here, with (Prep.) is the right
                                                                                      somebo dy/something seem
     usage.                                  usage.
                                                                                      stupid/not serious by making
521. (1) averted (Verb) : tur ned            remonstrate (Verb) : to disagree
                                                                                      jokes about him/it
     away; prevented; kept from              and argue or complain about
                                                                                      Here, at is the right usage.
     happening                               something
                                                                                 548. (4) cope with something : to
     controlled (Verb) : restrained or  535. (3) Here, his (Possessive Case)
                                                                                      deal successfully with some-
     managed or kept within certain          is the right usage.
     bounds                                                                           thing difficult; manage.
                                        536. (1) Here, for (Prep.) is the right
     restrained (Adj.) : kept under          usage.                                   Here, with is the right usage.
     control                            537. (3) woolly : covered with wool      549. (2) dispose of somebody/some-
     Here, averted is the right usage.       or with hair-like wool.                  thing : to get rid of somebody/
522. (2) slow an d steady is a               woollen : made of wool.                  something that you do not want.
     Singular Subject. Sim ple               Here, woolly is the right usage.         Here, of is the right usage.
     Present Tense is used when we      538. (4) unappetizing : unpleasant       550. (4) The event is of Past time.
     talk about a Universal Truth.           to eat.                                  Here, Past Simple-reached
     Here, wins is the right usage.          Here, unappetizing is the right          Here, reached is the right usage.
523. (3) Here, grew (Simple Past             usage.                              551. (1) Shine Þ Shone Þ Shone
     Tense) is the right usage.         539. (1) trust (Uncoun table N.)              shine : to be bright
524. (4) carry somebody through              agrees with in (Prep.)                   Look at the sentence :
     (Phr. V.) : to help somebody to         we trust (in) somebody/               l The sun shone brightly in a
     survive a difficult period.             something                                cloudless sky.
     Here, thro ugh i s the ri ght           Here, in is the right usage.             Here, shone is the right usage.
     usage.                             540. (2) let off (Phr. V.) : to not      552. (2) Here, went-Sim ple Past
525. (1) generally (Adv.) : in most          punish somebody for something            Tense is the right usage.
     cases                                   they have done wrong                553. (2) Here, has is the right usage.
     rarely (Adv.) : not very often          let out (Phr. V.) : to come to an   554. (4) during : all through a period
     Here, generally is the right            end, so that it may be time for          of time.
     usage.                                  people to leave (classes, movies,
                                                                                      Here, during is the right usage.
526. (2) come what may (Idiom) :             meetings, etc.)
                                                                                 555. (4) by the dozen : in large
     despite any probl ems o r               let on (Phr. V.) : to tell a secret
     difficulties you may have               Here, let off is the right usage.
                                                                                      Here, by is the right usage.
     Here, may is the right usage.      541. (1) For Countable Nouns, as
                                                                                 556. (4) Here, prohibited is the right
527. (2) Here, on raising is the right       many as should be used.
     usage.                                  Here, As many as is the right
     insist (Verb) : to demand that                                                   propagated (V.) : to spread an
     somethi ng happens or that                                                       idea, a belief or a piece of
                                        542. (4) realise : to understand or
     somebody agrees to do                                                            information among many people
                                             become aware of a particular
     something                                                                        encapsulated (V.) : to express
                                             fact or situation.
                                                                                      the most important parts of