481. (3) adept (Noun) : a person who          Here, since is the right usage.          or situation, especially a difficult
     is good at doing something that     491. (1) amateur (Noun) : a person            or unpleasant one
     is quite difficult                       who takes part in any activity           Here, slipped-into is the right
     adapt (Verb) : adjust                    for enjoyment, not as a job              usage.
     adopt (Verb) : foster; to take           professional (Noun) : a person      505. (4) Here, Past Per. Tense- had
     somebody else’s child into your          who takes part in any activity           left is the right usage.
     family and become its legal              as a paid job and not as a hobby    506. (4) come of (Phr. V.) : to emerge
     parent (s)                               Here, amateur is the right               successfully
     Here, adept, adopt is the right          usage.                                   come upon (Phr. V.) : to
     usage.                              492. (3) negligible (Adjective) : of          discover or meet someone or
482. (1) penultimate (Adj.) : imme-           very little importance or size and       something by accident
     diately before the last one; next/       not worth considering ; insigni-         come out of (Phr. V.) : to
     second to last                           ficant                                   develop from something
     Here, penultimate is the right           Here, negligible is the right            come through (Phr. V.) : to
     usage.                                                                            arrive by telephone, radio, etc.
483. (1) sagacious (Adj.) : showing                                                    Here, come of is the right usage.
                                         493. (2) as + Adj. + as is used for
     good judgement and under -                                                   507. (1) dependent on (Adj.) :
                                              comparing things that are equal
     standing                                                                          needing somebody/something in
                                              in some way
     pugnacious (Adj.) : having a                                                      order to survive or be successful
     strong desire to argue or fight          Here, as is the right usage.
                                                                                       Here, dependent is the right
     with other people                   494. (3) flee (Verb) : to leave a place
     malicious (Adj.) : having or             very quickly, especially because
                                                                                  508. (2) Here, my leave is the right
     showing hatred and a desire to           you are afraid of possible danger
     harm somebody or hurt their              flee (S. Pr.) fled (S. Past)
                                                                                       take your leave (Idiom) : to say
     feelings.                                Here, fled is the right usage.           goodbye
     tenacious (Adj.) : determined       495. (1) with (Prep.) is the right       509. (1) generally (Adv.) : by or to
     continuing to exist                      usage.                                   most people; in most cases
     Here, sagacious is the right             leverage (Noun) : power to               pruning (Noun) : the activity of
     usage.                                   influence people                         cutting off some of the branches
484. (2) consistent (Adj.) : always in
                                         496. (1) Here, from (Prep.) is the            from a tree, bush, etc. so that it
     the same way, or having the
                                              right usage.                             may grow better and stronger
     same opinions, standards, etc.
                                              It is used for showing the range         Here, generally is the right
     Here, consistent is the right
                                              of something. (from ........ to)         usage.
                                         497. (4) legible (Adj.) : clear enough   510. (4) combated (Verb) : stopped
485. (3) convey (Verb) agrees with–
     to (Prep.)                               to read                                  something unpl easant or
                                              The correct word wi ll be                harmful from happening or from
     Here, to is the right usage.
                                              audible (Adj.) : that can be             getting worse
486. (1) is divided (Singular Verb)
                                              heard clearly                            hastened (Verb) : to make
     divided (Adj.) : split by disagree-
     ments or different opinions         498. (2) Here, too (Adv.) is the right        something happen sooner or
                                              usage.                                   more quickly
     Here, government is Singular
     Subject                             499. (1) In the Subjunctive Mood,             impeded (Verb) : delayed or
     Here, is divided is the right            the Verb is always in the Plural,        stopped the progress of some-
     usage.                                   even with a Singular Subject             thing
487. (3) Here, complete (Verb) is the         Here, were is the right usage.           aggravated (Verb) : made an
     right usage.                                                                      unpleasant situation worse
                                         500. (4) lest (Conj.) : in order to pre-
488. (4) The sentence is in Present           vent something from happening            Here, combated is the right
     Perfect Tense.                                                                    usage.
                                              Here, lest is the right usage.
     Here, completed (Verb) is the                                                511. (4) deal in (Phr. V.) : trade in
                                         501. (2) Here, visit (Verb) is the right
     right usage.                                                                      deal with (Phr. V.) : to be about
489. (3) blame (Verb) : to think or say                                                Here, with is the right usage.
     that somebody/ something is         502. (4) of (Prep.) : belonging to
                                              something ; relating to             512. (2) Here, bore away is the right
     responsible for something bad                                                     usage.
     point at somebody (Idiom) : to           somebody
                                              Here, of is the right usage.             bear away (Phr. V.) : bear off;
     accuse somebody of doing                                                          carry away; take away; carry off
     something                           503. (1) tie-up (Noun) : an agree-
                                                                                       bear on (Phr. V.) : to be relevant
     Here, blaming is the right usage.        ment between two companies to
                                                                                       to or burdensome to
490. (4) since (Prep.) : used with            join together
                                                                                  513. (1) at the door : at the front door
     Present Perfect Tense, i.e. from         Here, tie-up is the right usage.
                                                                                       of a house
     a time in the past until a later    504. (4) slip – into (Verb + Prep.) :
     past time, or until now                                                           Here, at is the right usage.
                                              to pass into a particular state