444. (2) sprained (Verb) : injured a            beneath (Prep.) : in or to a lower  468. (4) Here, when; which (Rel.
     joint in your body, by suddenly            position from somebody or                Pro.) is the right usage.
     twisting it.                               something                           469. (2) free (Adj.) : costing nothing
     Here, sprained is the right usage.         Here, in is the right usage.             Here, free is the right usage.
445. (3) Here, attractions (Noun) is       461. (4) fortunate (Adj.) used           470. (4) bouquet (Noun) : a bunch
     the right usage.                           differently :                            of fl ow ers arranged in an
446. (1) Here, with (Prep.) is the right     l I have been fortunate enough to           attractive way
     usage.                                     visit many parts of the world.           Here, bouquet is the right usage.
447. (1) even though (Idiom) :               l I was fortunate in having a good     471. (3) Pr inc ipal (N oun ) : th e
     despite the fact or belief that ;          teacher.                                 person who is in charge of a
     no matter whether                       l It was very fortunate for him that        school, college or a university
     Here, even though is the right             I arrived on time.                       principles (Noun) : moral rules
     usage.                                     Here, in is the right usage.             or a strong bel iefs that
448. (3) Here, permanent is the right                                                    influences your actions
                                           462. (4) glutton (Noun) : a person who
     usage.                                                                              Here, Principal, principles is
                                                eats too much
     gypsy (Noun) : a member of a                                                        the right usage.
                                                digester (Noun) : one that digests
     group of people, originally from                                               472. (2) pragmatic (Adj.) : solving
                                                makes a di gest ( a pi ece of
     Asia, who travel around and do                                                      problems in a practical and
     don’t live in one place.                                                            sensible way rather than by
                                                Here, glutton is the right usage.
449. (3) Here, because (Conj.) is the                                                    having fixed ideas or theories
     right usage.                          463. (4) disappointed (Verb) agrees
                                                                                         idealistic (Adj.) : having a
     It shows reason.                           with Prep. with
                                                                                         strong belief in perfect standards
450. (2) Here, Comp. Deg. (faster) is           Here, with is the right usage.           and trying to achieve them,
     the right usage.                      464. (4) The structure of the sentence        even when this is not realistic
451. (2) marry off (Phr. V.) : to find          (Interrogative, Present Contin-          Here, pragmatic is the right
     a husband or wife for somebody,            uous) is as follows :                    usage.
     especially your daughter or son            Is/Am/Are + Subject +V-ing?         473. (3) Here, an, a, the (Art.) is the
     Here, off is the right usage.              Here, are you cooking, smells            right usage.
452. (3) Present Past Past Participle           is the right usage.                 474. (4) At first sight (Idio m) :
     fly flew (have) flown                 465. (4) a li ttle (Adv.) : a small           immediately; at first glance;
     Here, flown is the right usage.            amo unt; some : used with                when you first begin to consider
453. (3) Here, haven"t they is the              Uncountable Nouns                        something; when you see
     right usage.                               little (Adj.) : not much                 somebody or something for the
454. (3) Here, with (Prep.) is the              Used with Uncountable Nouns              first time
     right usage.                               few (Adj.) : not many                    Here, At first sight is the right
455. (2) Here, with (Prep.) is the              Used with Plural Nouns and a             usage.
     right usage.                               Plural Verb                         475. (2) Here of (Prep.) is the right
     go with (Phr. V.) : match                  a few (Adv. Adj) : a small               usage.
456. (4) Here, to (Prep.) is the right          num ber ; some; use d wi th         476. (2) having been denotes a
     usage.                                     Plural Noun and a Plural Verb            completed activity. It shows y
457. (1) derogatory (Adj.) : insulting;         Here, a little, little is the right      happened after x has happened.
     expressing a low opinion of                usage.                                   Here, having been completed
     somebody or something                 466. (2) Here, at (Prep.) is the right        is the right usage.
     Here, derogatory is the right              usage.                              477. (1) shot up (Phr. V.) : rose
     usage.                                     at (Prep.) is used for specific          suddenly by a large amount
458. (4) declared (Verb) : to say or state      addresses.                               Here, shot up is the right usage.
     in an official or public way; to      467. (4) egotist (Noun) : a selfish,     478. (2) devoid of (Adj.) : completely
     say in a strong and confident              self–centred person                      lacking in something
     way                                        egoist (Noun) : a person who             Here, devoid of is the right
     Here, declared is the right                thinks that he or she is better          usage.
     usage.                                     than other people and who           479. (1) utilised (Verb) : used some-
459. (4) ought to (Mod. V.) : used for          thinks and talks too much                thing, especially for a practical
     saying what is the right thing             about himself or herself                 purpose
     to do                                      po ser (N oun ) : a di f f i c ul t      flabbergasted (Verb) : extremely
     Here, ought to is the right usage.         question or problem                      surprised and/or shocked
460. (3) in (Prep.) : at a point within         misanthrope (Noun) : a person            Here, utilized is the right usage.
     an area or a space                         who hates and avoids other          480. (2) dilly–daily (Verb) : to take
     below (Prep.) : at or to a lower           people                                   too long to do something
     level than somebody or                     Here, egotist, egoist is the right       Here, dilly-daily is the right
     something                                  usage.                                   usage.