398. (2) go through (Phr. V.) : to look         creditable (Adj.) : praiseworthy    428. (3) Here, with (Prep.) is the right
      at or examine something                   Here, incredible/credulous is            usage.
      carefully; to study or consider           the right usage.                    429. (2) prude (Noun) : a person who
      something in detail                  409. (1) Here, friendly (Adjective) :         is easily shocked by nude things
      Here, go through is the right             is the right usage.                      (connected with sex)
      usage.                               410. (4) thrilled (Adj.) : very excited       Here, prude is the right usage.
399. (3) let (Verb) :permission                 and pleased                         430. (2) bare your soul (Idiom) : to
      let is followed by an Object (us)         thriving (Verb) : flourishing;           tell somebody your deepest and
      and an Inf. without to (go)               being successful                         most private feelings
      Here, go early is the right usage.        Here, thrilled is the right usage.       Here, bare is the right usage.
400. (2) annoyed (Verb) agrees with,                                                431. (3) Here, for (Prep.) is the right
                                           411. (3) Here, nor is the right usage.
      with Prep.-with.                                                                   usage.
                                                Neither ... nor are Correlatives.
      Here, with me is the right usage.                                             432. (1) Here, between (Prep.) is the
                                           412. (4) Here to (Prep.) is the right
401. (3) angry (Adj.) takes Prep.- with                                                  right usage.
      Here, with is the right usage.                                                     It is used for referring to two
                                           413. (2) heal (Verb) : to cure some-
402. (3) An wil l be used wi th                                                          things.
                                                body who is ill/sick
      Australian (Vowel Sound)                                                      433. (4) part from (Idiom) : to leave
                                                Here, heal is the right usage.
      A will be used with European                                                       somebody
      (Consonant Sound)                    414. (3) Here between (Prep.) is the
                                                right usage                              part with (Idiom) : to leave
      Here, An/a is the right usage.                                                     something
403. (4) per fect (Adj.) : having               It is used for referring to two
                                                things which are clearly sepa-           Here, from is the right usage.
      everything that is necessary;
                                                                                    434. (3) Here, isn’t it is the right usage.
      complete and without weak-                rated.
                                                                                    435. (4) Here, There is the right usage.
      nesses                               415. (1) Here, at (Prep.) is the right
                                                usage.                              436. (2) Here, of (Prep.) is the right
 Positive Comparative Superlative
 good        better         (the) best     416. (2) rise (Verb) : to move up; to
 airy        airier         (the) airiest       stand up; to increase               437. (3) Surprise (Verb) agrees with
                                                                                         at (Preposition)
 cheap       cheap          (the) cheapest      raise (Verb) : to lift; to become
 perfect     (more) perfect (the most)          bigger; to develop; to bring             Here, at is the right usage.
                            perfect             about                               438. (4) sceptical (Adj.) : having
      Here, perfect is the right usage.         Here, rise is the right usage.           doubts that a clai m or
404. (2) Here, in (Prep.) is the right                                                   statement is true
                                           417. (4) Here, was perfected’ (Passsive
      usage.                                                                             grudging (Adj.) : given or done
                                                Voice) is the right usage.
405. (2) Here, in (Prep.) is the right                                                   unwillingly; reluctant
                                           418. (4) The Subject (a number of             Here, highly sceptical is the
406. (2) look at (Idiom) : to examine           refugees) ® Plural                       right usage.
      something closely                         Hence, Verb (have) ® Plural, is     439. (2) Here, Past Perfect Tense-
      Here, at is the right usage.              the right usage.                         had missed is the right usage.
407. (4) tirade (Noun) : a long angry      419. (2) take over (Phr. V.) : to begin  440. (1) Here, for (Prep.) is the right
      speech criticizing somebody or            to have control of something.            usage.
      something         or     accusing    420. (1) Here, interesting (Adj.) is     441. (2) Here, Past Perfect Tense-
      somebody of something                     the right usage.                         had known is the right usage.
      regimen (Noun) : a set of rules      421. (3) Here, over (Prep.) is the right 442. (1) Here, Past Perfect Tense-
      about food and exercise of                usage.                                   had worked is the right usage.
      med ical treatment that you          422. (4) accomplished (Adj.) : skilled.  443. (4) convocation (Noun) : a
      follow in order to stay healthy           Here, accomplished is the right          ceremony held in a university
      or to improve your health                 usage.                                   or college when students receive
      remission (Noun) : a period          423. (4) Here, heavily (Adv.) is the          their degrees
      during which a serious illness            right usage.                             conference (Noun) : a large
      improves for a time and the          424. (4) hand over (Phr. V.) : to give        official meeting, lasting for a few
      patient seems to get better               something to someone else.               days, where people with the
      Here, tirade is the right usage.          Here, over is the right usage.           same interests come together to
408. (1) incredible (Adj.) : unbelievable  425. (2) Here, is (Singular Verb) is          discuss their views
      credulous (Adj.) : too ready to           the right usage.                         convention (Noun) : a large
      believe things and therefore         426. (4) Here, with; into (Prep.) is          meeting of the members of a
      easy to trick                             the right usage.                         profession, a political party, etc.
      incredulous (Adj.) : not willing     427. (2) get rid of (Idiom) : to remove       convolution (Noun) : a thing
      or not able to believe something          something that you do not want           that is very complicated
      credible (Adj.) : that can be             any longer                               Here, convocation is the right
      believed or trusted                       Here, of is the right usage.             usage.