345. (1) Inf. without to-complete is       364. (3) Here on (Prep.) is the right     380. (2) Here, to shower (Inf. with
     the right usage.                           usage.                                    to) is the right usage.
346. (4) of which (Pronoun) : used         365. (1) Here, discovered (Verb) is       381. (3) Here, in (Prep.) is the right
     for being exact about the thing            the right usage.                          usage.
     that you mean                         366. (2) lend (Verb) : to give something  382. (2) to make a polite request could
     Here, of which is the right usage.         or allow someone to use some-             is used
347. (4) unless (Conj.) : except under          thing that belongs to you, which          Here, could is the right usage.
     the circumstances that; used for           he has to return to you later        383. (3) Here may get good marks
     saying that something can only             Here, lend is the right usage.            is the right usage.
     happen or be true in particular       367. (4) Here, on (Prep.) is the right    384. (3) many (Adj.) is used with
     circumstances                              usage.                                    Countable Nouns.
     Here, unless is the right usage.      368. (2) Here, the (Def. Art.) is the          Here, many is the right usage.
348. (1) sorry agrees with about                right usage.                         385. (3) Here, the (Def. Art.) is the
     (Prep.) and a Gerund.                 369. (3) none (Pro.) : not any                 right usage.
     Here, about coming is the right            Here, had none (Simple Past          386. (4) and (Conj.) : also; in addition
     usage.                                     Tense) is the right usage.                to
349. (3) pride (Noun) : a feeling of       370. (4) The structure of the sentence         Here, and is the right usage.
     pleasure or satisfaction that you          is as follows :                      387. (3) Here, stopped (Verb) is the
     get when you or people who are             I want you to tell me the truth.          right usage.
     connected with you have done                   ̄        ̄      ̄
     something well or own something                                                 388. (4) Here, only (Adv.) is the right
                                                Verb Object Inf. Structure .....          usage.
     that other people admire
                                                Here, you to tell is the right       389. (2) Here, many more : an even
     Here, pride is the right usage.
                                                usage.                                    greater amount
350. (3) Here, had to is the right usage.
                                           371. (3) Here, his father is the right         Here, many more is the right
351. (1) could (Mod. Aux. V.) : used            usage.
     for expressing an ability in the                                                     usage.
                                           372. (1) Here, the enemy is the right     390. (1) Here, who (Rel. Pro.)
                                                usage.                                    Here, who is the right usage.
     Here, could is the right usage.
                                           373. (1) at (Prep.) goes with good        391. (1) even though (Idiom) :
352. (4) Here, unless (Conj.) is the
                                                (Adj.)                                    despite the fact or belief that ;
     right usage.
                                                Here, at is the right usage.              no matter whether
353. (4) nobody (Pro.) : no one; none
                                           374. (1) Here, earns (Verb) is the right       Here, even though is the right
     Here, nobody is the right usage.
                                                usage.                                    usage.
354. (4) hit (Verb) ® Past Form ® hit
                                           375. (2) Here, from (Prep.) is the right  392. (3) Here, on (Prep.) is the right
     Here, hit is the right usage.
                                                usage.                                    usage.
355. (2) weather (No un) : the
                                           376. (4) The structure of the sentence    393. (4) Here, for (Prep.) is the right
     condition of the atmosphere at
                                                is as follows :                           usage.
     a particular place and time,
                                                Auxiliary      Subject        Verb   394. (2) huddle (Verb) : to gather
     such as temperature, and if
     there is wind, rain, sun, etc.                 ̄                   ̄          ̄         closely together, usually because
     climate (Noun) : the regular               Did            the child fall             of cold or fear
     pattern of weather conditions of                                       (S. Pr.)      muddle (Verb) : to put things in
     a particular place                         Rest of the sentence                      the wrong order or mix them up
     Here, weather is the right usage.                        ̄                            Here, huddle is the right usage.
356. (3) In spite of (Idiom) : despite;         from the chair ?                     395. (2) Comparison of equality as
     without being prevented by; not            Here, fall is the right usage.            Adj./Adv. as will be used
     stopped by                            377. (3) Here, want (Verb) in Simple           Here, as comfortable as is the
     Here, In spite of is the right usage.      Present Tense is the right usage.         right usage.
357. (4) to (Prep.) is used with junior    378. (4) subsequen t (Adj.) :             396. (3) no matter how (Idiom) :
     Here, to is the right usage.               happening or comi ng after                used for saying that something
358. (4) Here, been to is the right usage.      something else                            is always true, whatever the
359. (4) Here, one of the best is the           consequent (Adjective) :                  situation is, or that somebody
     right usage.                               happeni ng as a resul t of                should certainly do something
360. (3) Here, such a large is the right        something                                 Here, no matter how is the
     usage.                                     Here, subsequent is the right             right usage.
361. (2) Here, a fool is the right usage.       usage.                               397. (2) conducive (Adj.) : making
362. (4) pass by (Phr. V.) : proceed past  379. (3) Here, begins is the right             it easy, possible or likely for
     something                                  usage.                                    something to happen; helpful;
     Here, passed by is the right usage.        originates (Verb) : to happen or          favourable
363. (3) Here, survived (Verb) is the           appear for the first time in a            conducive agrees with to (Prep.)
     right usage.                               particular place or situation             Here, to is the right usage.