301. (1) speak of (Phr. V.) : to be           purchased a .............          331. (1) Here, of (Prep.) is the right
     evident that something exists or            ̄                                     usage.
     is present                               Past Participle                    332. (1) speak of (Phr. V.) : to speak
     speak for (Phr. V.) : to state the       Here, would have purchased is           about someone or something
     views or wishes of a person or a         the right usage.                        speak about (Phr. V.) : to mention
     group                               315. (2) reappear (Verb) : to appear         or discuss someone or something
     Here, speak of is the right usage.       again                                   Here, of is the right usage.
302. (4) bring out (Phr. V.) : to make        Here, reappear is the right        333. (2) gregarious (Adj.) : sociable;
     something appear                         usage.                                  liking to be with other people
     bring about (Phr. V.) : to make     316. (2) make way (Idiom) : to allow         Here, gregarious is the right
     something happen; cause                  somebody/something to pass              usage.
     Here, bring out is the right usage.      Here, way is the right usage.      334. (4) submit (Verb) agrees with to
303. (2) Here, for (Prep.) is the right  317. (4) put off (Phr. V.) : postpone;       (Prep.)
     usage.                                   to change something to a later          Here, to is the right usage.
304. (4) Past Perfect Tense (had              time or date                       335. (1) assure (Verb) agrees with of
     asked) is the right usage.               Here, put off is the right usage.       (Prep.)
305. (2) take advantage of (Idiom) :     318. (3) Here, had finished (Past            Here, of is the right usage.
     achi eve a sel fish goal by              Perfect Tense) is the right        336. (1) sullen (Adj.) : bad – tempered
     exploiting ; profit selfishly by         usage.                                  and not speaking
     Here, advantage is the right        319. (3) too precedes an Adverb
                                                                                      elated (Adj.) : very happy and
     usage.                                   (Carefully)
306. (3) Here, of (Prep.) is the right        Here, too is the right usage.
                                                                                      Here, sullen is the right usage.
     usage.                              320. (2) common (Adj) : shared by
                                              or belonging to two or more        337. (3) explicit (Adj.) : clear and
307. (3) clear up (Phr. V.) : to make
                                              people or by the people in a group      easy to understand
     something mo re clear; to
                                              Here, common is the right usage.        expletive (Noue) : a word,
     explain something
                                         321. (3) good at something : able to         especially a rude word, that you
     Here, cleared up is the right
                                              do something well                       use when you are angry, or in
                                              Here, at is the right usage.            pain
308. (3) some is used in Positive
                                         322. (4) Here, energetic (Adj) is the        implicate (Verb) : to show or
                                              right usage.                            suggest
     Here, some advice is the right
                                         323. (2) Here, of; in (Prep) is the          implicit (Adj.) : suggested
                                              right usage.                            without being directly expressed.
309. (4) Here, by (Prep.) is the right
     usage.                              324. (3) Here, in (Prep.) is the right       Here, explicit is the right usage.
                                              usage.                             338. (2) Here, out on is the right usage.
310. (4) The sentence expresses a
     conti nuo us Action in the          325. (2) Here, are manufactured         339. (4) draft (No un) : a rough
     Present Time. Hence, is being            Plural–Passive Voice is the             written version of something
     is the right usage.                      right usage.                            that is not yet in its final form
                                         326. (4) statio nery      (Noun)      :      Here, draft is the right usage.
311. (2) take advantage of (Idiom) :
                                              materials (such as paper, pencil,  340. (3) commensurate (Adjective):
     to make use of an opportunity
                                              pen, etc.) that are used for            matching something in size,
     Here, take is the right usage.
                                              writing or typing
312. (3) turn out to be (Idiom) : to                                                  importance, quality, etc.
                                              stationary (Adj) : not moving;
     be discovered to be                                                              Here, with is the right usage.
                                              staying in one place or position
     Here, turned out is the right            Here, stationary is the right      341. (3) care about (Phr. V.) : to feel
     usage.                                   usage.                                  that something is important and
313. (2) myth (Noun) : something                                                      worth worrying about
                                         327. (3) much (Det; Pro.) : used with
     that many people believe but             Uncountable Nouns, Questions            Here, about is the right usage.
     that does not exist or is false          and Negative Sentences.            342. (4) neither (Adv.) : used for
     lie (Noun, Verb) : to say or write       Here, much is the right usage.          showing that a negative state-
     something that you know is not      328. (4) Here, far is the right usage.       ment is also true of somebody/
     true; a statement mad e by          329. (2) whose (Det. Pro.) : used for        something else
     somebody knowing that it is not          showing which person or thing           Here, neither is the right usage.
     true                                     you are talking about              343. (4) Passive Voice will be used.
     Here, myth is the right usage.           Here, whose is the right usage.         Hence, would be given is the
314. (3) The structure of the            330. (3) root out (Phr. V.) : to find        right usage.
     sentence will be as follows :            out the thing that is causing a    344. (3) whose (Det., Pro.) : used for
     Had I saved money, I would have          problem and remove or get rid           saying which person or thing
         ̄        ̄                    ̄         of it.                                  you mean
     Past Perfect Tense      would have       Here, rooted is the right usage.        Here, whose is the right usage.