253. (2) brisk (Adj.) : quick               268. (4) ability (Noun) agrees with      283. (2) eradicate (Verb) : to destroy
     Here, brisk is the right usage.             Prep.-in.                                or get rid of something completely
254. (4) excessive (Adj.) : greater than         Here, in is the right usage.             eradicate agrees with Prep.-from
     what seems reasonable or               269. (3) The sentence is in Present           Here, from is the right usage.
     appropriate                                 Perfect Tense. Hence, hasn’t        284. (1) reward (Noun) : an amount
     Here, excessive is the right usage.         been is the right usage.                 of money that is offered to
255. (2) determination (Noun) : the         270. (2) advice (Uncountable Noun) :          somebody for helping the police
     quali ty that makes one to                  suggestion                               Here, reward is the right usage.
     continue trying to do something             some is used with an Uncount-       285. (2) Possessive Pronoun their
     even when this is difficult                 able Noun                                will be used with Ger und
     Here, determi nation is the                 Here, some is the right usage.           (coming)
     right usage.                           271. (4) Point of time is evident.            Here, their is the right usage.
256. (1) overwhelming (Adj.) : very              Hence, since is the right usage.    286. (3) turned up (Phr. V.) : arrived
     great; so powerful that you            272. (2) keep on (Phr. V.) : to               Here, turned up is the right
     cannot resist or decide how to react        continue                                 usage.
     Here, over whelming is the                                                      287. (1) lately (Adv.) : in the recent
                                                 keep off (Phr. V.) : to avoid
     right usage.                                                                         past; recently
                                                 eating; to avoid mentioning a
257. (1) characteristics (Noun) : a
                                                 particular subject                       Here, lately is the right usage.
     typical feature or quality that
     something or somebody has                   Here, on is the right usage.        288. (1) Present Perfect Continuous
     Here, characteristics is the right     273. (4) turn down (Phr. V.) : to refuse      Tense (have been trying) is the
     usage.                                      to consider an offer, a proposal         right usage.
258. (1) turn up (Phr. V.) : to arrive           etc.                                289. (4) spouse (Noun) : a husband
     or show up at an appointed or               turn off (Phr. V.) : to stop             or wife
     expected time or place                      listening to                             Here, spouses is the right usage.
     Here, up is the right usage.                Here, down is the right usage.      290. (3) beside (Prep.) : next to; at the
259. (3) put out (Phr. V.) : to extinguish; 274. (2) confi de (Verb) : to tel l           side of
     to stop something from burning              somebody secrets and personal            Here, beside is the right usage.
     put off (Phr. V.) : postpone                information that you do not         291. (1) Nominative Case (I) is the
     Here, out is the right usage.               want other people to know                right usage.
260. (3) write down (Phr. V.) : to write         confide in/to (Phr. V.) ® both      292. (3) blow (Noun) : a sudden event
     something on paper                          can be used.                             which has damaging effects on
     Here, down is the right usage.              Here, to is the right usage.             somebody, causing sadness or
261. (4) go through (Phr. V.) : to look     275. (2) compare (Verb) agrees with           disappointment.
     at or examine something                     Prep-to                                  blow agrees with to (Prep.)
     carefully; to study or consider
                                                 Here, to is the right usage.             Here, to is the right usage.
     something in detail
                                            276. (1) prevail on somebody to do       293. (3) melting (Verb) is the right
     Here, through is the right usage.
                                                 something : to persuade                  usage.
262. (4) render (Verb) : to give help
                                                 somebody to do something            294. (3) call for (Phr. V.) : ask for
     to somebody
     Here, render is the right usage.            Here, on is the right usage.             Here, for is the right usage.
263. (2) Singular Verb-is is the right      277. (4) harness (Verb) : to control     295. (1) jubilant (Adjective) :
     usage.                                      and use the force or strength of         expressing joy
264. (1) unsavoury (Adj.) : unpleasant           something to produce power or            Here, jubiliant is the right usage.
     or offensive; not considered                to achieve something                296. (4) get at (Phr. V.) : to learn or
     morally acceptable                          Here, harness is the right usage.        find out something
     Here, unsavoury is the right           278. (3) composed (Verb) : wrote              Here, at is the right usage.
     usage.                                      music                               297. (1) carry out (Phr. V.) : to do
265. (4) Simple Past Tense-slept is              Here, composed is the right              and complete a task
     the right usage.                            usage.                                   Here, out is the right usage.
266. (4) themselves the Reflexive           279. (1) deceptive (Adj.) : misleading
     form of they will be used. It                                                   298. (4) Prep.-in
                                                 Here, deceptive is the right usage.      Here, in is the right usage.
     emphasizes the Plural Subject
     (the bare mountains)                   280. (1) Here, confide (Verb) is the     299. (2) of (Prep.) is used for indicating
     Here, themselves is the right               right usage.                             the reason for something
     usage.                                 281. (4) Here, compulsorily (Adv.) is         Here, of is the right usage.
267. (1) Here, notice of is the right            the right usage.                    300. (1) meet (Verb) is the right usage.
     usage.                                 282. (4) congratulate (Verb) : agrees         make both ends meet (Idiom) :
     take notice of: paying attention            with Prep.-on                            to earn enough money to be able
     to somebody/something                       Here, on is the right usage.             to buy the things you need