209. (1) call it a day (Idiom) : to decide 222. (3) hampered (Verb) : hindered;      236. (2) Singular Verb is used when
     or agree to stop doing something.          prevented from doing something;           two Nouns are joined by and
     Here, call it is the right usage.          made it difficult for somebody            and come after each.
210. (2) cement (Noun) is the right             to do something                           Here, has is the right usage.
     usage.                                     obstructed (Verb) : blocked a        237. (3) Here, pets are allowed is the
211. (1) come about (Idiom) : to                road, an entrance, a passage,             right usage.
     happen                                     etc. so that somebody may not        238. (2) chef (Noun) : a professional
     Here, about is the right usage.            get through, see past, etc.               cook in a restaurant
212. (2) too (Adv.) : used before               Here, hampered is the right usage.        Here, what to prepare for the
     Adjective and Adverbs to say          223. (2) besides (Prep.) : in addition to      important dinner is the right
     that something is more than is             Here, besides is the right usage.         usage.
     good, necessary, possible, etc.       224. (4) tainted (Verb) : damaged or      239. (2) Prep.-for is the right usage.
     too + Adj + to (gives a negative           spoilt the quality of something      240. (1) stress (Verb) : to emphasize
     sense)                                     or the opinion that people have           a fact, an idea, etc.
     Here, too is the right usage.              of somebody/something                     Here, stressing is the right usage.
213. (2) Future Progressive Tense-              Here, tainted is the right usage.    241. (2) usher (Noun) : a person who
     will you be needing is the right      225. (3) Here, the best is the right           shows people where to sit in a
     usage.                                     usage.                                    church, public hall, etc.
     It shows a polite enquiry.            226. (3) call on (Phr. V.) : to invite or      Here, where to sit is the right
214. (4) Did is the right usage.                ask somebody formally to speak;           usage.
     Structure of an Interrogative              etc.                                 242. (1) wreck (Verb) : to damage; to
     Sentence in Past Simple is as              Here, on is the right usage.              destroy
     follows :                             227. (3) many a (Det.) : a large               Here, wrecked is the right usage.
     Did + Subject + Verb + Object.             number of used with a Singular       243. (2) discrepancy (No un) :
215. (2) Simple Past Tense-went is              Noun and Verb                             difference between two or more
     the right usage.                           Here, is is the right usage.              things that should be the same
216. (4) a few (Det. Adj.) : used with     228. (1) The structure of the sentence         Here, discrepancy is the right
     Plural Nouns and a Plural Verb             is as follows :                           usage.
     to mean a small number; some               The plane will take off when the     244. (1) get down (Phr. V.) : to begin
     Here, a few is the right usage.                                 ̄         ̄            to do something; to give serious
217. (3) In Subjunctive Mood, a                                                           attention to something
                                                        Simple Future Conj.
     Singular Subject agrees with a                                                       Here, get down is the right usage.
                                                thunderstorm stops.
     Plural Verb.                                                                    245. (2) Inf. without to will be used.
     Here, were is the right usage.                                                       Here, swim is the right usage.
                                                           Simple Present
218. (2) yet (Conj.) : despite what has                                              246. (2) Inf. without to will be used.
     just been said; nevertheless; in           Here, stops is the right usage.
                                                                                          Here, perform is the right usage.
     spite of that                         229. (2) Here, arrived; dead is the
                                                                                     247. (4) violation (Noun) : the act of
     Here, yet is the right usage.              right usage.
                                                                                          going against or refusing to obey
219. (2) aptitude (Noun) : a natural       230. (4) Age and experience work as            a law
     ability to do something or to              a single unit like bread and
                                                                                          Here, violation is the right usage.
     learn something                            butter, cup and saucer, etc.
                                                                                     248. (1) turn up for practice is the
     attitude (Noun) : the way you              Hence, Singular Verb is used
                                                                                          right usage.
     think and feel about someone or            with it.
                                                                                     249. (1) reconcile (Verb) : to make
     something                                  Here, brings is the right usage.
                                                                                          oneself or another no longer
     Here, aptitude is the right usage.    231. (2) When a starting place and a           opposed
220. (4) for heaven"s sake (Idiom) :            finishing place is mentioned,
                                                                                          with (Prep.) i s used wi th
     used for emphasizing that it is            Prep. from is used for                    reconcile
     important to do something or               expressing the beginning and to
                                                                                          Here, with is the right usage.
     when you are annoyed about                 for the end.
                                                                                     250. (3) affect (Verb) : to have an
     something                                  Here, to is the right usage.
                                                                                          influence on somebody or
     Here, heaven’s is the right usage.    232. (1) The sentence formation will           something
221. (3) capitulated (Verb) : agreed            be as follows :                           effect (Verb) : to achieve or
     to do something that you had               If + Simple Present, will–future          produce
     been refusing to do for a long             Here, will have is the right usage.       Here, affected is the right usage.
     time; gave in; yielded                233. (1) Here, vision is the right usage. 251. (3) enclosed with : attached with
     evaded (Verb) : escaped from          234. (3) Nominative case-he is the             Here, enclosed with is the right
     somebody                                   right usage.                              usage.
     Here, capitulated is the right        235. (4) Objective Case-whom is the       252. (1) Simple Present Tense-is is
     usage.                                     right usage.                              the right usage.