172. (1) qualify (Verb) agrees with for   190. (3) aggressive (Adj.) : angry, and   201. (3) In accordance with (Idiom):
     (Prep.)                                     behaving in a threatening way;          to a rule or the way that somebody
     Here, for is the right usage.               ready to attack                         says that something should be
173. (2) Here, for (Prep.) is the right          Here, aggressive is the right           done
     usage.                                      usage.                                  In lieu of (Idiom) : instead of
174. (3) call off (Phr. V.) : to cancel   191. (1) let (Verb) : allow                    W ith regard to (Idiom) :
     something; to decide that                   The sentence structure will be          concerning somebody or
     something will not happen                   as follows :                            something
     Here, off is the right usage.        The company let me take time off work          On account of (Idiom) : because
175. (1) with (Prep.) is the right usage.         ̄         ̄  ̄  ̄                          of
176. (3) brush aside (Phr.V.) : to            Subject let object Inf. (without to)       Here, In accordance with is the
     ignore something                            Here, take is the right usage.          right usage.
     Here, aside is the right usage.      192. (2) Here, that everyone agrees       202. (3) Although (Conj.) : though;
177. (1) Here, to leave her hand is              is the right usage.                     used for introducing a statement
     the right usage.                     193. (3) preserving (Verb) : saving;           that makes the main statement
                                                 conserving                              in a sentence seem surprising
178. (1) give rise to (Idiom) : to cause
     something to happen or exist                Here, Preserving is the right           Here, Although is the right
                                                 usage.                                  usage.
     Here, given rise to is the right
     usage.                               194. (4) The sentence is in Past          203. (2) contemporary (Adj.) :
                                                 Perfect Tense. The structure            belonging to the present time.
179. (3) since is used with Present
     Perfect Continuous Tense                    will be as follows :                    archaic (Adj.) : old and no
                                          If clause (Past + Perfect) + would + have      longer used.
     Here, have been repairing is
                                                   ̄                      ̄                foreign (Adj.) : in or from a
     the right usage.
                                          If I had helped him, he would not have         country that is not your own
180. (3) veracity (Noun) : the quality
                                               + Past + Participle                       Here, contemporary is the right
     of being true ; the habit of
                                                            ̄                             usage.
     speaking the truth
                                               been drowned.                        204. (4) Past Perfect Tense-would
     credulity (Noun) : the ability or
                                                 Here, would not have been               have left is the right usage.
     willi ngness to believe that
                                                 drowned is the right usage.        205. (3) disabled (Adj.) : unable to
     something is real or true
                                          195. (1) hand in (Phr. V.) : to give           use a part of your body
     possibility (Noun) : the fact
                                                 somethi ng to a person i n              completely or easily because of
     that something might exist or
                                                 authority                               a physical illness, an injury, etc.
     happen, but is not certain to
                                                 hand back (Phr. V.) : to give or        disadvantaged (Adj.) : not
     existence (Noun) : the fact of
                                                 return something to the person          having the things, such as
     being real or living
                                                 who owns it                             education, or enough money,
     Here, veracity is the right usage.                                                  that people need in order to
                                                 hand down (Phr. V.) : to give or
181. (2) over (Prep.) is the right usage.        leave something to somebody             succeed in life; deprived
182. (1) by (Prep.) is the right usage.          who is younger than you                 discouraged (Adj.) : feeling less
183. (1) against (Prep.) is the right                                                    confident
                                                 Here, in is the right usage.
     usage.                                                                              despised (Adj.) : to dislike and
                                          196. (3) Here, smelt (Simple Past
184. (2) on (Prep.) is the right usage.                                                  have no respect for somebody
                                                 Tense) is the right usage
185. (3) a lot of (Idiom) : a large       197. (3) According to (Prep.) : as             Paralympics (Noun) : an
     number or amount of somebody/               stated or reported by somebody/         International Athletic Competition
     something                                   something                               for people who are disabled
     Here, of is the right usage.                Here, According to is the right         Here, disabled is the right usage.
186. (3) pull down (Phr. V.) : to destroy        usage.                             206. (2) heir (Noun) : a person who
     Here, pulled is the right usage.     198. (3) Unless (Conj.) : is used for          has the legal right to receive
187. (2) about (Prep.) is the right              talking about a situation that          somebody"s property, money or
     usage.                                      could happen in the future.             title when that person dies
188. (4) integral (Adj.) : being an              Here, Unless is the right usage.        Here, heir is the right usage.
     essential part of something          199. (1) poacher (Noun) : person          207. (3) stewardess (Noun) : a female
     Here, integral is the right usage.          who ill egal ly hunt birds,             flight attendant
189. (1) spinster (Noun) : a woman               animals, etc.                           Here, how to fasten the seat
     who is not married, especially              ranger (Noun) : person whose            belt is the right usage.
     an older woman who is not likely            job is to take care of a forest, a 208. (3) In such sentenc es, the
     to marry                                    park, etc.                              Perfect Inf. (to have + Past
     bachelor (Noun) : a man who                 Here, poachers is the right usage.      Participle) will be used.
     has never been married               200. (4) Past Perfect Tense-would              Here, to have heard is the right
     Here, spinster is the right usage.          not have been is the right usage.       usage.