live with (Phr. V.) : to accept         indicated. So, by is the right       159. (2) to (Prep.). Is used for
     something unpleasant                    usage.                                    indicating the place, person, or
     Here, by is the right usage.       150. (3) cut down (Phr. V.) : to reduce        thing that someone or
139. (2) When a Singular Noun is             the size, amount or number of             something moves toward, or the
     connected with another Noun             something                                 direction of something
     by using with, the Verb is              cut off (Phr. V.) : to interrupt          Here, to is the right usage.
     Singular                                somebody and stop him from           160. (4) metamorphosis (Noun) :
     Here, was is the right usage.           speaking; to stop the supply              transformation
140. (2) The Conditional Clause is           cut out (Phr. V.) : to stop doing;        Here, metamorphosis is the
     i n Simple Present Tense.               to block something; to omit               right usage.
     Hence, would be is the right            cut away (Phr. V.) : to remove       161. (1) cognizance (Noun) : notice.
     usage.                                  something from something by               take cognizance of (Idiom) : to
141. (2) took out (Phr. V.) : obtained       cutting                                   notice or give attention to
     an official document or service         Here, down is the right usage.            Here, of is the right usage.
     took up (Phr. V.) : picked up,     151. (4) ride the high horse (Idiom) :    162. (2) whoever (Pro.) : any person
     began to occupy, gathered from          behave in a way that shows you            who
     a number of sources                     are better than other people              Here, whoever is the right usage.
     took in (Phr. V.) : allowed             Here, high is the right usage.       163. (1) wither (Verb) : to become less
     somebody to stay in your home      152. (1) a (Indef. Art.) is the right          waver (Verb) : to become weak
     took over (Phr. V.) : replaced          usage. U gives a consonant                or unsteady
     something                               sound.                                    dither (Verb) : to hesitate about
     Here, took out is the right        153. (3) The structure of the sentence         what to do because you are
     usage.                                  is as follows :                           unable to decide
142. (4) The structure of the sentence                                                 Here, wither is the right usage.
                                             It is possible + that + Pro. + might
     is as follows :                                                              164. (2) accountable (Adj.) : respon-
                                                   ̄             ̄       ̄       ̄
     In the ......... as + Object                                                      sible for your decisions or actions
                                             She feared + that + she + might           Here, for is the right usage.
     (anything) + been + Past
                                             + Verb
     Participle (done) .............. ?                                           165. (3) didn’t is the right Auxiliary
                                                  ̄                                     to be used with used to.
     Here, has anything been done
     is the right usage.                                                               Here, didn’t he ? is the right
                                             Here, might fall is the right             usage.
143. (2) scratch (Verb) : to cut or
                                             usage.                               166. (2) from (Prep.) is used for
     damage your skin slightly with
                                        154. (2) The structure of the sentence         expressing that something
     something sharp
                                             is as follows :                           comes from something else
     While is used for saying that
     two longer actions go on at the         He ..........., I have known him          Here, from is the right usage.
     same time. So, Simple Past                               ̄     ̄      ̄         167. (4) factual (Adj.) : based on or
     Tense will be used.                              Subject Aux.V. Main.V.           containing facts
     Here, scratched is the right             for a long time. (Present Perfect        factitious (Adj.) : not genuine
     usage.                                  Tense)                                    but made to appear to be true
                                             Here, have known is the right             fictional (Adj.) : not real or true;
144. (3) approve (Verb) takes Prep.
                                             usage.                                    existing only in stories
                                        155. (2) to smell a rat (Idiom) : to           Here, factual is the right usage.
     Here, of is the right usage.
                                             have suspicion                       168. (4) of the essence (Idiom) :
145. (2) None is the Negative word
                                                                                       necessary and very important
     in this sentence. Hence, the            to cut a sorry figure (Idiom) :
                                                                                       Here, of is the right usage.
     Question Tag will be Positive.          to be ashamed
                                             to turn a new leaf (Idiom) : to      169. (1) Simple Past Tense (short
     Here, was it ? is the right usage.
                                             reform and begin again                    action) is used wi th Pa st
146. (3) warned (Verb) takes Prep.
                                                                                       Continuous Tense (long action)
     against                                 to blow hot and cold (Idiom) :
                                                                                       In the following sentence we
     Here, against is the right usage.       to change one’s mind
                                                                                       have two actions :
147. (2) laugh about (Idiom) : to            Here, to smell a rat is the right
                                                                                    1. long action ® washing my face
     chuckle or giggle loudly about          usage.
                                                                                       (Past Continuous Tense)
     someone or something               156. (1) The sentence is Negative.          2. short action ® crept (Past Tense)
     Here, about is the right usage.         So, the Question Tag will be              Here, crept is the right usage.
148. (3) If the first Subject is             Positive.
                                                                                  170. (4) As the Subject (our city) is
     Singular, the Verb wi ll b e            Here, was it ? is the right usage.        Singular, Singular Verb-was is
     Singular                           157. (1) Here, to fill (Inf. with to) is       the right usage.
     Here, is is the right usage.            the right usage.                     171. (3) Present Perfect Tense have
149. (2) In this sentence, the means    158. (4) Here, mustn’t have done is            known will be used.
     or method ( electricity ) i s           the right usage.                          Here, known is the right usage.