117. (3) different (Adj.) : not the same      capitalist (Noun) : an investor         command (Verb) : order
     as somebody                              of capital in business, especially      infer (Verb) : to reach an
     strange (Adj.): unusual                  one having a major financial            opini on or decide that
     separate (Adj.) : different; not         interest in an important                something is true on the basis
     connected (used before Nouns)            enterprise                              of information that is available
     divergent (Adj.) : different (of         revisionist (Noun) : a person           Here, elicit is the right usage.
     opinions, views, etc.)                   who wants to change a political    129. (2) The sentence is Conditional,
     Here, different is the right usage.      system, especially Marxism,             in Past Perfect Tense. In this
                                              because he does not agree with          case the structure will be as
118. (1) expect (Verb) : to think or
                                              its main ideas or practices             follows :
     believe that something will
     happen                                   populist (Noun) : a person who          Past Per fect (had-taken)
                                              believes in or supports a type of       ........... would + have + Past
     Here, expect is the right usage.
                                              politics that claims to represent       Participle (got) ............
119. (4) couple with (Phr. V.) : to link
                                              the opini ons and wishes of             Here, would have is the right
     one thing, situation, etc. to            ordinary people
     another                                                                          usage.
                                              Sovereign (Adj.) : a country free  130. (4) In Conditional Sentences,
     Here, coupled is the right               to govern itself
     usage.                                                                           if the Main Clause is in Simple
                                              Democratic (Adj.) : a country           Future Tense, the Conditional
120. (2) sung is the right usage.             controlled by representatives           Clause wi l l be in Simple
121. (4) stethoscope (Noun) : an              who are elected by the people           Present Tense
     instrument used by a doctor for          of a country
                                                                                      Here, arrives is the right usage.
     listening to somebody"s heart            Republic (Noun) : a country
                                                                                 131. (3) The sentence is Affirmative,
     and breathing                            that is governed by a President
                                                                                      in Past Tense. So, Negative Tag
     horoscope (Noun) : a forecast            and politicians elected by the
                                                                                      will be used. As there is no
     of a person’s future, based on           people
                                                                                      Auxiliary, did will be used.
     the relative portion of the stars        Here, socialist is the right
                                                                                      Here, didn’t he ? is the right
     and planets.                             usage.
     microscope (Noun) : an optical      124. (3) Unless is used instead of if
                                                                                 132. (3) When the Subject initiates
     instrument used for viewing              .............. not in Conditional
                                                                                      the action, Relative Pronoun-
     very small objects.                      Sentences.
                                                                                      who will be used.
                                              If you do not work hard, you
     telescope (Noun) : an optical                                                    Here, who is the right usage.
                                              won’t be able to clear even the
     instrument designed to make                                                 133. (2) The structure of the sentence
     distant objects appear nearer.                                                   is as follows :
                                              Here, Unless is the right usage.
     Here, stethoscope is the right                                                   It is time + Past Subjunctive
                                         125. (1) Here, profit (Noun) is the
     usage.                                                                           It is time + Past Subjunctive
                                              right usage.
122. (4) remarkable (Adj.) : unusual                                                  expresses that something
                                         126. (4) deficient (Adj.) : not having       should be done and that it is
     or surprising in a way that              enough          of    something,
     causes people to take notice ;                                                   already a bit late.
                                              especially, something that is
     astonishing                                                                      Here, went is the right usage.
     exposition (Noun) : a ful l                                                 134. (4) walk is a Noun. So Gerund
                                              It agrees with in (Prep.)
                                                                                      + for-going for is the right
     explanation of a theory, plan, etc.      Here, in is the right usage.            usage.
     brevity (Noun) : the quality of     127. (3) complaining ® of ® He was      135. (2) check (Verb) : control
     using a few words while                  complaining of a severe                 Here, check is the right usage.
     speaking or writing                      headache
                                                                                 136. (4) cut off (Phr. V.) : to interrupt
     clarity (Noun) : the quality of          The preposi tions that the              somebody who is speaking on
     being expressed clearly                  following words take are:               the telephone by breaking the
     conspicuous (Adj.) : easy to see         suffering ® from ® He was               connection
     or notice                                suffering from fever.                   hang up (Adj.) : delayed or
     inco mpreh ensible (Adj. ) :             experi enci ng ®          He i s        detained for a time
     impossible to understand                 experiencing a lean period.             Here, cut off is the right usage.
     Here, remarkable is the right            afflicting ® His stomach ache      137. (3) Here, a lot of is the right
                                              was very afflicting.                    usage.
                                              Here, complaining is the right     138. (2) live by (Phr.V.) : to follow a
123. (4) Socialist (Noun) : a country
                                              usage.                                  parti cul ar bel i ef or set o f
     gover ned by a party that
                                         128. (1) eli cit (Verb) : to get             principles
     believes that everyone has an
                                              information or reaction from            live on (Phr. V.) : to continue
     equal right to a share of a
                                              somebody                                to live; to eat a particular type
     country’s wealth and that the
                                              provoke (Verb) : to cause a             of food to live; to have enough
     government should own and
                                              particular reaction or have a           money for the basic things you
     control the main industries
                                              particular effect                       need to live