90. (4) The situation is unreal and in      exterior (Noun) : the outside of        tenacious (Adj) : that does not
    the Past, Past Perfect-had              something                               stop holding something or give
    worked has been used in the             Here, ulterior is the right usage.      up       something          easily;
    Conditional Clause. So, would       99. (2) conscientious (Adj.) : taking       determined
    have + Verb would have scored           care to do things carefully and         persuasive (Adj) : able to make
    is the right usage.                     correctly                               somebody believe something or
91. (2) Satisfy agrees with Prep.-          Here, conscientious is the right        do something
    with.                                   usage.                                  Here, obdurate is the right
    Here, with is the right usage.     100. (3) atone (Verb) : to act in a way      usage.
92. (4) professional (Adj.) is the          that shows you are sorry for       108. (3) fall back on (Phr. V.) : to go
    right usage.                            doing something wrong in the            to somebody for support
93. (1) As the Subject (Ram) is             past.                                   fall over (Phr. V.) : to suddenly
    Singular, the Verb will also be         atone takes the Preposition-for         stop standing; to hang down
    in Singular                             Here, for is the right usage.           fall through (Phr. V.) % not to
    along with (Phr.v.) : together
                                       101. (3) We use get used to doing to         be completed, or not to happen
    with someone
                                            talk about the process of               fall off (Phr. V.) : to decrease in
    It modifies the earlier word            something becoming normal for
    (Ram) which is Singular                                                         quantity or quality
                                            us. Such expressions are                Here, back on is the right usage.
    Here, was watching is the right         followed by Gerunds
    usage.                                                                     109. (4) pitch (Verb) % to erect; set
                                            Here, to driving is the right
94. (4) in connection with (Idiom):                                                 up a encamp
    for reasons connected with                                                      grounded (Verb) : to place on
                                       102. (4) The structure of the sentence
    somebody or something                                                           the ground
                                            is as follows:
    with regard to (Idio m) :                                                       installed (Verb) : to place in
                                            Past Perfect (Had — told), .......
    concerning       someone       or                                               position and prepare for use
    something                               would have + Past Participle
                                            (attended) ..............               Here, pitched is the right usage.
    with reference to (Idiom) :                                                110. (2) Here, route (Noun) is the
    used for saying what you are            Here, would have attended is
                                            the right usage.                        right usage.
    talking or writing about
                                       103. (4) conducive (Adj:) : tending to  111. (4) hold back (Phr. V.) : to retain
    Here, in connection with is the
                                            cause or bring something about          one’s control
    right usage.
95. (1) put up with (Phr. V.) : to          when it is most positive (placed        hold on (Phr.V.) : to maintain
    accept somebody or something            after the word modified), it is         one’s grip
    that is annoying, unpleasant,           followed by to (Prep.).                 hold with (Phr. V.) : to agree
    etc. without complaini ng ;             Here, to is the right usage.            with
    tolerate                           104. (4) kennel (Noun) : shelter for a       hold down (Phr. V.) : to limit
    Here, up is the right usage.            dog                                     Here, back is the right usage.
96. (2) accused (Verb) : said that          burrow (Noun) : house of a         112. (4) pleased (Verb) agrees with
    somebody has done something             rabbit or mole                          Prep.-with
    wrong                                   coop (Noun) : house for poultry         Here, with is the right usage.
    condemned (Verb) : expressed/           stable (Noun) : house of horses    113. (1) desire (Noun) agrees with
    very strong disapproval of              Here, Kennel is the right usage.        Prep.-for
    charged (Verb) : accused of        105. (4) since (Conj) : continuously
    doing      something       wrong                                                Here, for is the right usage.
                                            from or starting from the time
    (publicly)                                                                 114. (3) arrive on time : arrive
    Here, accused is the right                                                      exactly at the correct time
                                            Here, since is the right usage.
    usage.                                                                          Here, on is the right usage.
                                       106. (3) weather (No un) : the
97. (3) whi ch (Pro.) : used in                                                115. (2) settle down (Phr. V.) : to
                                            condition of the atmosphere at
    questions for asking somebody                                                   start in order to have a quieter
                                            a particular place and time
    to be exact about one or more                                                   way of life
    people or things from a limited         climate (Noun) : the regular
                                                                                    settle on (Phr. V.) : to choose
    number                                  pattern of weather conditions of
                                                                                    or make a decision about some-
    Here, which is the right usage.         a particular place
                                                                                    thing after thinking about it
98. (3) ulterio r (Adj.) : that             Here, weath er is the right
                                            usage.                                  Here, down is the right usage.
    somebody keeps hidden and
                                       107. (2) obdurate (Adj:) : refusing to  116. (1) desirous (Adj.) : having a
    does not admit
                                            change your mind or your                wish for something; wanting
    posterior (Adj.) : at the back of
                                            actions in any way; stubborn            something; desirous agrees
                                            peripatetic (Adj:) : going from         with Prep.-of
    interior (Noun) : the inside part
    of something                            place to place (in order to work)       Here, of is the right usage.