gang (Noun) : a group of trouble-        Hope can be used in the Passive        Adj. to say that someone has as
    makers, criminals, prisoners,            in the form it is hoped that...        much of a quality as is needed.
    etc.                                     Here, expect is the right usage.       a to-Infinitive is used after
    Here, troupe is the right usage.     69. (4) watching is the Direct Object      enough
59. (1) with (Prep.) is used with            of the Verb-enjoy.                     grudgingly (Adv.) : unwillingly;
    reconcile                                Here, watching is the right            reluctantly
    reconcile (Verb) : to make               usage.                                 Here, sensible enough not to
    oneself or another no longer         70. (3) When Singular Subjects are         is the right usage.
    opposed                                  antecedents of that, the           81. (4) consciousness (Adj.) : the
    Here, with is the right usage.           sentence takes a Singular Verb.        state of being conscious
60. (3) Here, is elected is the right        wi lling co operati on is a            conscience (Noun) : a sense of
    usage.                                   Singular Subject.                      right and wrong that urges one
61. (4) expelled (Verb) : forced to          Here, brings is the right usage.       to act morally
    leave an organisation                71. (3) The sentence is in Indirect        conscientious (Adj.) : involving
    rejected (Verb) : refused to             Speech Past time. So, Past             or taking great care
    accept (an application for a job)        Perfect Tense will be used.            conscious (Adj.) : alert and
    evicted (Verb) : put out (a              Here, had deposited is the right       awake
    tenant) from a property by legal         usage.                                 Here, con sciousness is the
    process                              72. (4) The sentence expresses a           right usage.
    Here, expelled is the right              longer action in the Past (Hamid,  82. (2) put off (Phr. V.) : to delay ;
    usage.                                   living) before another action          postpone
62. (1) Here, colourful is the right         (came to visit).                       put up (Phr. V.) : to engage in ;
    usage.                                   So, Past Perfect Continuous            to erect
63. (4) Here, living is the right            Tense had been living is the           put on (Phr. V.) : to add ; to
    usage.                                   right usage.                           clothe oneself with
                                                                                    Here, off is the right usage.
64. (2) put off (Phr. V.) : to delay ;
                                                  shortly (Adv. ) OP
                                         73. (2) briefly (Adv. ) : in a few     83. (1) those (Pro.) i s the ri ght
    put in (Phr. V.) : to make a
                                                                   Q                usage.
    formal offer of ; to introduce (in       words                              84. (2) Expressions of distance take
    a conversation)                          Use bri efly to say that               a Singular Verb.
    put away (Phr. V.) : to discard          something lasts or is done for a       Here, is is the right usage.
                                             short time or told in a few words. 85. (3) An Adverbial T ime -
    put out (Phr. V.) : to extinguish
                                             shortly is an old-fashioned use.       marker takes Present Perfect
    Here, put off is the right usage.
                                             Here, briefly is the right usage.      Continuous Tense
65. (1) doubtful (Adj.) : undecided ;
    suspicious ; unsure ; uncertain      74. (3) since is followed by a Verb        Here, has been repairing is the
                                             in the Past Tense                      right usage.
    unlikely (Adj.) : not likely; not
                                             Here, came is the right usage.     86. (2) compliment agrees with
    likely to occur (happen)
                                         75. (4) who is which is used for           Prep.-on.
    unsure (Adj.) : uncertain of the
                                             talking about distinguishing one       Here, on is the right usage.
                                             person or thing from another.      87. (3) sensitive (Adj.) : readily or
    When if is used in a sentence,
                                             Here, who is which is the right        excessively affected by external
    we will use doubtful.
                                             usage.                                 influences
    Here, doubtful is the right
                                         76. (2) Simple Past Tense will be          Here, sensitive is the right
                                             used                                   usage.
66. (2) benign (Adj.) : harmless ; not                                          88. (4) cater for (Phr.V.) : to provide
                                             Here, discussed is the right
    dangerous to life
                                             usage.                                 for or care for something
    malignant (Adj.) : dangerous to                                                 cater (Verb) : to provide what is
                                         77. (2) being is the P resent
    life ; harmful                                                                  required or desired ; to attend
                                             Participle of the Verb-to be. So,
    Here, benign is the right usage.         being discussed is the right           to the needs of
67. (2) recover (Verb) : to regain after     usage.                                 cater to (Phr. V.) : to provide for
    illness, a setback or a shock, etc.  78. (3) The sentence is showing            something in bad way
    recover agrees with Prep.-from           Past time. So, Past Perfect            Here, for is the right usage.
    Here, from is the right usage.           Tense will be used.                89. (4) bring down (Phr. V.) : to
68. (4) expect (Verb) : to l ook             Here, have her tooth removed           cause to fall
    forward to the probable                  is the right usage.                    bring up (Phr. V.) : mention; to
    occurrence                           79. (4) at one time (Idiom) : at a         introduce into discussion
    wish (Verb) : to want or desire          period or moment in the Past. So,      bring on (Phr. V.) : to cause to
    ho pe (Verb) : to wish for a             Simple Past Tense-owned is the         appear
    particular event that one                right usage.                           Here, down is the right usage.
    considers possible                   80. (3) enough (Adj.) : used after an