Here, progeny is the right         38. (4) In a negative sentence, the       l The three winners congratulated
    usage.                                 question tag is positive.               one another.
29. (1) in (Prep.) is used for             Here, need they is the right usage.     Here, one another is the right
    indicating a location or place     39. (2) indifferent (Adjective) :           usage.
    Here, in is the right usage.           uninterested                        50. (2) put something in something
30. (4) The adjective with two words       It agrees with Prep.-to                 (Idiom) % to spend a lot of time or
    joined by the hyphen is called a       Here, to is the right usage.            make a lot of effort doing
    Compound Adjective.                40. (4) accession (N oun) : the             something.
    When we have a Compound                attainment of a dignity or rank         Here, in is the right usage.
    Adjective using numbers + a            It agrees with Prep.-to             51. (4) however (Adjective) : in
    time period, the word referring        Here, to is the right usage.            whatever way
    to a time period is in Singular    41. (4) indignant (Adjective) %             Here, however is the right
    for m and is joined to the                                                     usage.
                                           feeli ng or showing anger at
    number with a hyphen.                                                      52. (2) Singular form is used with
                                           something unjust or wrong.
    Here, eight-century-old is the                                                 Compound Adjectives using
                                           It agrees with at (Prep.)
    right usage.                                                                   numbers and hyphen.
                                           Here, at is the right usage.
31. (3) As there is comparison                                                     Here, a 17-year-old is the right
    between two, Comp. Deg. will       42. (3) The      sentence       is   in
    be used.                               Subjunctive Mood beginning
                                           with the if-clause.                 53. (2) and (Conj.) : also ; in
    Here, the smaller of them is                                                   addition to.
    the right usage.                       The Verb will be in Past Tense
                                           and Plural                              Here, and is the right usage.
32. (2) In In direct speech, a
                                                                               54. (3) go down (Phr. V.) : to fall to
    question becomes an Assertive          Here, were is the right usage.
                                                                                   the ground ; to become lower ;
    Sentence.                          43. (3) The structure of the
                                                                                   to be written in something ; to
    Here, she lived is the right           sentence is as follows :
                                                                                   be recorded or remembered in
    usage.                                 the + comparative.... + the +           something
33. (2) must be (Aux.V.) : used for        comparative
                                                                                   go by (Phr. V.) : (of time) to pass;
    showing that you are very              Here, the higher is the right           to be guided by something; to
    surprised at what somebody             usage.                                  form an opinion from something
    has just said                      44. (2) When a Noun precedes                go on (Phr. V.) : (of time) to pass;
    suppo sed to be (Idi om) :             (comes before) a Gerund, that           continues without changing ;
    expected o r intended to do            Noun takes a possessive form.           continue speaking, often a short
    something                              In this case, possessive form for       pause
    Here, must be is the right usage.      Elizabeth Barrett is her.               go through (Phr. V.) : to look at
34. (4) The       sentence     is    a     Here, her marrying is the right         or examine something carefully;
    Conditional Sentence with if-          usage.                                  to exp erience or suffer
    clause at the beginning.           45. (2) not ____ either is used after       something
    Its formation will be as follows :     a negative sentence                     Here, go down is the right
    if-clause (Past Perfect), Main         Here, Mexico doesn’t either is          usage.
    Clause (could + have + Past +          the right usage.                    55. (3) are to be ranked is the right
                                       46. (3) rely on (Phr. V.): to depend on     usage.
    Here, could have been is the
                                           Here, relies is the right usage.        The sentence is in Passive
    right usage.
                                       47. (2) The sentence is in Indirect         Voice
35. (1) either (Adverb) : used for
                                           speech showing Past time. So,       56. (1) stress (Verb) : to emphasize
    indicating a similarity or link
                                           Past Perfect Tense will be used         a fact, an idea, etc.
    with a statement just made ;
    likewise; also used after negative     Here, had left is the right usage.      Here, stressing is the right
    clauses                            48. (1) for all (Idioms) % despite; in      usage.
    Here, isn’t either is the right        spite of                            57. (2) watching is the Direct
    usage.                                 Here, wealth, miser is the right        Object of the Verb-enjoy
36. (1) In a positive statement, the       usage.                                  Here, watching is the right
    question tag is negative. The      49. (3) one another (Pro.) : used           usage.
    sentence is in Simple Future           when you are saying that each       58. (2) troupe (Noun) : a group of
    Tense                                  member of a group does                  actors, singers, etc. who work
    Here, won’t it is the right usage.     something to or for the other           together
37. (3) yours (Pronoun) % of or            people in the group                     troop (Noun) : group of soldiers
    belonging to you.                      one another and each other              band (Noun) : a small group of
    It is the second person Possessive     are Reciprocal Pronouns.                musicians who play popular
    Pronoun replacing your + Noun.       l Bob and Tom were quarrelling            music together, often with a
                                           with each other.                        singer or singers
    Here, yours is the right usage.