457. The subordinate made a ___ re-           465. We had _____ money left, so we        472. With the changing times, most
     mark against his boss that cost                went out for a meal. We decided            of the students have become
     his job.                                       to abandon our trip as we had              business-like they are ______ and
     (1) derogatory                                 ____ money left.                           want to take only those courses
     B) complimentary                               (1) a little, a little                     which they find rewarding.
     (3) oblique                                    (2) little, a little                       (1) idealistic (2) pragmatic
                                                    (3) a few, few                             (3) enthusiastic (4) partial
     (4) conscientious
                                                    (4) a little, little                 473. 1. John’ s at ____ i nstitute
458. He ___ before the court that he
                                              466. Please write to me _____ this               studying French.
     was innocent of the crime.
                                                    address.                                   2. They’re building _____ school
     (1) denied            (2) denounced
                                                    (1) upon               (2) at              at the end of our street.
     (3) demanded (4) declared                                                                 3. Do they live in ____ United
                                                    (3) to                 (1) on
     Directions (459-463) : In the fol-                                                        Kingdom or somewhere else ?
lowing questions, sentences are given         467. I hate him for the simple reason
                                                                                               (1) a, the, an (2) the, a, an
with blanks to be filled in with an ap-             that he keeps singing his own
                                                    praises continually talking about          (3) an, a, the (4) the, an, a
propriate word(s). Four alternatives are
                                                    himself. He is an irritating _____.        Directions (474-478) : In the
suggested for each question. Choose                                                      following questions, sentences are
the correct alternative out of the four             He is a real _____ because for
                                                    anything he does he always           given with blanks to be filled with an
as your answer.                                                                          appropriate word(s). Four alternatives
        (SSC FCI Assistant Grade-III Main           expects something in return, a
                                                                                         are suggested for each question.
                           Exam. 07.04.2013)        selfish person indeed.
                                                                                         Choose the correct alternative out of
459. We ........ respect our parents                (1) poser, misanthrope
                                                                                         the four.
      and teachers.                                 (2) poser, egotist                                   (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I
      (1) may have to (2) will                      (3) egoist misanthrope                                      Exam. 21.04.2013)
      (3) shall              (4) ought to           (4) egotist, egoist                  474. _____ the people looked well
460. Let us sit down ......... the shade      468. On Tuesday it’s the carnival,               enough, but when one looked
      of a tree for sometime.                       _____ everybody gets dressed up            more closely one saw that their
                                                    in a fancy costume. So we will             faces were filled with despair.
      (1) inside             (2) below
                                                    meet at John’s house, _______              (1) At first looking
      (3) in                 (4) beneath            is about a couple of kilometres            (2) At first observation
461. You are fortunate .......... hav-              away.                                      (3) On first sight
      ing an intelligent and obedient               (1) which, where                           (4) At first sight
                                                    (2) where, when                      475. He was assured by his friends
      (1) to                 (2) for                (3) when, where                            _____ every type of help, in an
      (3) of                 (4) in                 (4) when, which                            emergency.
462. Mother had prepared 20 bis-                  Directions (469-473) : In the                (1) by             (2) of
      cuits, Raj ate all of them. There-     following questions, each sentence is             (3) with           (4) about
      fore, mother called him a ..........   given with blank to be filled in with an    476. The work ____, he left his office.
      (1) digester           (2) goader      appropriate and suitable word(s). Four            (1) having completed
      (3) needy              (4) glutton     alternatives are suggested for each               (2) having been completed
463. We are highly disappointed              question. Choose the correct                      (3) on being finished
      ........... the exam results.          alternative out of the four alternatives.         (4) having been over
      (1) about              (2) from                         (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I 477. Our monthly expenditure ____ by
      (3) in                 (4) with                   Exam. 21.04.2013, IInd Sitting)        five hundred rupees when we
     Directions (464-468) : In the           469. Student-parking should be                    decided to buy milk from the
following questions, sentences are                 ______; students should not be              milkman.
                                                   charged to buy parking stickers.            (1) shot up        (2) got up
given with blanks to be filled with an
appropriate word (s). Four alternatives            (1) fined            (2) free               (3) lifted up      (4) grew up
are suggested for each question.                   (3) costly           (4) cheap        478. He was no t a man _____
Choose the correct alternative out of-       470. If you have roses growing in your            intelligence.
the four as your answer                            garden, you can make a lovely               (1) lacking of     (2) devoid of
                  (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I       ____ of flowers at home.                    (3) absent of      (4) empty of
              Exam. 21.04.2013, Ist Sitting)       (1) bouqutte (2) bucquete                  Directions (479-483) : In the
                                                   (3) bouquete (4) bouquet              following questions, sentences are
 464. What           _ _ __ _ _ _ _   ?   It
                                             471. The _____ of the middle school         given with blanks to be filled in with
                                                   is a woman of ____.                   an appropriate word(s). Four
       (1) is cooking, smell                                                             alternatives are suggested for each
                                                   (1) principles, principal
       (2) is cooking, smelled                                                           question. Cho ose the correct
                                                   (2) principals, principal
       (3) are you cooking, smelt                                                        alternative out of the four.
                                                   (3) principal, principles
       (4) are you cooking, smells                                                                       (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I
                                                   (4) principle, principals                                    Exam. 21.04.2013)