508. (3) Shanti said that Sita had a fine picture (Indirect)   520. (1) Said to Þ asked
     that Þ Conj.                                                    At what time do the counters close? Þ at what time
     has Þ had                                                       the counter closed. (Assertive)
509. (2) He requested his friend to lend him his book.          521. (4) said to Þ asked
     (Indirect)                                                      where is the film studio ? Þ where the film studio
     said to Þ requested                                             was. (assertive)
     lend Þ to lend                                             522. (1) They told us, “We waited at the station for a long
     me Þ him
510. (2) Mother asked me whether I knew where my sister         523. (1) The boss requested him to tell him what the old
     was. (Indirect)                                                 man had said that day.
     said to Þ asked                                            524. (4) He said that she had been weeping for an hour.
     whether Þ conj.                                            525. (4) The teacher asked the students to tell him what
                                                                     they had learnt from the lectures that week.
     you Þ I
                                                                526. (4) I told you that he should not be trusted.
     know (S.Pre.) Þ knew (S.Past)
                                                                527. (1) The clerk asked the visitor if he should ask those
     your Þ my
                                                                     people to wait for him.
     is Þ was
                                                                528. (1) Robin asked Peg if he was listening and advised
511. (4) The accused begged the magistrate to pardon him
                                                                     him not to be thick.
     that time. (Indirect)
                                                                529. (4) Mother said to me, “You should listen to me first
     said to Þ begged
                                                                     and then do anything as you please.”
     this Þ that
                                                                530. (2) He said that they would be using his car for the
512. (1) He assured him that he was not at fault. (Indirect)
     said to Þ assured
                                                                531. (2) The wayfarer asked me if I knew the way to the
     that Þ conj.                                                    Asiad village.
     you Þ him                                                  532. (2) He has just said that his son will be back on Fri-
     I Þ he                                                          day.
     am Þ was                                                   533. (3) The doctor said to the patients, “Give up smoking.”
513. (3) “I really like this furniture,” she said. (Direct)     534. (1) She asked me affectionately what could she do
     that Þ this                                                     for me.
     she Þ I                                                    535. (4) The teacher asked the boys if they could sit still
514. (2) He said to me, “My father went to Mumbai last               and do their work.
     week.” (Direct)                                            536. (1) Ritu told you that you were looking very pretty.
     told Þ said to                                             537. (4) He requested me to be kind and help him.
     his Þ My                                                   538. (3) He told Raina that he could not marry her then
     previous Þ last                                                 but he would surely do so the following year.
515. (2) She announced, “we have selected Pradeep as our        539. (1) He said to Pawan,“We should have tried harder.”
     leader.” (Direct)                                          540. (3) They said to me,“We have been befooled by these
     they Þ we                                                       men.”
     had Þ have                                                 541. (1) The spectators said to the young athlete,“Bravo!
     their Þ our                                                     You have broken all records.”
     that Þ Conj.                                               542. (1) The master said to the people,“Why do you pre-
516. (4) Ram said that honesty is the best policy. (Indirect)        vent me from going near the tiger.”
     that Þ Conj.                                               543. (3) Mr. Rao said,“Mr. Mehta, I have to go to the town
     When a sentence is a Universal Truth, the Tense in              today.”
     the Rep. Sp. does not change.                              544. (2) He told me to do as I wished, but not to go and
517. (1) She said that Satish had sung. (Indirect)                   ask him for help if I got into difficulties.
     that Þ Conj.                                               545. (2) Your father told me that he should not have given
     Sang (Past T.) Þ had sung (Past Per. T.)                        his daughter such a long rope.
518. (4) I asked him when his school had closed. (Indirect)     546. (2) You said that your parents never liked your ac-
     said to Þ asked                                                 cepting any job but you always wanted to stand on
                                                                     your own feet.
     did-close (Past T.) Þ had closed (Past Per. T.)
                                                                547. (4) She says that she keeps at an arm’s length all
519. (1) The teacher asked what the matter was. (Indirect)
                                                                     those who try to flatter her.
     said Þ asked
                                                                548. (1) He said that Gandhi ji had faced many awkward
     is the matter Þ the matter was                                  stiuations when he was living in South Africa. ppp