(2) Jane said that whether I              (1) Jennifer said what she will do  354. Sucheta said, “Could you please
          would dance.                             when she leaves school.              write the project for me, Shwe-
                                               (2) Jennifer asked her what she          ta ?”
     (3) Jane asked me if I wanted to
                                                   will do when she would leave         (1) Sucheta requested Shweta
          dance.                                   school.                                  to write the project for her.
     (4) Jane said that I would dance                                                   (2) Sucheta requested Shweta if
                                               (3) Jennifer asked her what she
                                                                                            she wrote the project for her.
          or not.                                  would do when she leaves
                                                                                        (3) Sucheta requested Shweta
345. ‘‘It’s a cold day today!’’ cried the          school.                                  could write the project for
     boy.                                      (4) Jennifer asked me what you               her.
     (1) The boy was crying as it was              would do when you left               (4) Sucheta requested Shweta
          a cold day.                              school.                                  that she had to write the
                                          350. ‘Please be patient and the letter            project for her.
     (2) The boy exclaimed that it
                                               will come’, said the teacher to the 355. Reena said to Ramesh, “I’ll meet
          was cold that day than yes-
                                               student.                                 you and Mohan in the restau-
          terday.                              (1) The patient student was              rant.”
     (3) The boy said that he had                  asked by the teacher to wait         (1) Reena told Ramesh that she
                                                   for the letter.                          would meet her and Mohan
          caught cold that day.
                                               (2) The teacher said that since              in the restaurant.
     (4) The boy exclaimed that it                 the student was patient, the         (2) Reena told Ramesh that he
          was cold that day.                       letter will come.                        would meet her and Mohan
346. ‘‘Could I have a cup of coffee’’,                                                      in the restaurant.
                                               (3) The teacher asked the stu-
     she said.                                                                          (3) Reena told Ramesh that she
                                                   dent to be patiently wait for
     (1) She asked if she might have                                                        would meet him and her in
                                                   the letter.
          a cup of coffee.                                                                  the restaurant.
                                               (4) The teacher advised the stu-         (4) Reena told Ramesh that she
     (2) She ordered for a cup of cof-
                                                   dent to be patient and wait              would meet him and Mohan
                                                   for the letter.                          in the restaurant.
     (3) She asked if she could have      351. ‘Which way is the post office?’     356. He said to his friends, “Let us
          a cup of coffee.                     the lady asked.                          play some country-music and
                                               (1) The lady asked the way to the        dance.”
     (4) She asked whether she could
                                                   post office.                         (1) He suggested to his friends
          like to have a cup of coffee.        (2) The lady asked which post                that they should play some
347. ‘‘Do your duty’’, the father told             office was on the way.                   country-music and dance.
     his son.                                  (3) The lady said the post office        (2) He said to his friends that
     (1) The father advised his son to             was which way.                           they should be allowed to
          do his duty.                         (4) The lady asked which was the             play some country-music and
     (2) The father ordered that his               post office.
                                                                                        (3) He asked his friends to let
          son should be doing duty.       352. “Are you the manager?” I said.               him have some country-mu-
     (3) The father told to his son to         (1) I asked him whether he had               sic and dance.
                                                   been the Manager.
          do his duty.                                                                  (4) He suggested to his friends
                                               (2) I asked whether you were
     (4) The father ordered to his son             the Manager.                             that some country-music be
          that to do his duty.                 (3) I asked him whether he was               played as they danced.
348. “Have you finished your work,                 the Manager.                    357. The minister announced that a
     Ahmad?” asked Vinod.                                                               new employment scheme would
                                               (4) I asked whether he is the            be implemented from the follow-
     (1) Vinod asked Ahmad whether
                                                   Manager.                             ing month.
          he had finished his work.
                                          353. She shouted, “I am going home”.          (1) The minister said, “A new
     (2) Vinod asked whether Ahmad
                                               (1) She shouted them that she is             employment scheme will be
          had finished your work.                                                           implemented since the next
                                                   going home.
     (3) Vinod asked whether Ahmad             (2) She shouted to them that she             month.”
          had finished work.                       is going home.                       (2) The minister said, “A new
                                               (3) She shouted at them that she             employment scheme would
     (4) Vinod asked whether Ahmad
                                                   was going home.                          be implemented from the fol-
          had finished their work.             (4) She shouted to them that she             lowing month.”
349. Jennifer said, “What will you do              was going home.                      (3) The minister made a new
     when you leave school ?”                                                               announcement, “An employ-