445. Mr. Mukerjee teaches us English.   453. I like him.                             (3) Was that house bought by
     (1) English was taught us by Mr.        (1) He was liked by me                       him?
         Mukerjee                            (2) He is being liked by me             (4) Are that house bought by
     (2) We were taught English by           (3) He was being liked by me                 him?
         Mr. Mukerjee                        (4) He is liked by me              462. She has taught him.
     (3) We have taught English by      454. Jatinder can help Gurdeep.              (1) He has taught by her
         Mr. Mukerjee                        (1) Gurdeep can be helped by            (2) He had been taught by her
     (4) We are taught English by Mr.             Jatinder                           (3) He has been taught by her
         Mukerjee                            (2) Gurdeep could be helped by          (4) He has been teach by her
446. Somebody has stolen his purse.               Jatinder                      463. In the following question, a sen-
     (1) His purse has been stolen           (3) Gurdeep can be help by              tence has been given in Active/
     (2) His purse had been stolen                Jatinder                           Passive voice. Out of four alter-
     (3) His purse had been stealing         (4) Gurdeep could be help by            natives suggested, select the one
     (4) His purse have been stolen               Jatinder                           which best expresses the same
447. She looks after the child.         455. She is calling me.                      sentence in Passive/Active voice.
     (1) The child are looked after by       (1) I was being called by her           The payment was collected by the
         her                                                                         hardworking salesman.
                                             (2) I am being called by her
     (2) The child were looked after                                                 (1) The hardworking salesman
         by her                              (3) I have been called by her
                                                                                          collected the payment.
     (3) The child is looked after by        (4) None of these
                                                                                     (2) The salesman who worked
         her                            456. A retail store was inaugurated by            hard was able to collect the
     (4) None of these                       Sanju.                                       payment.
448. Honey is made by bees.                  (1) Sanju had inaugurated a             (3) To collect the payment the
     (1) Bees made honey                          retail store                            salesman had to work hard.
     (2) Bees are making honey               (2) Sanju has inaugurated a             (4) The hardworking salesman
     (3) Bees make honey                          retail store                            was able to collect the pay-
     (4) Bees makes honey                    (3) Sanju inaugurate a retail                ment.
449. The walls had not been                       store                                    (SSC CHSL (10+2) Tier-I (CBE)
     decorated by us.                        (4) Sanju inaugurated a retail               Exam. 15.01.2017 (IInd Sitting)
     (1) We has not decorated the                 store                         464. In the following question, a
         walls                          457. Who stole your pen?                     sentence has been gi ven in
     (2) We had not decorated the            (1) Who was stolen your pen?            Active/Passive voice. Out of four
         walls                               (2) By whom is your pen stolen?         alternatives suggested, select the
     (3) We have not been decorating         (3) By whom was your pen                one which best expresses the
         the walls                                stolen?                            same sentence in Passive/Active
     (4) We had not been decorating          (4) By whom did your pen steal?         voice.
         the walls                      458. I can help you.                         I had to stop all my work to
450. I can teach Nalini.                                                             complete this project.
                                             (1) You could be helped by me
     (1) Nalini can taught by me                                                     (1) All other work had to be
                                             (2) You can be helped by me
     (2) Nalini could be taught by me                                                     stopped to complete this
                                             (3) You can be help by me                    project by me.
     (3) Nalini can be teach by me
                                             (4) You could be help by me             (2) For completing this project
     (4) Nalini can be taught by me
                                        459. You are teasing them.                        all other work must be
451. Haml et was written by
     Shakespeare.                            (1) They were being teased by                stopped.
     (1) Shakespeare had written                  you                                (3) For completing this project I
         Hamlet                              (2) They are teasing by you                  had to stop all my work.
     (2) Shakespeare wrote Hamlet            (3) They have been teasing by           (4) To complete this project all
     (3) Shakespeare writes Hamlet                you                                     other work had been
     (4) Shakespeare has wrote               (4) They are being teased by you             stopped by me.
         Hamlet                         460. She often praises me.                         (SSC CHSL (10+2) Tier-I (CBE)
452. This book contains pictures.            (1) I was often praised by her               Exam. 16.01.2017 (IInd Sitting)
     (1) Pictures are contained by           (2) I have been often praised by       Directions (465- 484) : In each
         this book                                her                          of the following questions, a sentence
     (2) Pictures were contained in          (3) I am often praises by her     has been given in Active/Passive Voice.
         this book                                                             Out of the four alternatives suggest-
                                             (4) I am often praised by her
     (3) Pictures are contained to this                                        ed, select the one which best expresses
                                        461. Did he buy that house?            the same sentence in Passive/Active
         book                                (1) Is that house bought by him?  Voice.
     (4) Pictures are contained in this      (2) Were that house bought by                        (SSC CGL Tier-II (CBE)
         book                                     him?                                                Exam. 12.01.2017)