(2) The warden was assaulted      390. The boys laughed at the old man.           (3) Why       was     such      an
         by the prisoner earlier too.        (1) The old man was laughed by                honourable job refused by
     (3) It is known that the warden              the boys.                                your father ?
         has been assaulted by the           (2) The old man was being                 (4) Why       was     such      an
         prisoner earlier too.                    laughed by the boys.                     honourable job denied by
     (4) It is known that the warden         (3) The old man was being                     your father ?
         has assaulted the prisoner               laughed at by the boys.         395. James Cameron directed the
         earlier too.                                                                  Titanic.
                                             (4) The old man was laughed at
385. Can she write an interesting                 by the boys.                         (1) The Titanic was directed
     story?                                                                                by James Cameron.
                                       391. Ideas are generated by Group
     (1) Can an interesting story be         discussions.                              (2) James        Cameron      had
         written for her ?                                                                 directed the Titanic.
                                             (1) Group discussions generated
     (2) Can an interesting story be                                                   (3) James Cameron had been
         written to her ?                                                                  directing the Titanic.
                                             (2) Group discussions generate
     (3) Can an interesting story be                                                   (4) The Titanic has been directed
         written by her ?                         ideas.
                                                                                           by James Cameron.
     (4) Could an interesting story be       (3) Group di scussions have
                                                                                  396. Mr. Dutta teaches us English.
         written by her ?                         generated ideas.
                                                                                       (1) We are being taught English
386. The poet, Blake, wrote many             (4) Group discussions generates               by Mr. Dutta.
     poems for children.                          ideas.
                                                                                       (2) By Mr. Dutta we are taught
     (1) Many poems were written       392. Who is singing such a sweet                    English.
         for children by the poet,           song?
                                                                                       (3) We have been taught
         Blake.                              (1) By whom is such a sweet                   English by Mr. Dutta.
     (2) Many poems were written by               song sang?                           (4) English is taught to us by Mr.
         children for the poet, Blake.       (2) By whom has such a sweet                  Dutta.
     (3) Many are the poems written               song sung?                      397. Has the postman not delivered
         by children for the p oet           (3) By whom is such a sweet               the letter ?
         Blake.                                   song sung?                           (1) Has the letter not been
     (4) Children wrote many poems
                                             (4) By whom is such a sweet                   delivered by the postman ?
         by the poet Blake.
                                                  song being sung?                     (2) Is the letter delivered by the
387. Each person exhibited various
                                            Directions (393–402) : In the                  postman ?
     facial expressions.
                                       following questions, a sentence has             (3) The postman hasn’t delivered
     (1) Various facial expressions
                                       been given in Active/Passive Voice. Out             the letter,
         are exhibited by each person.
                                       of the four alternatives suggested,             (4) Has the letter been delivered
     (2) Various facial expressions
                                       select the one which best expresses                 by the postman ?
         were exhi bited by each
         person.                       the same sentence in Passive/Active        398. John is building a new
                                       Voice.                                          cupboard.
     (3) Various facial expressions
                                                (SSC (10+2) Stenographer Grade         (1) A new cupboard is being
         were being exhibited by each
                                                      "C" & "D" Exam. 31.07.2016)          built by John.
     (4) Various facial expressions    393. Our parents have taught us to              (2) A new cupboard is been built
         have been used by each              behave properly.                              by John.
         person.                             (1) We were taug ht ho w to               (3) John’s new cupbo ard is
388. The girls ate a mango yesterday.             behave properly by our                   being built.
     (1) A mango is eaten by the girls            parents.                             (4) John has been building a
         yesterday.                          (2) Our parents taught us how                 new cupboard.
     (2) A mango was eaten by the                 to behave properly.             399. Someone will pay you next
         girls yesterday.                    (3) Our parents have been                 Monday.
     (3) A mango is being eaten by                teaching us how to behave            (1) Someone will be paying you
         the girls yesterday.                     properly.                                next Monday.
     (4) A mango has been eaten by           (4) We have been taught to                (2) You will be paid next Monday.
         the girls yesterday.                     behave properly by our               (3) Someone is going to pay you
389. Your manners irritate me.                    parents.                                 next Monday.
     (1) I am irritated by my          394. Why did your father refuse                 (4) You would be paid next
         manners.                            such an honourable job ?                      Monday.
     (2) Manners are irritating me.          (1) Why does your father refused     400. Drinking was ruining his life
     (3) I am being irritated by your             such an honourable job ?             gradually.
                                             (2) Why is such an honourable             (1) His life is ruined by gradual
     (4) I am irritated by your
                                                  job refused by your father ?             drinking.