(4) Please see that somebody is    345. Kindly offer your remarks.         351. Our vehicle had been stolen from
          sweeping and mo ps the              (1) You have been requested to          our garage by the same burglary
          room before I return.                    offer your remarks.                team.
     Directions (341-360) : In the fol-       (2) You were requested to offer         (1) The same burglary team has
lowing questions, a sentence has been              your remarks.                           stolen our vehicle from our
given in Active/Passive Voice. Out of         (3) You are requested to offer               garage.
the four alternatives suggested, select            your remarks.                      (2) The same burglary team had
the one which best expresses the same         (4) You are being requested to               stolen our vehicle from our
sentence in Passive/Active Voice.                  offer your remarks.                     garage.
   (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam, 25.10.2015, TF                                              (3) The same burglary team is
                                         346. Ratan is performing an experi-
                            No. 2148789)
                                              ment.                                        stealing our vehicle from our
341. The Swiss regarded him as an                                                          garage.
                                              (1) An experiment is performed
      imposter and called him a Vil-                                                  (4) The same burglary team will
                                                   by Ratan.
      lain.                                                                                have stolen our vehicle from
                                              (2) An experiment is being per-
      (1) He has been regarded as an                                                       our garage.
                                                   formed by Ratan.
          imposter and called a Villain                                          352. Sita learns her lessons daily.
                                              (3) An experiment was per -
          by the Swiss.                            formed by Ratan.                   (1) Her lessons is learnt daily by
      (2) He was regarded as an im-                                                        Sita.
                                              (4) Experiments were per -
          poster and is called a Villain           formed by Ratan.                   (2) Her lessons are learnt daily
          by the Swiss.                                                                    by Sita.
                                         347. I shall be obliged to go.
      (3) He is regarded as an impost-                                                (3) Her lessons was learnt daily
                                              (1) Circumstances could oblige
          er and called a Villain by the                                                   by Sita.
                                                   me to go.
          Swiss.                                                                      (4) Her lessons were learnt dai-
                                              (2) Circumstances will oblige me
      (4) He was regarded as an im-                                                        ly by Sita.
                                                   to go.
          poster and was called a vil-                                           353. It is time to water the plants.
                                              (3) Circumstances would oblige
          lain by the Swiss.                                                          (1) The plants should be wa-
                                                   me to go.
342. That too many cooks spoil the                                                         tered.
                                              (4) Circumstances may oblige
      broth is known to all.                                                          (2) It is time when plants are
                                                   me to go.
      (1) All knew that too many cooks                                                     watered.
                                         348. Who gave you the money ?
          spoilt the broth.                                                           (3) It is time the plants be wa-
                                              (1) By whom was you given the
      (2) All knows that the broth is                                                      tered.
                                                   money ?
          spoilt by too many cooks.                                                   (4) It is time for the plants to be
                                              (2) By whom were you given the
      (3) All know that too many cooks                                                     watered.
                                                   money ?
          spoil the broth.                                                       354. These days most of the students
                                              (3) Who was given the money by
      (4) All know that the broth is                                                  do their assignments with the
                                                   you ?
          spoilt by too many cooks.                                                   help of the internet.
                                              (4) Who gave the money to you?
343. Did he plan an excursion to                                                      (1) These days most of the stu-
                                         349. I didn’t speak even a single word
      mountains ?                                                                          dents are doing their assign-
                                              in the meeting.                              ments with the help of the
      (1) Has an excursion to moun-           (1) Even a single word had not               internet.
          tains planned by him ?                   been spoken by me in the           (2) These days most of the as-
      (2) Had an excursion to moun-                meeting.                                signments are done with the
          tains planned by him?               (2) Even a single word have not              help of the internet by the
      (3) Was an excursion to moun-                been spoken by me in the                students.
          tains planned by him ?                   meeting.                           (3) These days the assignments
      (4) Is an excursion to mountains        (3) Even a single word was not               are being done with the help
          planned by him ?                         spoken by me in the meet-               of the internet by most of the
344. The judge ordered the murderer                ing.                                    students.
      to be hanged.                           (4) Even a single word has not          (4) These days the assignments
      (1) The order was given by the               been spoken by me in the                are done with the help of the
                                                   meeting.                                internet by most of the stu-
          judge to hang the murderer.
                                         350. We shall write a novel.                      dents.
      (2) The murderer was to be
          hanged according to the or-         (1) A novel will have been writ-   355. Who tore the curtains yester-
          der of the judge.                        ten by us.                         day ?
      (3) The murderer was ordered            (2) A novel will be written by us.      (1) By whom were the curtains
          by the judge to be hanged.          (3) A novel is written by us.                teared yesterday ?
      (4) It was ordered by the judge         (4) A novel would be written by         (2) By whom were the curtains
          to hang the murderer.                    us.                                     torn yesterday ?