303. The poor must be looked after            (4) The villagers reached the hos-       (3) Angela received a call from
     by society.                                  pital with Rohit.                        her father on her birthday.
     (1) Society must have looked af-    311. Complete the minutes of the last         (4) Angela was called up by fa-
         ter the poor.                        meeting.                                     ther on her birthday.
     (2) Society must look after the          (1) The last meeting’s minutes      317. Why didn’t you bring the matter
         poor.                                    are completed.                       to my notice ?
     (3) Society must be looked after         (2) The completed minutes of last        (1) Why wasn’ t the matter
         the poor.                                meeting is to be tabled                  brought to my notice ?
     (4) Society must looked after the        (3) Minutes of the last meeting          (2) Why isn’t the matter brought
         poor.                                    are to be completed.                     by you to my notice ?
304. We should respect elders.                (4) The meeting’s last minutes are       (3) Why isn’t the matter brought
     (1) Elders should have respected.            completed.                               to my notice ?
     (2) Elders are to be respected.     312. Grandfather was digging the              (4) Why wasn’ t the matter
     (3) Elders have been respected.          flowerbeds.                                  brought by you to my notice ?
     (4) Elders should be respected.          (1) The grandfather was digging     318. Why was he refused admittance?
                                                  flowerbeds.                          (1) Why were they refusing him
305. Can we rely on him ?
                                              (2) The flowerbeds were digging              admittance ?
     (1) Can he be relied on ?
                                                  grandfather.                         (2) Why did they refuse him ad-
     (2) Can we be relied by him ?
                                              (3) Grandfather’s flowerbeds                 mittance ?
     (3) Can he be relied by us ?
                                                  were being dug.                      (3) Why are they refusing him
     (4) Can we be relied on by him?
                                              (4) The flowerbeds were being                admittance ?
306. Who teaches you English ?
                                                  dug by grandfather.                  (4) Why do they refuse him ad-
     (1) By whom you are taught En-
                                         313. I will complete my project next              mittance ?
         glish ?
                                              week.                               319. People say that he is a spy.
     (2) By whom English is taught to
                                              (1) Next week my project I will          (1) It was said that he is a spy.
         you ?
                                                  complete.                            (2) It is said by people that he is
     (3) By whom was you taught
                                              (2) Next week my project will be             a spy.
         English ?
                                                  completed.                           (3) It has been said that he is a
     (4) By whom are you taught En-
                                              (3) My project will be completed             spy.
         glish ?
                                                  by me next week.                     (4) It is said that he is a spy.
307. Do not insult the poor.
                                              (4) My project I will complete      320. Finish the game.
     (1) Let the poor not to insult.              next week.
     (2) Let not the poor be insulted.                                                 (1) The game had to be finished.
                                         314. God helps those who help them-
     (3) Let the poor to be not insult-                                                (2) Let the game finish.
         ed.                                                                           (3) Let the game be finished
                                              (1) Those who help themselves
     (4) Let us not insulted the poor.                                                 (4) The game should be finished
                                                  help God.
308. It interests me.                                                                 Directions (321–340) : In the fol-
                                              (2) Those who help themselves
     (1) I have been interested in it.                                           lowing questions, a sentence has been
                                                  are helped by God.
     (2) I am interested in it.                                                  given in Active/Passive Voice. Out of
                                              (3) Those who help God help        the four alternatives suggested, select
     (3) I will be interested in it.              themselves.                    the one which best expresses the same
     (4) I was interested in it.              (4) Those who are helped by        sentence in Passive /Active Voice.
309. The boy laughed at the lame man.             themselves are helped by                (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi
     (1) The boy laughed seeing the               God.                                           Police SI Exam, 30.08.2015
         lame man.                       315. He will object to my proposal.                                TF No. 4039770)
     (2) The lame man was laughed             (1) My proposal will be object-    321. The task should have been com-
         at by the boy.                           ed to by him.                        pleted by the student.
     (3) The boy laughed when he saw          (2) The objection to my propos-          (1) The student should have com-
         the lame man.                            al will come from him.                    pleted the task.
     (4) The lame man was laughed             (3) His objection will be to my          (2) The student should complete
         by the boy.                              proposal.                                 the task.
310. Rohit was taken to the hospital          (4) There will be an objection to        (3) The student should be com-
     by the villagers.                            my proposal by him.                       pleting the task.
     (1) Rohit was helped by the vil-    316. Father called up Angela on her           (4) The student should have com-
         lagers to reach the hospital.        birthday.                                     plete the task.
     (2) The villagers took Rohit to the      (1) On her birthday Angela was     322. He was caught by the police for
         hospital.                                called up by her father.             littering up the streets.
     (3) The hospital was reached by          (2) Angela called up her father          (1) The police has caught him
         the villagers with Rohit.                on her birthday.                          littering up the street.