(1) His boss is impressed by his       (2) We use this house very rarely  297. She wrote a letter.
         performance.                       (3) We used this house very rarely       (1) A letter is being written by her
     (2) His performance impresses          (4) We uses this house very rarely       (2) A letter is written by her
         his boss                      290. The box can contain no more.             (3) A letter was written by her
     (3) His boss is impressed at his       (1) No more this box can contain         (4) A letter was being written by
         performance                        (2) No more could be contained               her
     (4) His boss is impressed in his           in this box                    298. My mother mustn’t be disturbed.
         performance                        (3) No more can be contained in          (1) You mustn’t disturb my mother
284. How was it managed by you?                 this box                             (2) You shouldn’t disturb my
     (1) How have you managed it ?          (4) Nothing can be contained in              mother
     (2) Did you manage it ?                    this box                             (3) You must be disturbing my
     (3) How did you manage it ?       291. They held a meeting and                      mother
     (4) Was it managed by you ?            delivered speeches.                      (4) You have disturbed my mother
285. I was astonished at his behav-         (1) A meeting was held and de-     299. His lordship soon found me to
     iour.                                      livered speeches                     be unfit for the service.
     (1) His behaviour is astonishing       (2) A meeting will be held and           (1) I had been found by his lord-
         to me                                  speeches delivered                       ship to be unfit for the service
     (2) His behaviour astonished me        (3) A meeti ng i s hel d and             (2) I was soon found by his
     (3) His behaviour astonishes me            speeches delivered                       lordship to be unfit for the
     (4) His behaviour had astonished       (4) A meeting was held and                   service
         me                                     speeches delivered                   (3) I was found by his lordship
286. All his friends laughed at him.   292. It is time for food to be eaten.             to be unfit for the service
     (1) He was laughed at by all his       (1) It is time to eat our food           (4) I was soon found out by his
         friends                            (2) It is time for eating food               lordship to be unfit for the
     (2) He was laughed by all his          (3) It is time to eat                        service
         friends                                                               300. They have not been submitting
                                            (4) Food is to be eaten now
     (3) He was being laughed by                                                     their class work regularly.
                                       293. The teacher may punish you.
         all his friends                                                             (1) The class work have not been
                                            (1) You should be punished by
     (4) He was being laughed at by                                                      submitted regularly by them
                                                the teacher
         all his friends                                                             (2) The class work has not been
287. Every disaster affected victim         (2) You shall have been punished
                                                by the teacher                           submitted regularly by them
     has been compensated by the                                                     (3) The class work are not being
     government.                            (3) You will be punished by the
                                                teacher                                  submitted regularly
     (1) The government has compen-                                                  (4) The class work is not being
         sated every disaster affected      (4) You may be punished by the
                                                teacher                                  submitted regularly by them
                                       294. None likes him.                           Directions (301–320) : In the
     (2) The government had compen-
                                            (1) He is liked by none            following questions, a sentence has
         sated every disaster affected
                                                                               been given in Active/Passive Voice. Out
         victim                             (2) He was not liked by anyone
                                                                               of the four alternatives suggested,
     (3) The government has been            (3) He has not been liked by any-  select the one which best expresses
         compensating every disaster            one                            the same sentence in Passive /Active
         affected victim                    (4) He is not liked by anyone      Voice.
     (4) The government have been      295. You are requested to keep the             (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam.12.04.2015
         compensating every disaster        book on the table.                          Kolkata Region, TF No. 315 RI 3)
         affected victim                    (1) You should keep the book on     301. One should keep ones promises.
288. Indiscipline should not be en-             the table
     couraged.                                                                       (1) Promises should be kept by
                                            (2) You must keep the book on                someone.
     (1) We are not encouraging indis-          the table
         cipline                                                                     (2) One promise should be kept.
                                            (3) Please kept the book on the          (3) Once a promise should be
     (2) We have not encouraging in-            table
         discipline                                                                      kept.
                                            (4) Please keep the book on the          (4) Promises should be kept.
     (3) We should not encourage in-            table
         discipline                                                             302. People in Egypt speak Arabic.
                                       296. He was being chased by the
     (4) We must not encouraged in-                                                  (1) Arabic was spoken by peo-
         discipline                                                                      ple in Egypt.
                                            (1) The dogs are chasing him
289. This house is used very rarely                                                  (2) Arabic is spoken in Egypt.
                                            (2) The dogs chased him
     by us.                                                                          (3) In Egypt Arabic is spoken.
                                            (3) The dogs chase him
     (1) We are using this house very                                                (4) Arabic is being spoken by
         rarely                             (4) The dogs were chasing him
                                                                                         people in Egypt.