(2) All orders would be executed         (2) The mansion was being fur-             (2) Italian was being spoken by
         promptly by the servant.                 nished by the lady of the                  my brilliant niece.
     (3) All orders should be execut-             house.                                 (3) Italian is being spoken by my
         ed promptly by the servant.          (3) The mansion is furnished by                brilliant niece.
     (4) All orders will be executed              the lady of the house.                 (4) Italian has been spoken by
         promptly by the servant.             (4) The mansion has been fur-                  my brilliant niece.
266. I was obliged to go.                         nished by the lady of the house.  279. She is putting in many hours of
     (1) Circumstances obliges me to     272. The convict was found guilty by            work.
         go.                                  the jury.                                  (1) Many hours of work would be
     (2) Ci rcumstances obl ige I             (1) The jury found that the con-               put in by her.
         should go.                               vict was guilty.                       (2) Many hours of work is being
     (3) Circumstances oblige me to           (2) The jury convicted him.                    put by her.
         go.                                  (3) The jury found the convict             (3) Many hours of work are be-
     (4) Circumstances obliged me to              guilty.                                    ing put in by her.
         go.                                  (4) The jury finds the convict             (4) Many hours of work will be
                                                  guilty.                                    put in by her.
267. They established this club in
     2000.                               273. I have lost my book.                  280. Everyone praises good men.
     (1) This club was being estab-           (1) My book had been lost.                 (1) Good men are being given
         lished in 2000.                                                                     praises by everyone.
                                              (2) My book must have been lost.
     (2) This club was established in                                                    (2) Good men are praised by ev-
                                              (3) My book has been lost.
         2000.                                (4) My book have been lost.
                                                                                         (3) Everyone give praises to good
     (3) This club had been estab-       274. Open the door.                                 men.
         lished in 2000.                      (1) Let the door shall be opened.          (4) Good men are given praises
     (4) This club is being established       (2) The door shall be opened.
         in 2000.                                                                            by everyone.
                                              (3) The door was opened.                  Directions (281-300) : In each of
268. For a long time people believed
                                              (4) Let the door be opened.          the following questions, a sentence has
     the earth to be flat.
                                         275. My father has promised me a bi-      been given in Active/Passive Voice. Out
     (1) The earth was believed to be
                                              cycle.                               of the four alternatives suggested, se-
         flat for a long time.
                                              (1) I have promising a bicycle by    lect the one which best expresses the
     (2) The earth had been believed                                               same sentence in Passive/Active Voice.
                                                  my father.
         to be flat for a long time.
                                              (2) I have been promised by my                (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi
     (3) The earth was being believed                                                             Police SI Exam. 28.09.2014
                                                  father a bicycle.
         to be flat for a long time.                                                                         (TF No. 482 RN 5)
                                              (3) I promised a bicycle by my
     (4) The earth is believed to be                                               281. Children make a noise.
         flat for a long time.                                                           (1) A noise was being made
                                              (4) I have been promised a bicy-
269. The boy did not break the glass.                                                        by the children
                                                  cle by my father.
     (1) The glass was not broken by                                                     (2) Noise is made by children
                                         276. My mother bakes cakes.
         the boy.                                                                        (3) A noise was made by the chil-
                                              (1) A cake was baked by my                     dren
     (2) The glass has not been bro-
         ken by the boy.                                                                 (4) A noise is being made by the
                                              (2) My mother is baking a cake.                children
     (3) The glass is not broken by
                                              (3) A cake is being baked by my      282. She taunted her husband with
         the boy.
                                                  mother.                                the memory of his early prom-
     (4) The glass had not been bro-
                                              (4) Cakes are baked by my mother.          ise.
         ken by the boy.
                                         277. My father will write a letter.             (1) Her husband is taunted by
270. They fund schools for girls.
                                              (1) A letter will be written by my             her with the memory of his
     (1) Schools for girls was funded
                                                  father.                                    early promise
         by them.
                                              (2) A letter is written by my fa-          (2) Her husband was taunted
     (2) Schools for girls will be fund-                                                     with the memory of his early
         ed by them.                                                                         promise
                                              (3) A letter was written by my fa-
     (3) Schools for girls are funded                                                    (3) Her husband was taunted by
         by them                                                                             her with the memory of his
                                              (4) A letter will have been writ-
     (4) Schools for girls are being                                                         early promise
                                                  ten by my father.
         funded by them.                                                                 (4) The husband was taunted by
                                         278. My brilliant niece is speaking
271. The lady of the house was fur-                                                          her with the memory of his
     nishing the mansion.                                                                    early promise
                                              (1) Italian is spoken by my bril-
     (1) The mansion is being furnished                                            283. He impresses his boss with his
                                                  liant niece.                           performance.
         by the lady of the house.