(3) My grandfather had given             (1) Shall I ever forget those            (3) Her kind deed will be her
         this watch to me.                        happy moments ?                          reward.
     (4) My grandfather has given             (2) Can I ever forget those hap-         (4) Her kind deed will have been
         this watch to me.                        py moments ?                             her reward.
248. By whom is the child being fed?          (3) Will I ever forget those hap-  260. God gives us happiness.
     (1) Who is feeding the child ?               py moments ?                         (1) Happiness is given by God.
     (2) Who has fed the child ?              (4) Could I ever forget those            (2) Happiness is being given to
     (3) Who was feeding the child ?              happy moments ?                          us by God.
     (4) Who has been feeding the        255. You have to do this immediately.         (3) Happiness has been given by
         child ?                              (1) This has been done by you                God.
249. Alexander expected to conquer                immediately.                         (4) Happiness will be given by
     the world.                               (2) This is being done by you im-            God.
     (1) It was expected by Alexander             mediately.                           Directions (261–280) : In the fol-
         that he should conquer the           (3) This was being done by you     lowing questions, a sentence has been
         world.                                   immediately.                   given in Active/Passive Voice. Out of
                                              (4) This has to be done by you     the four alternative suggested, select
     (2) It was expected by Alexander
                                                  immediately.                   the one which best expresses the same
         that he would conquer the                                               sentence in Passive/Active Voice.
         world.                          256. The labourers were digging a ca-
                                                                                      (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam. 12.04.2015)
     (3) It was expected by Alexander         nal.
                                                                                  261. The gardener ought to water the
         that he will conquer the world.      (1) A canal is being digged by
                                                                                       plants daily.
     (4) It had been expected by Alex-            the labourers.
                                                                                       (1) The plants have been watered
         ander that he would conquer          (2) A canal was dug by the labour-
                                                                                           daily by the gardener.
         the world.                               ers.
                                                                                       (2) The plants ought to water dai-
250. She begins her day with a cup            (3) A canal was being dug by the
                                                                                           ly by the gardener.
     of coffee.                                   labourers.
                                                                                       (3) The plants are ought to wa-
     (1) Her day is being begun with          (4) A canal had been dug by the              ter daily by the gardener.
         a cup of coffee.                         labourers.
                                                                                       (4) The plants ought to be wa-
     (2) Her day is begun with a cup     257. The watchman switched on the                 tered daily by the gardener.
         of coffee.                           lights before it began to grow
                                                                                  262. Who wrote it ?
     (3) A cup of coffee is beginning         dark.
                                                                                       (1) By who will it be written ?
         her day.                             (1) The lights were onl y
                                                                                       (2) By whom was it written ?
     (4) A cup of coffee has begun her            switched on before it began
                                                                                       (3) By who might it be written?
         day.                                     to grow dark.
                                                                                       (4) By who would it be written ?
251. Cacao is bitter when it is tast-         (2) The lights       are     being
                                                  switched on before it’ be-      263. The principal will announce the
     ed.                                                                               results.
     (1) Cacao is bitter.                         gan to grow dark.
                                              (3) The lights were being                (1) The results were announced
     (2) Cacao tastes bitter.                                                              by the principal.
                                                  switched on by the watchman
     (3) Cacao’s taste is bitter.                                                      (2) The results are announced by
                                                  before it began to grow dark.
     (4) Cacao tasted bitter.                                                              the principal.
                                              (4) The lights were switched on
252. A great man acknowledged me as               by the watchman before it            (3) The results will have an-
     a flatterer to him.                                                                   nounced by the pripcipal.
                                                  began to grow dark.
     (1) I was acknowledged by a                                                       (4) The results will be announced
                                         258. Where do you keep the cur-
         great man to be a flatterer.                                                      by the principal.
                                              rent magazines ?
     (2) I was acknowledged by a                                                  264. Some people were helping the
                                              (1) Where were the current
         great man to have been a                                                      wounded woman.
                                                  magazines kept ?
         flatterer.                                                                    (1) The wounded woman is be-
                                              (2) Where have the current
     (3) I am acknowledged as a flat-                                                      ing helped by some people.
                                                  magazines been kept ?
         terer by a great man.                                                         (2) The wounded woman was be-
                                              (3) Where are the current                    ing helped by some people.
     (4) I was acknowledged as a flat-            magazines being kept ?
         terer to a great man.                                                         (3) The wounded is helped by
                                              (4) Where are the current mag-               some people.
253. Let us help him.                             azines kept by you ?
     (1) Let him help us.                                                              (4) The wounded woman was
                                         259. She will be rewarded for her kind            helped by some people.
     (2) Let he is helped.                    deed.                               265. The servant will execute all or-
     (3) Let he be helped.                    (1) Her kind deed will reward            ders promptly.
     (4) Let him be helped by us.                 her.                                 (1) All orders will have to be ex-
254. Can those happy moments be               (2) Her kind deed will have re-              ecuted promptly by the ser-
     ever forgotten by me ?”                      warded her.                              vant.