199. The ringing of the alarm clock        203. Are you not revising your              (2) A letter will be written by
      startled me from the deep depths          lessons?                                   me.
      of slumber.                               (1) Are your lessons not be            (3) A letter has written to me.
      (1) The alarm clock rang, startled            revised by you ?                   (4) A letter has been written by
          and awakened me from                  (2) Are your lessons not being             me.
          sleep.                                    revised by you?               210. Will Motin be helped by us ?
      (2) I was startled from the deep          (3) Are not your lessons revised       (1) Will Motin help us ?
          depths of slumber by the                  by you ?                           (2) Shall we help Motin ?
          ringing of the alarm clock.           (4) Are you not being revising         (3) Shall Motin be helped?
      (3) The alarm clock rang and                  your lessons ?                     (4) We shall helped Motin ?
          startled me from the depths      204. We should not encourage           211. A letter has been written by me.
          of slumber.                           indiscipline.                          (1) I have been writing a letter.
      (4) The ringing of the alarm clock        (1) Indiscipline should have not       (2) I has written a letter.
          made me awake.                            encouraged by us.
                                                                                       (3) I had written a letter.
200. One of the girls in the class will         (2) Indiscipline should not be
      sing the national anthem at the                                                  (4) I have written a letter.
                                                    encouraged by us.
      end of the function.                                                        212. I cannot draw this picture.
                                                (3) Indiscipline should not being
      (1) The function will end, a girl             encouraged.                        (1) This picture cannot be
          will sing national anthem at                                                     drawn by me.
                                                (4) Indiscipline should not been
          the end of the function.                  encouraged.                        (2) This picture cannot be
      (2) The national anthem will be                                                      drawn by I.
                                           205. Our Almighty will bless wise
          sung by one of the girls in           men.                                   (3) This picture could not be
          the class at the end of the                                                      drawn by me.
                                                (1) Wise men will be blessed by
          function.                                 our Almighty.                      (4) This picture could not be
      (3) There is a girl in the class who                                                 drawn by I.
                                                (2) Wise men should be blessed
          sings national anthem.                    by our Almighty.              213. The men had constructed the
      (4) A girl to sing national anthem                                               bridge.
                                                (3) Wise men have been blessed
          is there in the class.                    by our Almighty.                   (1) The bridg e has been
       Directions (201-220) : In the                                                       constructed by the men.
                                                (4) Wise men would be blessed
following questions, a sentence has                 by our Almighty.                   (2) The bridge was constructed
been given in Active/Passive Voice. Out                                                    by the men.
                                           206. The Army chief punished his
of the four alternatives suggested,                                                    (3) The bridge was being
select the one which best expresses                                                        constructed by the men.
                                                (1) His subordinate is punished
the same sentence in Passive /Active                                                   (4) The bridge had been
                                                    by the Army chief.
Voice.                                                                                     constructed by the men.
                                                (2) His subordinate is being
               (SSC Graduate Level Tier-II                                        214. Do not inform the police about
                                                    punished by the Army chief.
                        Exam. 29.09.2013)                                              the robbery.
                                                (3) Hi s subord inate was
 201. Robin would draw a picture in                                                    (1) The police do not be
                                                    punished by the Army chief.
       the competition.                                                                    informed about the robbery.
                                                (4) His subordinate was being
       (1) In the competition Robin                                                    (2) Let not the police be
                                                    punished by the Army chief.
            woul d have to draw a                                                          informed about the robbery.
            picture.                       207. One must keep one’s promises.
                                                                                       (3) Let the police be informed
       (2) A picture in the competition         (1) One’s promises are kept.
                                                                                           about the robbery.
            would have been drawn by            (2) Promises must be kept.
                                                                                       (4) The police need to be
            Robin.                              (3) One’s promises were kept.              informed by the robbery.
       (3) In the competition Robin             (4) One’s promises must kept.     215. They have spotted me in the
            would be drawn a picture.      208. They have cut all the telephone        crowd.
       (4) A picture would be drawn             wires.                                 (1) I am spotted by them in the
            by Robin in the competition.        (1) All the telephone wires will           crowd.
 202. Who gave you ice-cream ?                      be cut.                            (2) I will have been spotted by
       (1) Who has given you ice-               (2) All the telephone wires had            them in the crowd.
            cream?                                  been cut.                          (3) I would have been spotted
       (2) By whom were you given               (3) All the telephone wires have           by them in the crowd.
            ice-cream ?                             been cut.                          (4) I have been spotted by them
       (3) By whom was you given ice-           (4) All the telephone wires shall          in the crowd.
            cream ?                                 be cut.                       216. He made us work.
       (4) Who had given you ice-          209. I shall write a letter.                (1) We were made to work by
            cream?                              (1) A letter is written by me.             him.