181. Why did she break the garden            (3) A good wife found him.           193. An American scientist has won
     wall ?                                  (4) A good wife was being found           the Nobel Prize for Physics.
     (1) Why the garden wall was                  by us.                               (1) The Nobel Physics Prize has
          broken by her ?              187. You will be taken care of by me.               been won by an American
     (2) Why had the garden wall             (1) I will be taking care of you.             scientist.
          been broken by her ?               (2) I would take care of you.             (2) The Nobel Prize has been won
     (3) Why was the garden wall             (3) I will take care of you.                  by an American scientist.
          broken by her ?                    (4) I will being take care of you.        (3) The Nobel Prize for Physics is
     (4) Why will the garden wall be                                                       won by an American scientist.
                                       188. Promises should be kept.
          broken by her ?                                                              (4) The Nobel Prize for Physics
                                             (1) You must keep promises.
182. The students were laughing at                                                         has been won by an American
                                             (2) We must keep promises.                    scientist.
     the old man.
     (1) The old man was being               (3) Keep promises.                   194. By now the winners will have
          laughed at by the students.        (4) One should keep promises.             been felicitated.
     (2) The old man was laughed at    189. Circumstances forced him to re-            (1) They wi l l fel ici tate the
          by the students.                   sign his post.                                winners now.
     (3) The old man was being               (1) Circumstances make him to             (2) They have felicitated the
          laughed by the students.                resign his post.                         winners by now.
     (4) The old man is laughing at          (2) He was forced to resign his           (3) They will have been felicitated
          the students.                           post.                                    the winners by now.
183. He admonished her for the er-           (3) He is forced to resign his post.      (4) They will have felicitated the
     ror.                                    (4) He is forced and resigned                 winners by now.
     (1) She was admonished by him                his post.                       195. 1 was sanctioned the loan by the
          for the error.               190. He would have written this es-             office.
     (2) She has been admonished by          say in time.                              (1) The office had sanctioned the
          him for the error.                 (1) The essay was written on time.            loan to me.
     (3) She would be admonished by          (2) This essay would have been            (2) The office sanctioned loan to
          him for the error.                      written by him in time.                  me.
     (4) She is admonished by him            (3) The essay was written by him          (3) The office sanctioned me the
          for the error.                          in time.                                 loan.
184. Can we send this big parcel by          (4) He wrote the essay on time.           (4) The office was sanctioned me
     air ?                                                                                 the loan.
                                            Directions (191-200) : In the
     (1) Can this big parcel be sent   following questions, a sentence has        196. Open the window.
          by air ?                     been given in Active/Passive Voice. Out         (1) Open window.
     (2) Can this big parcel sent by   of the four alternatives suggested,             (2) Someone opens the window.
          air ?                        select the one which best expresses             (3) Window is opened.
     (3) Could this big parcel be sent the same sentence in Passive/Active             (4) Let the window be opened.
          by air?                      Voice.                                     197. Deforestation has reduced
     (4) Could this big parcel sent by         (SSC FCI Assistant Grade-III Main       rainfall in the tropical lands.
          us by air ?                                         Exam. 07.04.2013)        (1) Rainfall has been reduced
185. The boys saved many elders        191. He completed the story on time.                and caused deforestation.
     from being drowned.                     (1) The story was completed by            (2) Reduced rainfall deforested
     (1) Many elders are saved                   him on time.                              the tropical lands.
          from being drowned by the
                                             (2) The story was being                   (3) Rainfall has been reduced
                                                 completed by him on time.                 due to deforestati on i n
     (2) Many elders are being                                                             tropical lands.
                                             (3) The story completed by him
          saved from being drowned
                                                 on time.                              (4) Tropical lands have been
          by the boys.
                                             (4) The story had completed by                reduced by rainfall.
     (3) Many elders were saved
                                                 him on time.                     198. The doctor bandaged the arm of
          from being drowned by the
                                       192. Sheela painted the house green.            the injured man.
                                             (1) The house was painted green           (1) The arm of the injured man
     (4) Many elders have been
                                                 by Sheela.                                was bandaged by the doctor.
          saved from being drowned
                                             (2) The house will be painted             (2) The injured man bandaged
          by the boys.
                                                 green by Sheela.                          his arm.
186. We found him a good wife.
                                             (3) The house is painted green            (3) The injured man made the
     (1) He was found a good wife by
                                                 by Sheela,                                doctor injure his arm.
                                             (4) The house has been painted            (4) The do ctor inj ured and
     (2) A good wife was found out
                                                 green by Sheela.                          bandaged the arm of a man.
          by them.