(2) The new drug has not been            (4) The door is to be shut and        175. We have decided to open a
         approved for sale by the gov-             you are requested to sleep.           new branch.
         ernment.                       169. It is impossible to do this.                (1) To open a new branch was
     (3) For the sale of the new drug         (1) Doing this is impossible.                  decided by us.
         we have not been given the           (2) This is impossible to be done.         (2) To be opened a new branch
         approval.                            (3) This must not be done.                     has been decided.
     (4) The new drug was not ap-             (4) This can’t be done.                    (3) It has been decided to open
         proved by the government.                                                           a new branch.
                                        170. We must take care of all living
164. They have published all the de-          species on Earth.                          (4) It may be decided to open a
     tails of the invention.                                                                 new branch by us.
                                              (1) All living species on Earth are
     (1) All the details of the inven-             taken care of by us.             176. The loan will be sanctioned by
         tion have been published by          (2) All living species on Earth            the bank.
         them.                                     must be taken care of by us.          (1) The bank sanctioned the loan.
     (2) The publication of the details       (3) All living species on Earth had        (2) The bank is going to sanc-
         of inventio n was done                    been taken care of by us.                 tion the loan.
         by them.                                                                        (3) The bank would sanction the
                                              (4) All living species on Earth will
     (3) All the details have been in-             be taken care of by us.                   loan.
         vented by the publishers.            Directions (171 – 190) : In the            (4) The bank will sanction the loan.
     (4) All the inventions have been   following questions, a sentence has         177. Paint the windows.
         detailed by them.              been given in Active/Passive Voice. Out          (1) Windows should be painted.
165. He teaches us grammar.             of the four alternatives suggested, se-          (2) Let the windows be painted.
     (1) Grammar was taught to us by    lect the one which best expresses the            (3) Let be the windows painted.
          him                           same sentence in Passive/Active Voice.           (4) Windows are let to be paint-
     (2) We are taught grammar by          (SSC CPO (SI, ASI & Intelligence Officer          ed.
         him                                            Exam. 28.08.2011 Paper-II)
                                                                                    178. The traitors should be shot dead
     (3) Grammar will be taught to us   171. People call him a fool.                     by them.
         by him                                (1) He has been called a fool.            (1) They should have shot the
     (4) We were teached grammar by            (2) He is called a fool by the                traitors dead.
         him                                        people.                              (2) They shall shoot the traitors
166. The manager could not accept              (3) The people have been call-                dead.
     the union leader’s proposals.                  ing him a fool.                      (3) They should shoot the trai-
     (1) The union leader’s proposals          (4) We all people have called him             tors dead.
         could not be accepted by the               a fool.                              (4) They shot the traitors dead.
         manager.                       172. It is being read by us.                179. Rahul is teaching the children in
     (2) The union leader’s proposals          (1) We are reading it.                    the slum areas.
         were not accepted by the              (2) It will be read by us.                (1) The children in the slum ar-
         manager.                              (3) We can read it.                           eas are taught by Rahul.
     (3) The union leader’s proposals          (4) We have to read it.                   (2) The children are taught by
         will not be accepted by the    173. He had committed a mistake.                     Rahul in the slum area.
         manager.                              (1) A mistake had committed by            (3) In the slum areas the chil-
     (4) The union leader’s proposals               him.                                     dren are l earning from
         would not be accepted by the          (2) A mistake was committed by                Rahul.
         manager.                                   him.                                 (4) The children in the slum ar-
167. Prepare yourself for the worst.           (3) A mistake had been commit-                eas are bei ng taught by
     (1) You be prepared for the                    ted by him.                              Rahul.
         worst.                                (4) A mistake has been commit-       180. One cannot expect children to
     (2) The worst should be prepared               ted by him.                          understand these problems.
         by yourself.                   174. The most useful training of my              (1) Children cannot be expect-
     (3) Be prepared for the worst.           career was given to me by my                   ed to understand these
     (4) For the worst, preparation           boss.                                          problems.
         should be made by you.                (1) My boss has been giving me            (2) Children to understand
168. Please shut the door and go to                 the most useful training of              these problems cannot be
     sleep.                                         my career.                               expected.
     (1) The door is to be shut and            (2) My boss gives me the most             (3) Children cannot be expect-
         you are to go to sleep.                    useful training.                         ed to be understood these
     (2) Let the door be shut and you          (3) My boss is giving me the                  problems.
         be asleep.                                 most useful training.                (4) To understand these prob-
     (3) You are requested to shut the         (4) My boss gave me the most                  lems cannot be expected
         door and go to sleep.                      useful training of my career.            from children by one.